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For gift boxes with rigid paper cardboard, which is also named rigid gift boxes, HQES can customize the paper thickness from 0.30mm to 3.50 mm.

HQES has a variety of shapes for these rigid gift boxes, such as sliding opened gift boxes, hinged lid gift boxes, base, lift-off cover gif boxes, flap lid gift boxes, custom auto-bottom closed gift boxes, and so on.

HQES Gift Box

Custom brilliant gift box is absolutely crucial for promotional products in the industry. Premium brands always need perfect gift boxes as their product box packaging.

HQES is the most innovative gift box manufacturer from China, which has been manufacturing a variety of style gift boxes for over 10 years. All these gift boxes are widely used for apparel, jewelry, cosmetics & toiletries, beauty salon, hair salon, nail & accessories, candy, chocolate, wine, holiday and fashion industry, etc.

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Services Provided

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Custom Sized Gift Box
Customized Needs

Satisfy Your Custom Needs

HQES customizes two types of gift boxes; the first is flat pack gift boxes which always made with thin paper cards. The other is rigid style gift boxes made with rigid paper cardboards. For carrying heavier products, we use thicker paper cardboard.

For gift boxes with thin paper cards, HQES has large paper selections available. It includes glossy paper, semi-gloss or matt paper card, natural kraft paper, E flute paper, colorful natural paper, and so on. HQES can customize tuck top gift boxes, cap top gift boxes, wine gift boxes, makeup gift boxes, paper sleeve gift boxes, chocolate gift boxes, wine gift boxes, candy gift boxes, a bakery gift box, and many more.

gift box
gift box
HQES – Your Professional Folder Manufacturer from China

If you’re looking for reliable and price-competitive manufacturer for your gift boxes in China, HQES must be your best choice.

HQES has steady relationships with suppliers offering high-quality paper material. We have been working together for more than 10 years, which makes HQES guarantee the quality of the paper material. Meanwhile, with years of experience in using a wide variety of paper materials, HQES has skilled and professional QC teams. This ensures that all the customized paper materials we use are premium quality and 100% recyclable.

Gift Box: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today, I will show you how to choose the best gift box for your customers.

Whether you want an OEM arrangement, custom designs, or existing industry standards – this guide offers a secret you need.

Let’s dive right in.

What is a Gift Box?

A gift box refers to a type of box used to issue gifts to people, making the gift-giving process magical.

They indicate care and may help strengthen relationships among individuals.

Gift Box

Gift Box

What are the Applications of Gift Box?

Some of the uses of gift boxes include:

  • Packaging: You can use them in packaging products like foodstuff, jewelry, and personal care products
  • Storage: They can be essential in the effective storage of several products according to their sizes. You can convert larger gift boxes into compartments for storage of bulky items in the house.
  • Home décor: You can transform fancy gift boxes in the market into decorative items for your home.
  • Gift Giving: It is also possible to use them for holding gifts for different occasions and promotional purposes.
  • Plantation: they can come in handy for planting by cutting them and dressing them using embellishments. It will ensure creating a planting box that is friendly to the environment and uses little space.
  • Child playing needs: You can use them in several ways to make playing materials for children.

What Gift Box Sizes do you Offer?

Gift boxes come in various sizes and shapes.

The size depends on the size of the gift.

The mode of transportation of the gift also determines the size of the gift box.

Some of the gift box sizes that you can find in the market include:

  • 2x2x2
  • 3x3x3
  • 4x4x4
  • Bulk size
  • Medium size
  • Large size
  • 5″x7″
  • 8x8x4″
  • 6x6x4″
  • 5×3.5×2
  • 7”x3″

Is Gift Box the Same as Paper Box?

No, a gift box is slightly different from a paper box.

A gift box mainly comes fully assembled and ready for packaging.

On the other hand, a paper box requires one to wrap it around the gift and assemble it when packaging.

Also, the material used to make the paper box is lighter compared to that used in a gift box.

This is in addition to the possibility of reusing a gift box, unlike a paper box.

Do you offer extra Customization for the Gift Box?

Yes, you can get extra customization for your gift box.

It is prudent that you talk with the manufacturer beforehand.

It is also important that you share with the manufacturer your design concepts you want to be included in the final customized designs.

Another important thing is to ensure that you meet the required MOQ for customization.

