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With the current E-message age, custom postcards are still a great choice for your business, events, and all your promotional needs.

HQES is a professional postcards factory from China, and we have been specializing in custom postcard manufacturing for over 10 years. In the European and US markets, HQES has 1000+ clients, so we have rich experience in manufacturing high-quality postcards.

HQES custom postcards come in various quality paper materials, and we have a wide range of quality paper stocks available for your postcards. These include gloss and matt paper cards, uncoated and coated paper, metallic foiled-already paper, natural colorful pulp-made paper, and so on.

Please note that all the paper materials HQES uses are totally recycled and 100% friendly to our environment.

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Custom Capabilities on Postcard

  • Foil Stamping: a new layer of texture brilliant your postcard
  • Lamination: will let your postcard be much strength
  • UV Printing: let words be 3D coating feeling on postcard
  • Folding: will save storage space for the customized postcard
custom postcard
HQES – Your Trusted Postcard Manufacturer from China

From HQES you will definitely get the perfect custom postcards.


HQES custom postcards come in various styles, such as half-folded or tri-folded postcards, flat postcards, boxed postcards, direct mailing postcards, envelope packed postcards, traditional postcards, personalized postcards, and many more. All these postcards can be customized in any color, size, and shape.

HQES is the leading postcards manufacturer from China. Also, as a professional postcards printer, HQES offers many gorgeous printing finishes for custom postcards. Our options include metallic foil stamping printing to make metallic postcards, Spot UV printing to produce raised UV postcards, silk or lamination one side or two sides of postcards to make silk feeling postcards, and many more.

HQES is an advanced postcard supplier from China, and we have rich experience in dealing with bulk postcards and wholesale postcard orders. Due to our complete machines and stable handmade workers, HQES manufactures and processes all postcards in-house. It also ensures HQES offers the most flexible custom services for all of you.

The most important of all, from small wholesale postcards business to bulk postcards custom orders, you will always get the most competitive prices from HQES.

HQES has independent QA inspectors, focusing on the quality and details of customized postcards.

Our professional QC team’s jobs include inspecting paper material quality, monitoring the entire printing processes closely, and verifying the quality of each finished postcard before packing into carton boxes.

Postcard: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re planning to start a postcard business, then read this guide.

It has all information you’re looking for about postcard – from design, features, and material type to benefits.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about postcard.

What is a Postcard?

A post card refers to a cardstock mainly used in mailing and writing a message without an envelope.

They come in different shapes, sizes and weight depending on your unique requirements.

Actually, the history of these cards date back to the 1840s.

Where people could send cards having messages.

Over the years postcards have evolved from hand-painted designs to printed options.

Printing has become popular among many people.

Postcard designs

Postcard designs

What is a Postcard Used For?

There are many uses of postcards.

They include;

  • Used in business promotion and advertising for discounts
  • Sending birthday wishes
  • Inviting target clients to your different events
  • Sending thank you and appreciation cards to customers
  • Marketing your business fully to your target clients

In short, there are many ways you can use postcards to pass information.

What are the Benefits of Using Postcards to Promote my Business?

Post cards are efficient whereby they allow your target customers to see what your offer is.

It also helps them to know the vital details about your business, this includes the name of the business or company and the location.

Postcards make your business look professional, it treats your business with respect; people are able to easily identify your business logos, email address, etc.

It can sale itself hence bringing repeat clients.

They are easy to distribute; you can comfortably walk with them and distribute to your target customers easily. They act like a tiny billboard.

They are affordable; they are cheap to make and print hence you can be able to produce and manage them.

They are good in marketing since a client can refer other clients to your company.

What Types of Postcards are available on the Market?

Reminder cards; you can briefly include the name of the activity that you will do, how you will do it and how long the activity will take.

Invitation cards; they create a personal connection between you and your target clients.

This ensures you have repeat clients for your services, products or functions at hand.

Appreciation cards; this helps you to successfully thank and reach out most people. It looks appealing to the eye and easy to read.

Business promotion cards; this helps in briefing the target clients or customers over the offer you are giving them.

You can have this pinned at your business door place or inside where your products are so as to easily reach out the target clients.

Birthday cards; they are the most amazing, you can send beautiful messages on them wishing a happy birthday

How is Postcard Manufactured?



