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HQES will be your best paper bag manufacturer, we have over 10 years of experience in customizing all types of paper bags.

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  • Excellent Quality Ensure
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HQES Paper Bag

HQES is the trusted paper bag supplier, with professional and experienced QA teams to ensure every paper bag is custom-made as perfectly as possible. Our custom paper bags have a beautiful appearance, not easy to deform, anti-damage, moistureproof, and sealing. Provide good display effect, low MOQ at a competitive price.

HQES starts strict QC flows from inspecting the quality of raw paper material to supervising all the bulk paper bag manufacturing processes and monitoring the finishing process to meet clients’ requirements. HQES packages paper bags in corrugated carton boxes for safe shipping and delivery to clients. Note that all the paper materials HQES uses for your paper bags can be recycled and are environmentally friendly.

custom gift bag

A gift bag will be an amazing way to pack your gifts and accessories for holidays and other important promotions. HQES can custom styles of a gift bag, you can send us your design or even an idea, and we will make a perfect gift bag to support your business or event.

Custom Shopping Bag

A shopping bag is one of the most important packaging ways for your life. HQES can custom varying types of a shopping bags with premium paper stocks, like white art paper, brown kraft paper, gold foiled paper, etc. you can send us your design or even an idea, and ask for a quick quote on your next shopping bag order.

Kraft paper bag

Custom kraft paper bag carries not only your products but also your message, artwork, or logos. It keeps s strong hold and long-lasting advertising for your business, noticed all day long. These are quite impressive, with low MOQ, custom handle and custom sizes.

wine bottle bag

Wine bottle bag is available in several shapes, styles, and eco-friendly paper materials. Natural tones and vibrant designs that attract customers.

Paper Sweet Bags

Paper sweet bags can carry various sweets such as homemade fudge, toffee, or sweets of every size and color. High quality range of sweet bags and recyclable.

Hot Stamping Paper Bag

Hot stamping paper bags are high-grade, environmentally friendly, and can be personalized according to your specifications. You can choose silver hot stamping, gold hot stamping, or color hot stamping on paper bags to enhance their appearance.

Printed Paper Bag

Printed paper bags are offered in super fast, full-color printed designs. Have your logo or design printed on our durable paper bags. These are great for various occasions, including holidays, birthday parties, etc.

UV Paper Bag

UV Paper bags can be a matte or glossy appearance that provides an eye-catching contrast. It can be applied to your pattern, logo, or on the specific details of the design of your bag.

Color Rush Paper Bag

Color rush paper bag with logos that allow you to show your unique design. Our custom color rush paper bag not only carries your products but gives your brand excellent exposure, and is kind to the planet.

Custom Paper Bag Features


Paper bags are 100% biodegradable, and recyclable. These are sustainable paper bags available at a cost-effective wholesale prices.


Our paper bags are more resilient to weight or pressure than plastic bags. It is long-lasting, durable, and comfortable to use.


Paper bags are manageable and frequently reusable. They can be recycled and used again.

Custom Option
Custom Option

Make your paper bag unique and stylish to connect to your customers. A fully customizable bag that can skyrocket your business.

Make Your Brand Stand Out from The Competition

Paper bags with your company’s logo on them can be used to create a carrier experience that not only introduces the customer to your company but also highlights the flavor of your products. A branded paper bag is also an important component in helping to distinguish a brand, service, or business and facilitate the development of a clear identity.

  • By being environmentally friendly and sustainable, you can enhance the perception of your company.
  • Use your design to attract potential customers.
  • Make your product more appealing
  • Provide positive brand reminders.
  • Increase your customers’ desire to buy by improving their appearance
paper bag
In-House Printing Customization

In-House Printing Customization

With custom-printed paper bags, you can put your marketing message in the hands of your customers. They are good ways to increase brand recognition or advertise a special occasion.

Paper bags with custom printing are practical, adaptable, and deliver the message directly to the customer. To ensure a high-quality appearance and durability, HQES uses high-quality printing techniques. Environmentally friendly inks are used throughout the entire paper bag printing process. When necessary, we use pre-existing designs and equipment to fit the range of paper bags, or we develop a brand concept from scratch. We manage all paper bag printing services and artwork in-house.