Customization can also be a bit more expensive than the normal designs that manufacturers offer.

What is the Difference between Stock Box and Custom Gift Box?

Stock boxes are essential for storing a large number of similar goods.

Stock boxes are mainly used by manufacturers for storing and transporting products.

Unlike a custom gift box, stock boxes are mainly plain with minimal information.

Conversely, custom gift boxes have decorations and are appealing to the eye, and are also smaller compared to stock boxes.

The production cost for a custom gift box is higher compared to that of stock boxes.

Stock boxes tend to be made from a more durable material than custom gift boxes.

How does Custom Gift Box Benefit my Business?

Ways in which custom gift box can benefit your business include:

Custom Gift Box

Custom Gift Box

  • Brand Recognition: Custom gift boxes help to increase awareness of your brand to potential consumers. The nature of the packaging gives a hint to customers about the luxury nature of the product.
  • Perfect Gift with Purchase: A custom gift box of promotional nature is a great branded gift. This type of promotional gift will convince potential customers to buy your products and remain loyal.
  • Increase Value: When there is good brand recognition, a custom gift box will increase sales and add value to products.
  • Utility: Custom gift boxes make the products look elegant and are useful as it makes it easier to carry products around. Due to this nature, more people are likely to buy products from your brand.
  • Product Safety: Custom gift boxes ensure that the products are safe and the customer receives them in the right condition.
  • Brand Visibility: when shipping products to your customer, many people will come across your brand along the way.
  • Customer Satisfaction: they strengthen the customer’s impression when displaying the products in the store or delivering a customer’s order.

What Material do you Use to Make Gift Boxes?

Materials used to make gift boxes include:

  • Paperboard
  • Corrugated fiberboard
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • wood

What Thickness Options are there for Gift Box Material?

Gift box material thickness varies, and some of the thickness options include:

  • 04mm
  • 3mm.
  • 38mm.
  • 12mm
  • 63mm
  • 8mm

How can I get Samples of the Custom Gift Box?

You can get samples for custom gift boxes by ordering them from the manufacturer.

The samples help you experience a tangible feel of the custom gift boxes before placing your order.

To get sample from the manufacturer, you will be required to fill a form online.

The manufacturer will then send you a special delivery.

What File Format do you Prefer for Custom Gift Box Artwork?

Some of the file formats that we prefer for custom gift box artwork include:

  • AI
  • CDR
  • High-resolution PDF

Do you Provide Design Templates for Gift Boxes?

Yes, we provide design templates for gift boxes.

We also accept your designs and can incorporate them with our designs.

You can send your sample designs to the manufacturers, and they can add or adjust them for you.

The best way is to develop various sample designs for the gift boxes designs for manufacturers to choose from.

You should always keep in touch with the manufacturers and discuss any deviations in your designs.

This helps in producing a final custom gift box design that suits your specifications.

Gift Box Template

Gift Box Template

What Surface Treatment Techniques do you offer for Gift Box?

Some of the surface treatment techniques that we offer for gift box include:

  • Hot Stamping
  • Matte/Glossy Lamination
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • UV Coating

Why do Gift Boxes need Surface Treatment?

Possible reasons for conducting surface treatment for gift boxes include:

  • To protect the tint of the print and luster. If there is no proper finish, the ink on the gift boxes might fade when exposed to UV rays.
  • It enhances the brightness of gift boxes to give them a soft touch that is desired.
  • Water-proof: Surface treatment protects the gift boxes from getting damaged by water.
  • Ink stains: the surfaces of gift boxes may be subject to ink stains due to fresh prints. It is the reason why some gift boxes that are color printed might be laminated by default.

How Much does Gift Box Cost?

The prices of gift boxes vary depending on several factors. These factors may include:

  • The design of the gift box
  • Gift box Customization
  • Material used.
  • Minimum order quality of the gift boxes (MOQ)
  • The manufacturer used.
  • The size and shape of the gift box

Depending on the above factors, a gift box’s price can range from a low of $3 to a high of $50 per gift box.

Why do some Gift Box Designs Cost Extra?

Some gift boxes design cost extra because of their intricate designs and the customization level they require.

The Material used for gift box designs also costs much more compared to those of the normal boxes.

The gift boxes also cost a little bit extra because of the minimum order quantity (MOQ).

