Custom Mailer Box Manufacturer in China

HQES manufactures custom mailer boxes with a wide range of designs and sizes. It can be customized with your brand name, logo, and labels. We assure you that our fully customized mailer boxes can satisfy your business requirements.

  • Ideal for e-commerce business
  • Comes with customized inserts
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Can be printed with full-color designs

HQES Mailer Boxes

We manufacture a wide range of mailer boxes packaging made from paperboard. It is widely used for packaging different products that will be stored or shipped. It doesn’t need any glue or adhesives to be assembled because of its interlocking wings and flaps. You can assure that these boxes are easy to close and open for different use. HQES manufactures mailer boxes with a double sidewall design. Therefore, it is more durable and cannot be crumbled during transportation. We are a supplier of high-quality tuck top or corrugated mailer boxes in China. As a professional manufacturer, we are committed to satisfying your business demands.

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Custom Printed Corrugated Mailer Box

Our custom printed corrugated mailer boxes are made from E flute corrugated paper in brown or white color. These mailer boxes are available in PVC, bubble, and paper insert.

Eco-Friendly Custom Corrugated Paper Mailer Box

We manufacture chocolate mailer packaging pink gift boxes with a magnet on the flap for extra security. It can be customized with your logo, brand name, or design.

Chocolate Mailer Packaging Pink Gift Box

The eco-friendly custom corrugated paper mailer boxes are suitable for packaging garments, children’s clothing, shoes, underwear, and more.

Customized Logo Mailer Box

We ensure that our custom printed kraft folding mailer boxes are made from flat materials that are smooth. It features precision slotting for accurate card position.

Custom Printed Kraft Folding Mailer Box

HQES offers a customized logo mailer boxes with matte lamination, glossy lamination, stamping, and more. These boxes can be customized and recycled.

Corrugated Shoe Mailer Box

Our corrugated shoe mailer box features glossy or matte lamination. It can be customized with your logo, box shape, packaging, design, and material selection.

Why Choose HQES Mailer Box


We manufacture mailer boxes using eco-friendly materials such as Kraft paper, corrugated paper, and more. These are also recyclable and reusable.


HQES can customize mailer boxes according to your design, artwork, colors, and any details. We also manufacture based on your size and material selection.


Our custom mailer boxes are available in different thicknesses of high-quality cardboard paper. Thus, you can assure that these boxes are sturdy and durable.


All our custom mailer boxes are a cost-effective way of packaging and storing products. We offer direct prices and low MOQ for your mailer box orders.

Mailer Box and Shipping Box Differences

Most people identify shipping boxes and mailer boxes as the same. However, these two boxes have differences in details such as:

Sizing. When it comes to sizes, mailer boxes are smaller and are used for packaging smaller sizes products. On the other hand, shipping boxes are bigger in size and suitable for large-sized products.

Assembly. Mailer boxes are very easy to assemble. It can be easily distinguished because of its joint lid. However, shipping boxes require more durability and strength to protect the product inside. These are designed with flaps on each side.

Nature of Usage. Shipping boxes are generally used for packaging manufactured goods in a factory or industry. It is also used by wholesale businesses to pack bulk products. Meanwhile, mailer boxes are commonly used by shopkeepers for sending gifts. It is mostly used by e-commerce business.

Mailer Box and Shipping Box Differences
Material Options

Material Options

Here in HQES, we manufacture mailer boxes according to your material selection. Below are the available material options.

Corrugated Cardboard. This material is an economical and common material used for manufacturing mailer boxes. These are sustainable, eco-friendly, and sturdy materials. The corrugated cardboard is available in uncoated finish, smooth surface, clay-coated, and more. Standard and premium corrugated cardboard can be used for mailer box production. These are ideal for promotional kits, luxury brand packaging, and more.

Kraft Cardboard. Kraft cardboards are usually brown in color. These are also a corrugated materials with a natural and raw appearance. It is mostly material for mailer boxes that are used for packaging products with natural ingredients.

