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HQES Paper Catalogue

HQES offer flexible services and best prices for custom catalogue orders from small quantities to large quantities. For bulk catalogues custom orders, you will definitely get prompt delivery. For the small volume catalogues custom orders, you will get the best customer services, besides competitive prices at the wholesale factory price.

HQES is a reliable catalogue supplier trusted by lots of clients from all over the world. We have professional and experienced QA teams to ensure each catalogue is customized according to specifications.

custom brochure

A brochure will be an amazing way to introduce your products and company to your clients. HQES can custom style a brochure, you can send us your design or even an idea, and we will make a perfect brochure to support your business or event.

Custom Booklet

A booklet is one of the most important ways to promote your business to market. HQES can custom varying types of the booklet with premium paper stocks, like white art paper, brown kraft paper, gold foiled paper, etc. you can send us your design or even an idea, ask for a quick quote on your next booklet order.

paper catalogue
HQES – Your Trusted Paper Catalogue Manufacturer from China

Let HQES help customize your premium catalogues to bloom your business and products

HQES Custom Paper Catalogue

Custom catalogues are widely used by most businesses, for product marketing needs. It is important for your business growth today.

HQES custom made catalogues are mainly made from paper material, with a wide range of material options available. Customers can choose from glossy art paper, matt paper and wood free paper for inner pages printing, SBS paper for covers’ printing, thick cardboard for extra hardcover, parchment paper for insert pages or coupon pages, and many more.

HQES have papers with various thickness for any custom catalogue orders. All these papers are easy to print on, recyclable, and eco-friendly to our environment.

HQES is the professional catalogue factory for custom printed catalogues. We have modern printing processes to get your graphics, words, and logo printed onto paper catalogues.

Our capability includes offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamp printing, UV printing, and many more. HQES offers more processes to further decorate logos or special graphics of your catalogue designs, such as die-cutting, embossing, spot UV printing, laser cutting, lamination, and many more.

Paper Catalogue:

HQES is one of the quality catalogue manufacturers from China. We have been making customized catalogues for over 10 years such as bound as a book type catalogues, unbounded as loose flyers, tri-folded as brochures, shaped die-cut brochures and many more.

HQES specializes in custom made catalogues with different kinds of binding ways and die-cut shapes. Regarding the binding techniques for custom catalogues, HQES has selections like thread stitching, perfect bind, saddle stitch, iron ring, and plastic rings. As for the shaped die-cut process for custom catalogues, it’s almost workable for any shapes only if the die-cut mound is already created.

All these processes are made by automatic or semi-automatic machines. HQES will process and finish your order faster while maintaining high quality.

Paper Catalogue: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you are looking for brochure or booklet, this guide explores all information you need about paper catalogue.

So, if you want to learn more about paper catalogue, read this guide.

What Is A Paper Catalogue?

Paper Catalogue

Paper catalogue

It is a booklet formed from folding two or more papers.

The Booklet’s purpose is to advertise the products of a business. The Paper Catalogue has images and corresponding information about the products.

It helps customers get to know the product specification before purchasing them.

What Are The Uses Of Paper Catalogues?

Paper Catalogue ensures that the document is functional, meaning it contains product information and description.

Since the information is available, it is easy for customers to consult before buying a product, hence achieving its main advertising function.

It ensures that your document is appealing, meaning it attracts the customer due to its firm cover, high-quality paper, and modern layout.

What Are The Advantages Of Paper Catalogue?

User Friendly

It is because the Paper Catalogue is easy to consult by people of all ages.

When compared to the digital catalog, one needs to have a good internet connection to use it.

Also, it would help if you had a navigation TOC for use to get the product you want. This making it difficult to be used by people of old age.

Brand Exposure Is Constant

A Paper Catalogue is usually a physical object usually placed on the company’s table, making it readily available and accessible to customers.

Due to its bulk presence, it keeps your brand exposed and available to your customers.

It is also a great tool for building your brand because of your customers’ intimate relationship with the Paper Catalogue.

Quick Search

The Paper Catalogue allows you to put a sticker anywhere you need so that you can go back to the page if you need to check in.


Compared to the digital catalog, there are high chances of clicking the unattended button while using it.