They require high manufacturing costs with a low MOQ.

What Factors Influence the Price of Gift Boxes?

  • Material
  • Quantity
  • Printing
  • Box Structure
  • Surface Treatment

What Gift can Boxes make my Product Hot Sale?

In recent times, consumers are flooded with information regarding products in the market, but their consumption is limited.

When selling products, it is important to ensure that the packaging is captivating and meets the customers’ needs.

Gift boxes that can make your products sell high should therefore meet the following aspects:

  • Fulfill the aesthetic standards required concerning cultures locally and put in use themes that are captivating to consumers.
  • Possess a design that is creative, crucial, and attractive.
  • It should be practical and last for long periods to ensure the safety of its contents.
  • Gift box packaging should not just aim at portraying a combination of colors, patterns, words, and ribbons. It should surpass such boundaries and have enhanced expressions.
  • Be made from quality material that is durable and appealing to the final consumer.

What are Gift Boxes with Foam Inserts?

Foam insert is a type of filling used on the gift box interior to hold the products and provide reinforcement against damage.

They offer protection to items that are sensitive and fragile during transportation.

Examples of foam inserts that you can use include:

  • Polylam.
  • Polyurethane.
  • PE.
  • Polypropylene.
  • Fabricated, die-cut, and molded Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

Why choose Gift Boxes with Foam Inserts?

Gift Box with Foam Insert

Gift Box with Foam Insert

Some of the reasons why you should select gift boxes with foam inserts include:

  • Foam inserts are elastic and thus protect the gift box’s contents from shock and damage during transit.
  • They can secure products better as compared to other support materials.
  • Ensure that storing of products is not that risky as they are well protected from external damages.
  • It is possible to laminate some foam inserts together in assorted densities and colors to create a striking and luxurious feel.
  • You can use foam inserts with a similar thickness to that of your products rather than piecing them together.

What other Types of Inserts can you Provide for Custom Gift Box?

Some of the other types of inserts that we can provide include:

  • Plastic blisters
  • Cardboard inserts: Corrugated sheets shaped by cutting them to help put products in place in the gift box.
  • Sponges
  • Molded pulp inserts: They are very sturdy and have a range of different densities. You form them into shape by the use of fibers that are molded.
  • Molded plastic inserts: Often used in gift boxes that hold food as they are a great choice and safer for packaging food.

What are the Considerations for Effective Gift Box Design?

Some of the considerations for gift box packaging include:

  • The pattern of the gift box should be soft, elegant, beautiful, and clear.
  • Avoid stuffing many pictures on the gift box; otherwise, the main message might miss being highlighted.
  • Ensure that you color match the gift box according to specific likes. For example, most women love colors like pink, red, and white, while men prefer dark colors.
  • The design of the gift box should pass across clearly the information of the Product.
  • Specially design the gift boxes to suit the shape and size of the product that you will package to give an aesthetic value.
  • It is important to ensure that the gift box design will suit your customers’ specifications and market segments.

How do you Design Gift Box Packaging that Appeals to Customers?

Every business person wishes to offer packaging which is appealing to the eye to bring in profit.

It is important to understand the target consumer and the brand’s position in the designing and planning stage of gift boxes.

Creating gift boxes that are recognizable through possessing unique features is a great attraction to customers.

Excellent gift box packaging should be one that can be easily distinguished as this will grow your brand image.

Ideally, consumers who see such kinds of gift box packaging can link them directly to your brand.

The uniqueness and heterogeneity of gift box packaging will greatly influence its choice by a consumer.

Mostly, consumers do not focus on fanciness and images.

Majorly, they concentrate on how the gift boxes resonate with them, their lifestyle, and their emotions.

Gift box packaging which appeals to customers should also be able to match the characteristics of the items.

For example, gift box packaging for food should provide a sense of food and not pharmaceutical.

Consumers all over the world are sure getting concerned about the protection of the environment.

You may promote this social concern on gift boxes by using those which are eco-friendly.

Branded Gift Box

 Branded Gift Box

Are our Gift Boxes Compostable?

Some gift boxes are explosive, especially those made from eco-friendly materials.

Combustible gift boxes are those which you can use as compost once they decay.

The organic matter of such gift boxes can breakdown completely to make compost rich in nutrients.