Stylish and Unique Food Grade and Non-Food Grade Paper Bag

HQES manufactures and supply different sizes of paper bags both food grade and non-food grade. Various products can be packaged in paper bags including:

 Food ProductsNon-Food Products
BreadGift cards
Nuts, tea, and more.Portable consumer electronics, etc.
food grade bag

Leading Custom Paper Bag Manufacturer- HQES

paper bag
paper bag

HQES has been focused on supplying high-quality custom paper packaging for more than 10 years. Our team source the best raw material which is 100% recycled and eco-friendly to the environment. We supply a range of paper bags such as donut bags, candy bags, kraft paper bags, sandwich bags, clothing paper bags, and more. We provide paper with logos from small to different sizes with or without handles. You can choose from our handle options such as ribbon, folded paper, twisted paper, cotton, etc. These handles come in a variety of colors and work well with the majority of paper bag designs. They work well for carrying light and heavy items in paper bags.

You can guarantee high-standard paper bags at competitive prices at HQES. We adopt sophisticated, automatic production machines, strict quality control, and an optimized production line system. We have advanced printing technics for your custom paper packaging styles. We take great care to make your ideas a reality; we enjoy a challenge. Message us today!

Types of High-Quality Paper Bag Printing Techniques

hot stamping paper bag

Hot stamping process can highlight the high-end positioning of the brand logo of the paper bag. We offer silver hot stamping, gold hot stamping, or color hot stamping on paper bags. It creates beautiful bags attracting many consumers.

uv printing paper bag
  • Ideal brightness and color saturation printing
  • UV printing has good printability,  clear, smooth, and consistent
  • Strong adhesion, chemical corrosion resistance, strong durability, wear resistance, and aging resistance.
laminate paper bag
  • Printed using state-of-the-art laminating printing technology
  • Gloss lamination, matt lamination, and soft-touch lamination
  • Fully customizable with debossing, embossing, hot foil, and spot UV.
paper bag
  • Printing digital-based images
  • Make the images and text details instantly from the computer to the paper surface
  • Faster printing speed, lower cost, and competitive advantage
Offset Printing
  • Also known as offset lithography, or litho-offset
  • Make pattern and logo more exquisite and stable quality
  • Simple, low cost and high production efficiency
  • Limitless number of colors
Silk-Screen Printing
  • Produces vivid and vibrant colours
  • Ensure a colourfast finish, creating long-lasting prints.
  • Very efficient technique for creating a large volume of paper bag production

Why Choose HQES as Your Paper Bag Supplier

Wide Range of Paper Materials

HQES committed to supplying environmentally friendly bags to clients worldwide. We create different designs and styles of paper bags made from:

  • Coated paper
  • Offset paper
  • White cardboard
  • Kraft paper
Offer Different Closure Options

The following are a few options for paper bag closures we provide:

  • CBS-C closure
  • FTS Closure
  • CBS Closure
  • PTS Closure
  • PT Closure
Paper Bag Bottom Options

HQES offer various paper bottom options according to your specification and designs.

  • Standard Flat Bottom
  • Pinched Bottom
  • Gusset
  • Wide Flat Botto
Various Paper Bags Surface Treatment

For beautiful and more attractive paper bags, we provide different types of surface treatments such as:

  • High Gloss
  • Natural low and high gloss
  •  Natural Matte Finish
  • Natural Medium Gloss
paper bag
HQES – Your Trusted Paper Bag Manufacturer from China

If you are looking for any paper bags factory to customize paper bags for your product’s packaging, definitely HQES will be your best choice.

HQES Custom Paper Bag

Custom paper bag is ideal for gift packaging, retail packaging, food packaging, cosmetic and beauty products packaging, and so on. It is not only because paper bags are some of the friendly options to the environment, but because they are also easier to customize than bags made from other materials.

HQES is one of the most professional paper bag manufacturers from China; we have over 10 years of experience in custom manufacturing all types of paper bags.

Our options include HQES custom paper bags with twisted paper handles, with cotton or ribbon ropes, custom paper bags with canvas belt ropes, and more. HQES also customizes paper bags without ropes but die-cut shaped handle instead.

HQES specializes in manufacturing handmade paper bags too. We customize paper bags with various accessories such as decorations on the outside surface of the paper bags. All these decorated paper bags are widely used for parties and holidays.

All in all, HQES custom paper bags come in many shapes, sizes, and varying types of handles.