HQES Mailer Box Sizes

HQES offers mailer boxes with a wide selection of sizes. Below is the range of sizes you can choose:

  • Depth of the mailer box: 1-inch to 15-inch
  • Mailer box width: 2-inches to 25-inches
  • Length of the mailer box: 3-inches to 25-inches

The interior dimension of each mailer box corresponds to the sizes mentioned above. Upon request, we can also add clearance depending on your application. We can also produce mailer boxes according to your specific size needs. Rest assured that your products will fit perfectly in the box.

HQES Mailer Box Sizes

HQES – Trusted Mailer Box Supplier in China

Trusted Mailer Box Supplier in China
Trusted Mailer Box Supplier in China

HQES is a professional manufacturer of mailer boxes that are suitable for different packaging solutions. It is made from a wide range of materials such as E-flute corrugated cardboard, B-flute corrugated cardboard, kraft cardboards, and more. We only use sustainable, recyclable, and environmentally-friendly materials for production. Our mailer box features protective dust flaps, is self-locking, and is suitable for two-sided printing. You can assure that all mailer box from HQES has a durable construction.

We can print mailer boxes with your logo, design, or artwork using high-quality printing technology. HQES is committed to customizing mailer boxes for your brand. If you want a one-stop packaging solution for your brand, don’t hesitate to choose HQES mailer boxes!

Custom Mailer Box for Your Brand

HQES can manufacture customized mailer boxes for your business. We have printing services that allow you to customize your mailer box with every detail you need. Our team can print from simple to intricate designs. We also manufacture based on your specifications such as sizes, thickness, and material options. We offer custom mailer boxes for packaging:

  • Promotional kits
  • E-commerce orders
  • Retail products
  • Shoes
  • Clothing, and more
Eco-Friendly Mailer Box

Do you want a sustainable and green solution for your business? HQES can provide you with an eco-friendly mailer box that is made from environmentally-friendly materials and soy-based inks for printing. Thus, you can assure that it doesn’t have any toxic substance that can harm the environment. These are 100% recyclable and durable. Our eco-friendly mailer boxes are:

  • Biodegradable
  • Industrially compostable
  • Produced from up to 60% recycled content

Custom Mailer Box to Skyrocket Your Business

Kraft Cardboard Mailer Cosmetic Boxes

Our kraft cardboard mailer cosmetic boxes are available in different accessories such as ribbon, transparent window, magnet, bow, and more. It comes in different thicknesses and sizes according to your needs.

Colorful Printed Logo Corrugated Custom Mailer Box

Our custom mailer box is available in colorful printed designs. These are made from high-quality corrugated materials. It is also available in embossing, screen printing, UV printing, matte lamination, and glossy lamination.

Portable Corrugated Packaging Clothing Mailer Box

The portable corrugated packaging clothing mailer box has an outer liner made from white cardboard, duplex paper, coated paper, recycled paper, and more. We can customize it with your brand logo, desired color, and sizes.

Recycled Shipping Mailer Box

Our recycled shipping mailer boxes are customizable in shape, size, and color. It can be used for packaging small-sized items such as gifts, shoes, clothes, and more. These are also made from high-quality corrugated cardboard that is recyclable.

Your One-Stop Packaging Solution for Your Business
Your One-Stop Packaging Solution for Your Business

HQES offers a one-stop solution for your business packaging by providing an excellent quality custom mailer boxes. We are a professional supplier of mailer boxes that are available in low minimum order quantities, affordable prices, and fast delivery to support your business.

  • “HQES has helped me support my business by providing me with very high-quality mailer boxes. My customers loved the packaging of my products. Plus, printing quality is also very precise and all my designs and details are exactly followed.”

  • “It was a great experience working with HQES team. Their team professionally handled all our mailer box requirements from design, and customization, to production. They were able to provide us with high-quality prints and vibrant colors.”

  • “I recently purchased mailer boxes from HQES and I love the quality of them. My customers are also impressed by the boxes and packaging. The design is very professional-looking. Our business logo is clearly printed on the boxes. Plus, they also have a wide range of size options.”

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