For the Paper Catalogue, you have to go to the page you want and get the needed information about a product.

Information Source

The Paper Catalogue becomes a valued source of information for your customers since most catalogs make themselves indispensable.

Questions related to the product price and product use are easy to find and understand

What Parts Make Up A Paper Catalogue?

The Paper Catalogue is made up of many different parts that make it a whole document.

The parts that make up the Paper Catalogue are

The front cover; has the title of the catalog.

The thumb index; contains the labeled notches used for referencing.

Introduction pages; gives the description and advertises the products.

The table of contents; is made up of chapters, sub-chapters, and indicators for page numbers.

Catalog; this is the main part. It contains detailed information about the products as well as the images.

The final pages; give a conclusion about the products and services mentioned in the catalog.

It also advertises them.

The back cover; is the last page that encloses the catalog.

It could have a code whereby the customers can scan and be taken to the company’s website.

What Are The Types of Paper Catalogue Available?

Some of the most common options available include:

Matt Coated Paper

Paper is coated with a matt finish to prevent glare and produce a not shiny paper. It makes the paper more suitable for leaflets, flyers, and also catalogs.

Silk Coated Paper

It is a makeshift between matt and gloss. This paper has a smooth silk coating giving it a soft touch but without the shine of glass paper.

Gloss-Coated Paper

gloss -coated Is mostly used for flyers and catalogs due to its high shine. It is because the ink dries well, and there is no need to add seal varnish.

What Is The Difference Between Brochure and Booklet For Advertising And Marketing?





There can be no much difference between a Booklet and a Brochure regarding communication through print media.

When it comes to marketing, the two offer something slightly different depending on the target market.

The Booklet comprises more than two pages of A4 size, which are folded and stitched together.

The Booklet is relatively smaller than the normal book.

They are good for dispatching information but in a less concise way.

The Booklet will give you information about a specific product and give detailed information about enhancing the user’s experience.

The images in a Booklet are not of high quality compare to the Brochure. The reason being that images are to supplement the information, such as instructions on using a product.

For the Brochure, it will highlight where emphasis on the quality of the product is needed.

The Brochure has several pages like the Booklet but has a heavier duty card.

You can use the Brochure to refer to a product over an extended period compared to the Booklet due to its high quality.

Here, images are used to showcase detailed aspects of a product, and texts are minimal. Only important details are highlighted using text.

The subject matter in brochures is always focused and targets those already customers and those who have shown interest.

What Types Of Paper Do You Use To Make Paper Catalogues?

You can consider any of the following papers:

Photographic Paper

Photographic Paper

Photographic Paper

This paper is coated with a chemical formula that is light sensitive and is used to make photographic prints.

When the paper is exposed to light, it captures a latent image from which a visible image is formed.

The paper is characterized by thickness and also a wide color range of maximum density.

It is also a great paper for drenched color prints.

There are many options available within the photographic paper: silk, luster, velvet, and pearl metallic.

Lustre Paper

This paper will offer more personalization options and makes it even possible to add fragrance to it. Photographers mostly choose this paper because it makes it possible to preserve unique moments captured by the lens.

It has a smooth surface, and its exceptional sharpness and ability to produce high-quality prints make it excellent for use in photography.

Silk Paper

This paper is highly resistant to fingerprint marks and also scratches. In addition, the silk paper will enable you to get the best level of image stability, purer white, and reproduce high saturated colors.

Silk Paper

Silk Paper

Velvet Paper

The velvet paper has a deep matte finish giving it a smooth and velvety surface.

This paper has an anti-reflection film that brings out color reproduction, extraordinary image stability, and white purity.

Velvet Paper

Velvet Paper

Pearl Metallic

This paper has a distinctive pearl appearance with sparkling silver outlines.

The base of the pearl metallic has a thick and very firm base.

Also, under light, the pearl-shaped crystals will reflect a high shiny effect.

Fine Art Paper;

It’s a paper used in printing high-quality photographs.

This paper is not bleached by an acid, therefore, ensuring the photos stand the test of time, therefore are made to last.

Also, the quality of the paper should be suitable for receiving pigments and inks.

In addition, the fine paper will allow you to emphasize the composition of the image and enable a various range of grey tones.