Paper Bag:

HQES not only customs blank brown and white paper bags, but we also have various printing processes to custom print paper bags. We use hot foil stamping to make your logo stand out, glitter printing for colorful shiny designs, spot UV printing to let one or two points of your artworks be special than others, and many more.

HQES custom paper bags may feature additional processes for better brand visibility. It may include cover matt or glossy lamination on the surface of the paper bags, to have varnishing for all the colorful printing parts, to have embossing or 3D debossing for your logo, and many more. All these processes can feature your artworks onto your paper bags, making them as much elegant as possible.

HQES has many machines to support all the above processes in house.

Paper Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for the best paper bag for your business.

That’s why this guide will take you through the entire process of choosing the best paper bags in the market.

So, in case you have any question, you will find the answer right here.

Let’s dive right in.

What is a Paper Bag?

A Paper bag refers to a bag made from paper.

It is mostly used as a bag for shopping, sacks, and packaging.

How is a Paper Bag made?

The process of making paper bags include:

  • Paper bags are made from paper pulp that is pressed to form rolls of paper or flat sheets.
  • These rolls are cut to a size that is twice the required size of the finished paper bag.
  • The cut sheets are then folded over the two parallel sides that are open and glued together.
  • The glue can either be pressed or be heated and pressed.

What Paper is Used for Paper Bags?

There are many designs and styles of paper bags made from different paper kinds depending on their usage.

Some of the paper types used for paper bags include:

  • Coated paper
  • White cardboard
  • Offset paper
  • Kraft paper

However, when it comes to Kraft paper, you may consider any of the following options:

i. Standard brown paper bags are made from Kraft paper; although they can be made in any color and paper kind.

ii. Kraft bags can be manufactured from laminated paper. This paper has a plastic coating on the inside to ensure the protection of contents from moisture.

iii. Kraft paper gift bags that are sturdier are manufactured from 90gsm paper, brow, colored, or retro polka dot style.

iv. Paper bags can also be made from recycled Kraft paper and recycled paper.

How is Paper Bags used?

Some of the uses of paper bags include:

  • Packaging: Paper bags are used to hold a variety of products. For example, they are used for packing lunches and carrying groceries.
  • Wrapping a gift: They are used to wrap a gift by laying the paper bag flat and using it to cover the item.
  • Serve snacks: You may use paper bags at a function to serve snacks to guests.
  • Corporates nowadays use paper bags for seminars, promotions, branding, and product packaging.
  • Book covers: You may use paper bags to cover your kid’s books.
  • Sturdy envelopes: They can be used as envelopes, and they are sturdy.
  • Paper bag wallet: Anyone can have a wallet in the form of a paper bag, which is a thrifty fashion statement.

Why Use Paper Bag?

Some of the reasons why you should use bags made from paper include:

  • They are 100 percent reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Paper bags can withstand a lot of pressure and weight as compared to other types of bags.
  • The paper bags are child and animal-friendly as they present less of a suffocation risk.
  • They can be purchased at a relatively cheaper price, especially when bought wholesale.
  • Most people use paper bags because they are easy to carry, hold many items, and are neat.
  • They add to your status symbol as they can be embossed and grained to improve their appearance.

Are Paper Bags better than Plastic Bags?

The decision between which is better between paper bags and plastic bags can be made by putting the following factors in mind:

  • Plastic grocery bags use 40 percent less energy to produce and 80 percent less solid waste than paper bags.
  • Paper bags only take about a month to decompose, while plastic bags decompose after about five to ten years.
  • Paper bags are made from trees, and this is eco-friendly. Most plastic bags, on the other hand, are made from non-renewable raw material like polyethylene.
  • Standard-sized paper bags can hold about fourteen items, while plastic bags only hold about five to ten items.

In short, investing in paper bags is a better options.

This is due to many benefits it offers.

Besides, most governments have restrictions on the use of plastic bags.

How can Paper Bag Packaging Benefit your Business?