What is the Difference Between Gift Boxes and Favor Boxes?

A gift box refers to a type of box used to issue gifts to people, making the gift-giving process magical.

They indicate care, and some surveys indicate that they may strengthen relationships among individuals.

Favor box refers to a box-type used to hold small gifts issued to guests at parties or weddings to appreciate their attendance.

It also serves as an aid to frivolity.

How do you Determine Gift Box Quality?

Some of the perspectives used to determine the quality of the gift box include:

  • Smoothness:The surface of the gift box should be smooth and be within +or- 1mm. It will be a clear representation of the level of quality control and workmanship of the company.
  • Color:Color is an essential determinant of gift box quality as the discrepancy in color indicates low vendor workmanship. Gift boxes should have vivid colors and of great quality to highlight the luxury and aesthetic value.
  • Brightness and Viewing Angle:A gift box of high quality should possess a high-end look from every direction and be very bright.
  • Safety:Gift boxes should be safe for packaging products more than packaging food and food products.

What is Spot Color Printing in Custom Gift Box?

Spot color printing refers to a printing process that entails offset printing.

It uses a spot color ink that is pure or mixed formulated based on Pantone code.

The printing requires its lithographic film because it is a single and extra run compared to the general CMYK 4C printing process.

This method uses offset ink that is non-standard, for example, metallic, hand-mixed, or florescent.

Situations when spot color printing is used include:

  • When the design of the custom gift box requires gold or silver.
  • Where prints required should compromise uniform colour areas that have varying gradient colors and texts.

Which other Printing Technologies do you Employ for Custom Gift Box?

Some of the other printing technologies you can employ for custom gift box include:

Offset Printing Hot Stamping Technology

The traditional method of hot stamping needs a special hot stamping plate.

In this method, you transfer the materialto the custom gift box’s surface through heating and pressing.

It is done at a relatively lower speed.

The method pastes the image that needs stamping onto the custom gift box’s surface under normal temperatures and using an adhesive.

Some of the advantages of offset printing hot stamping technology include:

  • Hot stamping speed.
  • High registration accuracy.
  • You can print it at a normal temperature.
  • One-time custom box printing and metal foil transferdigital printing.
  • Able to stamp onto the surface, custom boxes made from sensitive materials without heating thus saves energy.
  • The cold-hot plate’s resolution can reach the offset printing plate’s resolution.

Digital Printing

In digital printing, a machine directly applies the color and design onto the custom box’s surface by mixing the ink.

Typically, you can use it for small custom gift box orders, but manufacturers can incorporate it for large orders at increased prices.

It has minimum or even zero set-up costs or tooling fees, and the turnaround time is quicker.

Lithography Label Printing

With this method, your print onto a paper sheet, process, cut, and using an adhesive, fix it onto the gift box surface.

The resolution for lithography printing is high and clean, and it serves as wallpaper.

It is important to make sure the provider you use is well-versed in the field, as low-quality label printing might disappoint.

Lithography printing color gradients are smooth and not easy to notice as compared to other printing types.

Flexography Printing

It is the most commonly used method for printing custom gift boxes.

In this method, a printing plate containing the custom gift box design serves as a large pad of ink.

This plate picks ink on a rotary drum by spinning and then stamps the ink onto the custom gift box’s surface.

The minimum order quantity of flexography printing is one thousand custom gift boxes per order.

Some of the benefits of flexography printing include:

  • Lower cost per unit.
  • Tooling costs are lower.
  • The turnaround time is faster.
  • Able to use both oil-based and water-based inks.

What is the Best Ink for Printing Gift Boxes?

Ideal gift box for Black Friday promotion dark and red colors. 3d render

Gift Box

Some of the inks for printing gift box include:

Benzene Soluble Chlorinated Polypropylene Inks

You commonly use them to print gift boxes containing biaxially oriented polypropylene materials through gravure.

They have good post-press processing, fast-drying, and good printing suitability.

Despite their benefits, they have their disadvantages like:

  • High solvent residual ink prints and toxic toluene.
  • The chlorinated polypropylene’s poor thermal stability makes the ink more acidic and causes severe corrosion to the printing plate roller.

For these reasons, there is the gradual phasing out of this ink and some countries are prohibiting it.