This paper stands out for high-quality printing pictures, with sharp colors and unique artistic finishes.

Press Paper

This paper will bring out the original beauty of images.

The paper is less porous, which ensures more accurate colors hence guaranteeing high-quality prints.

There are different types of press papers available, namely;

E-Photo Luster; this type of paper provides higher contrast, precise photo reproduction, saturated colors and is therefore suited for high-quality photo prints.

True white; this paper has an extremely white, less porous, and smooth surface.

It is the best paper for high-definition images in professional printing.

Tintoretto Gesso; this paper has a light macroporous texture.

It is ideally suited for almost all types of prints.

Being a high-quality resistant paper stands out, especially when looking for stable images with deep colors.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Paper Catalogue

  • You can not make changes once it is printed, meaning once you make a mistake, you can’t go back and redo it.
    You have to check your work and ensure there are no mistakes before taking it to the printer.
  • For the paper catalog, you have limited space to work or use. Meaning you have to decide which images and designs require more of a page and prioritize them.
  • The paper catalog will limit your market research as it makes it more challenging to improve details in the future since you don’t know what’s working and what’s not working.
  • The paper catalog has a long update time frame, meaning if you want to change your product. You have to wait until your next print time, which can be months away.

What Is The Difference Between Paper Catalogue And Online/Digital Catalogue

Paper catalogs are hard copy documents used to promote and advertise a product. It is always in a booklet form.

While online catalogs are in soft copy form as a computer file and are found on the company’s website

For paper catalogs, you cannot make corrections once it has been printed. Instead, you need to wait for months, probably when manufacturing another catalog, to rectify the mistake.

For online catalogs, you can always erase the mistake when it comes to your attention hence rectifying the error.

What Are The Considerations For Bespoke Paper Catalogue Design?

  • Quality of your images; the images of your products should be the centerpiece of your paper catalog.High-quality images will make your products more attractive hence increase their sales.Also, ensure that images of products of high value are larger than those of less value.
  • Your catalog design should be eye-catching, images attractive, smart layout, and organized to make it a good design catalog.Always ensure that your catalog design matches your products and services.
  • Design the catalog for your audience; always tailor your paper catalog design to be appealing to your targeted customers.The catalog that targets the young audience should be different from that of the old audience.
  • Catalog sizing and format; when coming up with the design of your paper catalog, always ensure that it will factor in all your products.Products that require more attention should be given more space in your catalog, drawing attention to them.Also, consider the page count, formatting, and how your catalog will make your customer feel.If you are in the photography industry, for example, you have to ensure that items per page are fewer hence highlighting the quality of your work.

What Elements Do I Need To Create An Eye-Catching Paper Catalogue?

Product data; Product generally means the codes, product name, category, description, and prices.

Images; You should have high-quality images as they speak about your products and make them more eye appealing to the customer.

High-quality images make your catalog more professional.

Layout; After putting in all the necessary elements, you can now create your catalog layout.

You involve a graphic designer who will help you solidify your ideas on organizing your images and product information to make them attractive.

 What Are The Advantages Of Using Templates For Paper Catalogue Design?

Save time; This is by allowing you to skip the tiresome work of file set up and directs your attention to the profitable work of coming up with the catalog design.

Also, they make you an efficient graphic designer and helps you save more money as well as time.

Availability of design resources; When it comes to catalog templates, there are many design resources available.

The designs will help you develop robust profit-making designs and are successful in the competitive business environment.

You can customize; depending on your special considerations, you can always request a custom-designed template for your catalog.

It is very useful since you can have the custom-made catalog of your choice, whether it has holes through it or die-cut.

You can save time and money and also avoid costly mistakes by using a preformatted template.

Here all you do is edit the template to suit the industry’s design needs that you are creating the catalog.

How Do You Organize A Paper Catalogue?

You must organize the information you insert into your paper catalog, considering how the customer will consult the catalog.

You need to put into consideration the elements your customer will want to see.

It is very important to organize the products by category or by product attributes such as application and price.

It is also useful to organize products using less strict criteria. It will make customers more engaged by consulting every page of your paper catalog.

What Some Design Mistakes To Avoid For Paper Catalogues?

It is important to make your company logo visible as people tend to read the catalog only if they recognize the company on the front.