Paper bags can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Customer Attraction: When your products are packaged with paper of premium quality, it will promote your brand target audience, thus attract more customers.
  • Status Enhancement: Paper bags can add your status symbol because they can be grained and embossed to improve their look.
  • Cost-effective: You can get paper bags at affordable prices, especially when you buy in bulk, which will help save on costs.
  • Marketing: When company logos are printed on paper bags, they help in marketing your brand to potential customers.
  • Save Environment: paper bags are environmentally friendly, and they will make you stand out from your competitors, thus attract more customers.
  • Dynamic: Paper bags compared to traditional packing methods patterns, styles, shape, design, and size are changed easily.

What are the Specifications of Paper Bag Packaging?

  • Dimension: The width of paper bags ranges between 220 to 540mm. Further, the fold ranges between 70 to 220mm, while its length ranges between 240 to 650mm.
  • Material: Paper bags are made from sheets of paper.
  • Grammage: Different types of paper bags have different grammages depending on the weight of the material used. The grammage of paper bags range between 70 to 100g/m2
  • Bursting strength in k.P.a, where minimum can be either 90,124 or 162.
  • Tearing Resistance(MD), mN, with minimum can be either 320,430 or 540.

What are the Different Types of Paper Bags available?

Some of the available types of paper bags include:

Kraft Paper Bags

These are made out of simple brown Kraft paper and have a bottom gusset that reinforces an additional sheet of paper.

They are available in most grocery stores, and departmental stores and can be recycled very easily but are not very durable.

Stand-On-the-Shelf (SOS) Paper Bags

Their design is similar to that of Kraft bags, but they are a little stronger and have a top handle.

They are mostly used by office workers and children carrying lunch.

These types of paper bags make perfect for gifts and are available in a wide range of colors and modern designs.

Pinch Bottom Paper Bags

They resemble envelopes, have tapered ends, and when filled, the other side remains open.

Mostly used in bakeries as they have an inner lining that is grease-resistant.

Merchandise Bags

These paper bags are customizable and of very high quality.

They are mostly used by big, online, and small retail stores for packaging and shipping products.

Merchandise bags are available in various colors, and you can also print them to enhance customization.

Euro Tote

It is a lunch bag that is more sophisticated, comes with very fancy handles, wide variety of surface finishes, and customizable branding.

They are quite durable, can be reused severally, and allow better brand visibility.

Glassine or Wax-Coated Paper Bags

They are available in several sizes and shapes, like in the form of an envelope or small L-folder.

The inner lining protects the freshness of the products inside.

Party Paper Bags

These are glossy and have bright colors, and take the shape of standard kraft paper bags.

Party bags are used to give out candies, gift cards, sweets, and other souvenirs.

Envelope-Style Mailing Paper Bags

The paper bag types are mostly used in e-commerce shipments for small products and have a self-adhesive strip for easy sealing.

They have an inner cloth lining to ensure resistance to tear.

Recycled Paper Bags

Mostly made from recycled paper, and they are available in several sizes and shapes.

They help ensure that businesses are conscious of the environment.

Vogue Paper Bags

They are retail shopping bags commonly used by most retail stores nowadays because they are reusable, spacious, and large.

It is easy to brand vogue bags, and they are also great for gift giving.

How Much Weight can a Paper Bag hold?

How much a paper bag can hold is dependent on its size and strength.

They come in several sizes ranging from small ones to big ones.

Small paper bags manufactured from 70gsm Kraft paper can hold up to4 kilograms.

Large paper bags made from 90gsm paper can take up to ten times and hold up to40 kilograms.

Are Paper Bags Renewable?

Yes, paper bags are renewable as they are made from trees which are renewable resources.

How Long does a Paper Bag last?

Paper bags are reused at least three times.

However, they are susceptible to tear or splitting, more so if they get wet.

How quickly does Paper Bag Decompose when thrown away?

When thrown away, paper bags take about a month to decompose.

However, it is important to note that this period will depend on the environment in which the paper bag must do so.

What are the Available Closure Options for Paper Bags?

Some of the closure options for paper bags include:

  • FTS Closure: It is a closure type that uses double-fold secured with sealing tape. This method can be applied to paper bags that contain or do not contain a PE inner liner.
  • CBS Closure: Here, the paper bags are closed by heat sealing or heat sealing plus sewing.
  • CBS-C closure: Refers to a crimped heart sealing mechanism and is mostly applied to inner coated paper bags.
  • PTS Closure: In this method, the paper bag is closed using a single fold and glue. This option is applied to pinch-top-paper bags that may contain a PE inner lining or not.
  • PT Closure: The paper bag is closed by heat sealing, sewing, and covering with over tape. This option is applied to a paper bag that may contain a PE inner lining or not.