Because of these problems, there has been the development of inks that are friendly to the environment.

Water-Based Ink

It often finds application in flexographic printing of custom gift box packaging.

The process entails using a composite grinding of resin that is water-soluble, solvent, organic pigment, and related additives.

Some of the benefits of using water-based ink include:

  • Heat resistant.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Pollution resistant.
  • Produces a glossy feel.
  • Does not contain volatile organic solvents, and this reduces the toxicity of printed residues.

Water-based inks are the best alternative to benzene-soluble inks.

UV-Curable Inks

It is a type of ink that can dry or cure under a given wavelength of ultraviolet light.

The process entails cross-linking a photochemical reaction, where you convert the ink into a solid-state from the liquid.

You mainly use them over flexible substrates for flexo printing.

UV-curable inks contain the following:

  • Pigments: a good pigment should
  • Reactive diluents: its choice has an impact on the reaction of migration in the formulation of ink
  • Additives: Regulate the ink’s performance, that is, its migration, printability, friction coefficient, substrate wetting, stability, pigment dispersion, and abrasion resistance.

When using UV-curable inks, pay attention to the inhibition of polymerization, wetting, and surface tension.

Consider the ink’s humidity, printing plate’s expansion, and adhesion of this ink to plastic.

Electron-Beam Curable inks

It is a type of ink that you can quickly convert from liquid to solid.

You do this by subjecting it to an electron beam of high energy.

This method has a strong penetration power for solid components like fillers and pigments, thus there is no blocking the drying.

Are there Specific Quality Standards for Gift Boxes?

Quality standards for gift box include:

  • D1968-19
  • D1974/D1974M-16
  • D2658-18
  • D3951-18
  • Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004, Food Safety.
  • EC Directive 94/62/EC, Heavy Metals Content in Packaging.
  • D4727/D4727M-17
  • D5118/D5118M-15(2020)
  • D5168-12 (2017)
  • ASTM B117, Resistance to Corrosion. (1%)
  • CPSIA Phthalate content.
  • D5570/D5570M-10 (2015)
  • AS 2070-1999
  • D5639/D5639M-20
  • D6804-19

How do Acrylic Gift Box and Paper Gift Box Compare?

Acrylic gift boxes are a type of box used to hold gifts for any occasion.

Acrylic is the main material used to make this type of gift box.

Some of the types of acrylic gift boxes include:

  • Clear Acrylic Gif Box: It is clear in color so that you can see the contents. It is adorable for use during special occasions.
  • Printed Acrylic Gift Box: It is the right choice if you would like to print the design that you desire.
  • Wedding acrylic gift box: A type of customized acrylic gift box suitable for wedding occasions.
  • Ribbon acrylic gift box.
  • Rectangular acrylic gift box.
  • Acrylic candy gift box.
  • Acrylic microblading gift box.
  • Heart shape acrylic gift box.
  • Acrylic chocolate gift box.

Acrylic Gift Box

Acrylic Gift Box

Conversely, a paper gift box is a type of gift box manufactured using beautiful, functional, and simple paper material.

It helps in wrapping when giving small gifts, and this makes any gift to be eco-friendlier and relatively affordable.

You can use this gift box type for packaging products like cosmetics, foodstuff, toys, coffee, cupcakes, pies, books, cigarettes, apparel among others.

They are available in several sizes.

Paper gift boxes are available in various shapes, which include:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Cylinder
  • Heart-shaped
  • Sandwich shaped
  • Hexagon

They are suitable when you require personalized branding, product marketing and need to attract potential customers to use your products.

What is your Minimum Order Requirement (MOQ) for Custom Gift Box?

Custom gift boxes do not have a minimum order quantity.

However, it is important to note that you will enjoy quantity discounts when you purchase more.

What are your Payment Options for Gift Box Orders?

Some of the payment options we accept for gift box orders include:

  • Wiring money straight to the manufacturer through an international transfer.
  • Transfer of funds through western union.
  • You can also use PayPal.
  • There is also Alipay or Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  • You can open an account in China and make a local transaction.
  • You can use a broker.

I hope you have all information that will help you get the best gift box for your business.

In case you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact the HQES team.

We will help skyrocket you gift boxes business alongside the many products we offer such as paper box, paper cards, paper tags, paper bags, envelope, paper catalog and paper folder.

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