Ensure that the logo is largely sized on the page and contrast between the logo and the background.

Your product will not stand out if you use a busy background in your catalog.

Ensure that your backgrounds are simple for your product to stand out and be highlighted.

For your popular items, make their images larger to attract the customers’ attention.

Rather than having many small images that will make the background busy and attract the reader’s attention.

Designing confusing layouts ensures that your overall design makes sense and flows from one page to another.

If your design is not organized, It will give customers a hard time figuring out your products and not order, rendering the catalog useless.

Also, always key your items using a symbol or letter next to the same product information.

Making all covers uniform; Most designers think that making all covers similar will help with brand recognition which is okay but has its disadvantage.

Most readers are tempted or will throw the catalog away with the assumption of having seen it elsewhere.

What Are The Manufacturing Choices For Paper Catalogues?

You can consider any of the following options:


Here, the catalog pages are glued in the spine of a cardstock cover giving it a perfect bind.


Binding; Gives your paper catalog a professional look and feel.

This method uses the twin-loop method. It is a method whereby a metallic wire in different colors is inserted in rectangular punch holes squeezed mechanically in the back.

By doing so, it creates a solid feeling and an attractive catalog.


You print large sheets and then fold and staple them on their spine to develop the final product.

This binding is less expensive, and professional quality is top-notch.

You can use this option for your custom paper catalogs.

What Are The Publishing Process Used For Paper Catalogues?

Manual process; This process is applied when you are creating your catalog manually.

It will involve you copying and pasting data from your data source to the document.

This method is time-consuming as it takes a lot of time depending on the number of pages to be created.

It is prone to mistakes since it depends on a human to drive the process.

Automatic process; Here, you use software that automatically imports product data from the database to the created document.

The software will allow you to create your documents in a specific format.

The automatic publishing process does away with the setbacks of a manual process.

Cloud publishing services; It has a cloud-based publishing software used online.

The packages do not require a specific setup, and users can always access them using common browsers.

It reduces software costs, improves customer support as well as improving product innovation.

What Are The Different Printing Methods Available For Paper Catalogues?

LED UV; Uses ultraviolent light to dry inks as you print them.

It produces high-quality print, and because of this, it has become popular and largely used.

This method is eco-friendly as it consumes less energy while in use.

Digital printing; This method carries many different techniques that include inkjet and laser.

Here you send images and their description directly to the printer, and they are printed.

What Is Carbon Balanced Paper And What Are Its Benefits In Paper Catalogue Printing?

A balanced carbon paper is a paper when being manufactured. The average carbon(iv)oxide produced during its manufacturing process is offset.

When you carbon balance while printing your paper catalog, you will reduce carbon impact and enhance your brand.

And when you reduce carbon impact, you also help in reducing global warming.

What Is Luxury Printing Paper And What Are The Different Types Available For Paper Catalogues?

Luxury printing paper is a type of print paper used to ensure that your paper catalog is unique and stands out from others in the market.

Below are types of luxury printing papers available in the market that will suit your needs.

Silk; Is made from silk fibers; therefore, they are soft and have a smooth feel.

The paper’s coating is in between matt and gloss finish.

The paper is vibrant in highlighting even the smallest details and enhances readability by reducing the shine.

Uncoated paper; This paper is widely used due to the organic feel it gives.

They are the best absorbers of ink and have many options for printing different visual effects, scents, and finishes.

Metallic papers; Are famous for their luxurious sheen that sparkles incredibly in light.

They are also expensive and have a glitter effect in gold or silver.

Constellation snow; Is a white, extremely uncoated paper decorated with linen for additional effects.

Due to its texture, finish, and also color, it attracts readers to become potential customers.

The paper is very expensive, and you will only use it in your premium products.

Lux; This paper will give your paper catalog a more classic and unique feel.

Lux papers are ultra-thick and feature signature color codes passing through their mid-layer.

Since its surface is uncoated, it will require you to use LED UV printing technology to utilize the paper best.

What Are The Considerations For High-Quality Paper Catalogue Printing?

Quality of image; The photo images are the main pillar of a high-quality paper catalog because they will help you sell the product better than text.