What are the available Colors for Paper Bags?

Paper bags are available in two colors; white and brown.  Brown paper bags are used more frequently than white paper bags.

However, if you want customized colors for your brand, HQES offers numerous color options.

Which is Better between Brown vs. White Paper Bag?

White paper bags grant a clear logo of your business and present an appearance that is cleaner compared to brown paper bags.

However, regardless of the color you choose, all of them have a thick construction that is resistant to rips and tears.

What does 100 GSM Paper Bag mean?

GSM stands for Grams per square meter, and it tends to measure the density of the material used to make paper bags.

The higher the GSM, the more strong, dense, and durable the paper bag material.

Therefore, 100GSM paper bag material means strong, dense, and durable as most paper bags range between 70 to 100GSM.

How do you Measure Paper bags?

To measure paper bags, you should measure their height, depth, and width and multiply all these together to get their volume.

Paper bag’s capacity is measured in the following units:

  • Inches
  • Pounds
  • Ounces
  • Pecks
  • Liters
  • quarts

How Thick are Paper Bags?

Paper bag thickness range from .005mil up to about six mils, although other thicknesses are produced to suit your specific needs.

Some of the paper bag thickness guidelines include:

  • 1 or 1.25 mil paper bags: well, suited for products that are light in weight and economical packaging.
  • 5mil and 2 mil paper bags: commonly used to store, ship, and display everyday items.
  • 3mil and 4 mil: good for protecting and supporting abrasive and heavy items.
  • 6 mil paper bags: offer total protection for items that are very heavy in weight.

What Bottom Options do you Offer for Paper Bags?

Standard Flat Bottom

These are paper bags that have a flat bottom of standard size that can open.

Standard flat bottom paper bags can hold the contents well.

Wide Flat Bottom

They are designed so that they can open up with a flat bottom that is wide in size.

Wide flat bottom paper bags are easy to load.

Pinched Bottom

These are made with bottoms that are pointed and tightly sealed and thus do not have a measurement length.

They are well suited for holding cards, candy, and calendars.


It is a fold that is indented on the bottom of the paper bag, which allows it to expand for greater capacity.

Do you provide Paper Bags with Dividers?

Yes, we do provide some paper bags that have dividers.

Some of the benefits of paper bags with dividers include:

  • Prevent materials that are fragile from moving.
  • Keep items in the paper bags from turning upside down.
  • Manage packaging inventory.
  • Improve overall integrity of the paper bags.

What is Wax Paper Bags, and what is their Advantage?

Wax paper bags are a type of paper bag available in various sizes and shapes and mostly used as bakery bags.

They have a lining that ensures that the products in them remain very fresh.

They are available in the following forms:

  • Small-folder that allows you to hold cookies or pretzels easily.
  • Envelope that are used for the packaging of cookies.

Some of the benefits of wax paper bags include;

  • Maintains Freshness: They protect their contents’ freshness by ensuring that they remain in the appropriate condition.
  • Ecofriendly:Wax paper bags are biodegradable and can be recycled, thus conserving the environment.
  • Cost-effective:They are being produced from renewable and sustainableresources, thus cutting down on material costs.

Which Handle Options are there for Paper Bags with Handles?

The handle options available for paper bags with handles include:


These handles are available in a range of colors and are well suited for most paper bag styles.

They are great for paper bags used to carry heavy goods.


Cotton handles are very strong and very comfortable to hold when carrying heavy loads.

Twisted Paper

It is rigid and strong but does not feel very luxurious, although it can endure a lot of strain.

They are easier to manufacture.

Folded Paper

This is the most economical option and is made from simple pieces of paper which are easy to recycle.

Folded paper handles are used for small paper bags and loads that are light.

Which Surface Finishes do you offer for Paper Bags?

Some of the surface finishes that we offer for paper bags include:

  • High Gloss that provides a bright sheen when dry and reflects the most light.
  • Natural High Gloss
  • Natural Low Gloss
  • Natural Matte Finish which provides a smooth and silky feel on the paper bag surface.
  • Natural Medium Gloss

What is Embossing for Paper Bag?

It is a technique whereby the paper bag is raised from the surface using an outline of a symbol, letter, or design.

Embossing highlights the raised portions to develop shadows and enhances the unicolored surface to achieve a new dimension.

What is the Difference between Embossing and Debossing in Paper Bag?

Some of the differences between embossing and debossing in paper bags include:

  • Embossing forms a design that pops from the surface of the paper bag. Debossing, on the other hand, tends to make thedesign recessedonto the paper bag material.
  • Embossing is better than debossing on paper bags because it ensures finer details in the design.
  • Embossing requires two plates or dies as they should push the paper bag material from both the front and back. Debossing, on the other hand, only requires one plate at the front and thus is not labor-intensive.
  • In terms of cost, embossing tends to be more expensive than debossing. This is because it uses two plates or dies to print yourdesign on the paper bag.

What is Spot UV for Paper Bags?

It is a method that targets certain parts of the paper bag surface with a varnish coat.

This coat is then dried by applying UV light that is targeted.

It forms a varnish coating on the surface of the paper bag that is noticeable and glossy.

It is an addition to the looks and designs.

Some of the elements that you may varnish using spot UV to make them noticeable from a distance include:

  • Brand name
  • Certain parts of a design.
  • Some special elements on the paper bag
  • Symbols
  • Tagline

When and Why should you Consider Paper Bag with Lining?

Some of the reasons why you should consider a paper bag with lining include:

  • Freshness:Paper bags with linings protect the freshness of the products that they hold.
  • Durable:Paper bags with lining can withstand hardwearing, wear, damage or pressure, thus ensure product safety.
  • Water-Resistant: Most of the paper bags with lining prevent water from getting into them, thus ensuring products remain in the right condition.

Which Lining Options can you consider for Paper Bag?

  • Foil that are well suited for holding hot food.
  • Grease resistant lining protects the paper bags surface from stains.
  • Greaseproof lining has low porosity and is super-calendered to enhance its density.
  • Poly-lined (PE): Examples include airplane sickness bags, food bags, and some shopping bags.
  • Uncoated

What Type of Products can you Pack in Paper Bags?

Some of the products that you can pack in paper bags include:

  • Grocery items
  • Bread
  • Cookies
  • Coffee
  • Sweets
  • Gift cards
  • Mails
  • Clothes
  • Portable consumer electronics
  • Favoring
  • Nuts
  • Tea
  • Grains
  • Candy

What is the Difference between Recyclable and Compostable Paper Bags?

Compostable paper bags refer to those made from an organic material that decomposes in a biological process to form humus-like material.

These must be biodegradable within a reasonable amount of time and leave no toxic or visible residues.

Recyclable paper bags refer to those processed to make a new paper by mixing the used paper material with water and chemicals.

This method will break them down into cellulose, and pulp mixture will then be strainedusing screens to eliminatecontaminants or adhesives.

Once any contaminants or adhesives are removed, they will be bleached or de-inked to form a new recycled paper.

What is the Difference between Off-the-shelf Stock Print Paper Bag Designs and Custom Printed ones?

Some of the differences between off-the-shelf stock print paper bags designs and custom printed ones include:


Off-the-shelf stock print paper bags tend to be more affordable than custom printed paper bags.

Turnaround Time

Moreover, off-the-shelf stock print paper bags are produced faster than custom paper bags.

This is because custom paper bags require the manufacturer to ensure they are made to suit your specifications which takes quite some time.


Custom printed paper bags tend to be of high quality as you select every detail you would like to include.

Conversely, off-the-shelf stock print paper bags are of standard quality as they are generally produced to sustain various functions.

Surface Finishes

Custom printed paper bags have a perfect surface finishing option as you have the chance to state clearly what you want.

On the other hand, off-the-shelf stock print paper bags are surface finished with a method that the manufacturer deems affordable.

What is the Best File Format for Saving and Submitting Custom Printed Paper Bag Designs?