You have to ensure that your images are not pixilated. It’s good to ensure that the photos are taken from all angles to show off the fine details of your product.

When you take pictures with poor quality, they will be of poor quality when your paper catalog is printed.

Product attention; When you create a high-quality paper catalog, the emphasis is always on the product.

It is important as it attracts new customers who are impressed by the work you have put in and promote its sale.

Therefore, when printing, you should emphasize the design to advertise your product to the maximum.

Quality of your printer; The type of printer you use to print out your paper catalog is very important.

If the printer is of poor quality, then the printouts will be the same, making your paper catalog’s quality poor.

Printing experience and reputation; Always check the history of the printing company you want to use.

If the company has never done a big job, you are advised to search for another one.

Always review and sample work to see if it is per your standards and rely on them for quality paper catalogs.

The ability of the printer to help you produce a high-quality paper catalog

Printers are supposed to come up with methods that will help you achieve perfection.

When perfection is achieved automatically, the quality of your paper catalog is improved and at its best.

Ability to print on your stock; If you have made up your mind on the type of stock you want, always ask your printer if they can print on your stock.

It would help if you never compromised because this will, in the end, affect the quality of your paper catalog.

Choice of print technique; Choosing the right printing technology for your paper catalog is very important.

It is because it does an amazing job when it comes to high-quality printing products.

What Curing Methods Do You Use For Paper Catalogue Printing?

UV Curing; is a printing technique whereby the drying method is used in the printing process.

This method plays a major role in the perfection of luxury materials.

It is a Photochemical process where the ultraviolent with high intensity instantly dries inks, coating, and adhesives.

The process helps the ink retain its abyss of color and quality. Also, the time used is very little hence you save on time.

Can There Be Deviations In The Printing Of Paper Catalogues?

You can have deviations while printing paper catalogs, and this is mostly in custom paper products.

Since most of the products require manual production, you will have a high possibility of developing deviations in the process.

Deviation  in the printing of Paper Catalogue

Deviation  in the printing of Paper Catalogue

What Color Profiles Are There For Custom Printed Paper Catalogues?

Four color process; Also referred to as full-color printing.

Here you use four inks: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CYMK)to produce a well-done accurate printed image.

Metallic ink; Here, special inks with fine metallic reflective particles are used to create shine and luster that you won’t see if you used the standard ink.

Metallic inks are important since they can highlight the logo and appeal to your design at a lower cost than foil stamping.

Pantone spot color inks; Here, you will apply the Pantone matching system

The PMS has many color ranges and will allow you to print colors and hues that the four-color process cannot produce.

Why Choose Custom Paper Catalogue Printing Over Standard Options?

Custom paper catalog printing is of high quality and highlights even the smallest details of a product compared to the standard option.

Also, catalogs that have been custom printed are more attractive and appealing to the customer, giving the paper catalog a professional look, unlike the standard options.

What Is The Significance Of ISO Certification For Paper Catalogue Manufacturing And Printing?

ISO Certification helps you as an individual and also a company to enhance environmental performance.

It also helps minimize waste, as it promotes recycling; hence no waste goes down the landfill.

When paper catalog manufacturing and printing are ISO Certified, the energy used in production is less, meaning the process also conserves energy.

How Do You Ensure Quality Of Paper Catalogues?

  • Use high-quality materials to make Catalogs.

Your paper catalog will be of low quality and not appealing if you use poor-quality material.

Doing daily color tests to improve by a certified technician to improve printing quality.

Also, do calibration of your printers to be at per with the adjustments made on colors so that the quality of colors is surprisingly nice.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of Paper Catalogues?

The size of paper sheets available is closely linked to the cost of your paper catalog.

Therefore, the cost of paper catalogs will depend on your choice of paper.

A catalog printed in A5 final format and on offset paper will be cheaper than printed on coated paper.

It does not mean that the price of the two papers per ton is different. On the contrary, it’s the same, and so are the parameters.

The difference is explained by the unavailability of the appropriate size of the paper chosen to be printed.

Since some of the papers exist in distinctive formats, that is, designer and art papers, they create a lot of waste due to more cutting hence a higher cost.

At HQES, design and produce a unique paper catalogue depending on your requirements and specification.

Contact us today for all your custom paper catalogue at competitive prices.

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