Some of the file formats that you may use for saving and submitting custom printed paper bag designs include:

  • Portable Document Format (PDF):It is preferred for most files as it captures formatting information from several desktop publishing applications and submits them in the right form.
  • Encapsulated PostScript (EPS):It is the best for graphics format of high-resolution printing. The designs can be resized easily resized without losing quality and thus perfect for multiple usages of initial logo designs.
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG):It is used for photo images that are very small in size. When the image is compressed, it will lose quality, and the initial quality is never be recovered.
  • Tagged Image File Format (TIFF):In this, designs are saved in several color formats and several compression forms. It is preferred for high-resolution images and designs.
  • Graphics Interchange Format (GIF):They can store images up to 256 colors and use lossless compression that gives high-quality output.
  • Portable Network Graphics:It was made as a more powerful alternative to the Gif file format. They have better compression and lack color limitation.
  • Zip is used for archiving and compression of data.

Other formats include:

  • Quark Xpress 9
  • Microsoft word 2013
  • Microsoft excel 2013
  • Microsoft publisher 2013
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
  • Adobe acrobat 11
  • Adobe InDesign CC 2015
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Do you help Clients in Designing bespoke Branded Paper Bag Packaging?

Yes, we help clients in designing bespoke branded paper bag packaging.

We also ensure that you can add your branding or marketing message to your paper bag packaging.

We also hold a huge stock of plain paper bags for wholesale in several shapes, colors, and sizes available for same-day dispatch.

The bespoke, high-quality printed paper bags that we produce will be a perfect solution for advertising and promoting your brand.

What Printing Techniques do you Use for Custom Printed Paper Bags?

Some of the printing techniques that we use for custom printed paper bags include:

Foil Printing

It uses heat, pressure, and metallic paper to create a shiny design on several graphics on the custom paper bag.

It can make a focus point on the design that is selected.

However, the foil used in printing will permanently stick on the custom paper bag as it contains a heated die.

This type of printing is only done on chosen shades and finishes, which gives flexibility.


It is also referred to as offset printing.

In this, the image that you would like to print on the custom paper bag is placed on the plate.

The plate is then covered using different shades before it is used for printing.

It requires top-notch skills, correct mixing, and placement in the right order.

This paper bag printing method is a very reliable and affordable printing method for wholesalers.

Flexography Printing

This is the modern version of letterpress printing.

It uses printing plates containing Ink to wrap in and around rotating cylinders on a web press.

Flexography printing can print very many orders of custom paper bags without interference.

It is very good for labels and packaging.

The ink in flexography printing technique dries by evaporation method.

Digital Printing

In this method, digital-based images are directly processed onto the custom paper bags.

The files are in either PDF or any other form, and they are sent directly to the printing press for printing.

Screen Printing

It is the most commonly used method for printing on custom paper bags.

However, in this technique, the frame created is printed directly onto the custom paper bag.

After that, depending on the choice, different shades are screened onto the custom paper bag using a scrapper.

What is CMYK in Paper Bag Printing?

CMYK in paper bag refers to the subtractive process colors which are implemented in color printing.

These colors include:

  • Cyan (C)
  • Magenta (M)
  • Yellow (Y)
  • Black(K): used to enhance contrast and color. K stands for key because all the other colors, cyan, magenta, and yellow, lock.

Subtractive colors are used during printing or mixing inks, dyes, and pigments.

The above colors work well with reflected light and are appropriate for printing on white paper and several other substrates.

Is there a Specific type of Ink you use for Printing Paper Bags?

Paper bags, especially those used for food packaging, require specific types of inks for printing.

Some of the things to consider when choosing Ink for paper bags include:

  • The substrate material being marked.
  • Color of ink required.
  • If the Ink is used on porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • Whether the Ink needs to be resistant or waterproof
  • The duration that the ink impression should last.
  • The volume of packages requiring printing.
  • Your budget.

Some of the ink types that work best for paper bags include:

  • Ink for Frozen Packaging: It gives an excellent adhesion even under harsh conditions. It can dry between thirty to forty-five seconds.
  • Ink for Packaging Films: It adheres well to packaging films and can dry in ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Hot Melt Ink Rolls:they are available in various ink formulas to suit your specific requirements. Its dry time depends on the substrate and the ink formula selected.

How does Paper Bag with Windows look like, and what are its benefits?

Paper bags with windows package your products in a way that is ecological, safe, and attractive.

They ensure that the customer can have a sneak peek of the contents in the package.

These paper bags are available in various sizes, colors, and finishes and customized with a personalized or standard window.

Some of the benefits of paper bags with window include:

  • Stay Perfectly Upright:they can remain upright on the shop, cupboard, or skink unit shelf. It is also easy to fill them, and they will remain upright when you remove some contents.
  • Reflect Content:the transparent windows on the paper bag ensures that your product is seen clearly by potential customers.
  • Very Little Space:they are packed very compactly, thus occupying very minimal space in their locations.

Are Paper Bags Waterproof?

No paper bags are not waterproof, and they can tear and split when subjected to water.

What is Laminated Paper Bag?

Laminated paper bag is a type of paper bag made using harsh chemicals to fuse a paper sheet between two plastic sheets.

Laminated paper bags are paper bags of very high quality specially manufactured to suit customer requirements.

They are suitable for packaging products like fertilizers, chemicals, food grains, and sugar.

These laminated paper bags can retain the quality of the products, thus enhancing storage life.

They are recyclable and thus are friendly to the environment.

What is the Difference between Flat Tap and Twisted Paper Bag?

Flat tap paper bags refer to those with handles made from simple and folded paper.

The paper bag type is great for carrying light and small products.

They are very economical, and they are easily be recycled.

Conversely, twisted paper bags have very rigid and strong handles and can withstand a lot of strain thus can handle heavy loads.

They are not very luxurious, although manufactures can produce them very quickly.

How do you Test Paper bags?

You can test paper bags using several methods to determine their bending, friction, tension, z-direction fiber strength, and compression.

Some of the tests that are performed to determine the quality of paper bags include:

  • Bursting Strength Test

This test tries to determine the amount of weight a paper bag can bear without getting damaged.

To avoid the busting of paper cards, the bursting strength is calculated to establish the given paper bags’ carrying capacities.

  • CobbSizing Test

It tests paper bags’ absorption property by calculating how much water is retained and uses a cobb sizing tester.

Before and after the paper bag is made wet, the variance in weight is the cobb value of the paper bag.

  • Peel strength test

Paper bags are made from being simply folded and bonded using an adhesive.

This test tends to determine the force needed for the adhesion to fail.

  • Tearing strength test

It establishes the resistance of a paper bag that is torn already to get torn further.

All the above testing methods will enable you to establish and select paper bags with the appropriate quality you desire.

What is the Paper Bag Recommended Standards for Conformity?

Some of the paper bags recommended standards for conformity include:

  • ASTM D5803
  • ASTM D829
  • ASTM D828
  • BS ISO 12192:2002
  • BS ISO 1924-3
  • ISO 11093-6
  • BS 2922-2:1984, ISO 3781-1983
  • BS EN 12625-4:1999
  • BS EN 12625-5:1999
  • BS EN ISO 1924-2:1995
  • BS ISO 11093-6:1996
  • BS ISO 11093-7:1997
  • BS 3748:1992, ISO 2493:1992
  • BS 4415-1:1992, ISO 1924-1:1992
  • BS 4816:1972
  • BS 7325:1990, ISO 9895:1989
  • ASTM D4987
  • ASTM D5804
  • ASTM D774

Which Adhesives do you use to Manufacturer Paper bags?

Some of the adhesives used to manufacture paper bag include:

  • Water-Based Adhesives:They serve to bond the bottom of the paper bags, side edges, and handles. They ensure foil lamination on the paper bags.
  • Dry Starch Adhesives: Are used for boning liners of paper bags in the manufacturing process. They are produced based on starches that are modified.
  • Universal Glues: They provide a clean application and do not smear.
  • Epoxy Adhesives: Used for high-quality paper bag bonding and forms a layer resistant to water, chemicals, and oil.

How do you choose the Best Paper Bag for your business?

Some of the considerations when choosing a paper bag for your business include:

  • For restaurants or small deli, shopping bags or paper lunch bags with a handle are a great choice.
  • Grocery stores require grocery paper bags that are heavy.
  • For liquor stores, you can use liquor, wine, and beer bags.
  • For boutiques of book stores, use merchandiser bags.
  • In case you run a farmer’s market or produce stand, you can use the market and produce paper bags.
  • For bakeries and cafes, you can use paper bread and re-closable cookie and coffee bags.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Paper Bags?

In most cases, our MOQ is 1000 pieces.

However, we have flexible MOQ, depending on the type of bag you need.

At HQES, design and produce a range of paper bags such as gift bags and shopping bags, depending on your specifications.

Talk to us now for the best prices on all paper bags.

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