While making a postcard you need to come up with the following;

Select the appropriate location and name of your company or business which is suitable for your target clients.

Write a message that is able to suit different target clients depending on what you are promoting.

This ensures that your customers can use it in every occasion they would need them.

Put your name and contacts on the postcard, this is vital so as to help your target clients able to contact you.

You can also put your business logo if your postcard is for business purposes.

Also include your email address to make it easy for your clients to contact you.

After this step you can now laminate it to protect it from destructive agents such as water.

Laminating also helps the card to have a prolonged period of usage. This you can do at your own comfort.

The best part, China postcard manufacturer offer perfect solution for all business needs.

We will help you with the best ideas for you custom postcard.

Which Paper Materials do you use for Postcard Manufacturing?

There are different types of paper materials used to make postcards. They include;

Cardstock; it is very smooth and stiff, it is also thinner and durable, and more flexible. It is good for making greeting cards.

It is suitable for making classic business cards. This is because it often has a glossy look on its finishing.

Construction paper; is often bright in color.

It is used mostly for art and craft purposes.

Where mostly it can be suitable in drawing.

Besides, it is also suitable for making business cards which makes them look simple and efficient.

Origami paper; It is always lightweight.

Besides, it is also stiff.

It is designed to be thin and therefore not bulky it is suitable for making birthday cards and invitation cards.

What are the Available Paper Stock Options for Postcard?

  • Glossy front only; It always looks bright and colorful.it is suitable for making birthday cards whereby you can personalize with a photograph.
  • Glossy front & back; it is also colorful and bright.

However unlike glossy front only, glossy front and back is suitable for making invitation cards such as wedding cards.

This is because you can have well designed text together with photos on both the front and the back of your card.

  • Matte; It gives your post card a more a better look and appearance.
  • Uncoated; it is simple and easy to use.

It is usually good in text based message, simple and straight forward.

Besides, it is suitable for making business cards

  • Recycled; it has bold designs with subdued colors.it is cheaper hence cuts on cost.

What are the Paper Weight Options for Postcards?

Paper weight options of postcards include;

  1. The standard weight; this is the most common general normal weight of paper used in making postcards. It normally ranges between 20bl up to 32bl.
  2. The premium weight; it is thicker than the standard weight of paper. This makes it feel more impressive to use.

Actually it is the most recommended amount of weight paper to use.

Which is the most Durable Paper Stock Option for Postcard?

Whenever you’re importing your postcards from China, it is important to consider high quality material.

For instance, choosing a thicker card stock is always a perfect solution.

It is because thick card stock will withstand rough handling during the mailing process.

Hence, it will have virtually no damages on its surface

Even as you look for a durable post card, it is vital to avoid very heavy postcards.

Obviously, you will pay more to mail heavy postcards.

You can choose 14pt. or 16pt.



How do I Create Effective Postcard Design?

  • Give it an appropriate heading depending on the item you would want to advertise or your company services.
  • Have a short and brief message on your card that can be easily be read and understood by your clients comfortably without losing their attention.
  • Put appropriate graphics on your card to support your message. Give them a reason to always want to know more about you company or item.
  • Give your card a bright color that is appealing to the eye to draw more attention from the customers leading them to the main message.

Do not make your card look too busy with a lot of coloring.

  • Put more emphasis on what you offer, if there are any discounts make them clear.

Give your clients a reason to buy your product or get services from your company.

  • Add your company logo or the name of your company to make it easy for your target clients to know about it.

You can also add more contact information including your social media pages such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

  • Include a return address .This is necessary in cases of misplacement of the card or any other special conditions of issue.

Even with this, at times coming up with an appropriate design can be a challenging process.

That’s why at HQES, we are here to help you get the best postcards for your business.

Our team will help you in all the design process.

Where Can I Get Postcard Design Inspiration?

Getting post card ideas can be a challenging process.

But we can help you throughout the entire postcard design process.

We have hundreds of post card design ideas which you can use.

What is the Benefit of a Postcard Template in Creating Postcard Design?

Postcard template

Postcard template

  • It is easier to identify.
  • It gives a brighter look to the design hence makes it more eye appealing drawing attention from different clients.
  • They are cheap and affordable hence can be used in plenty and bulk
  • It gives you room to create various designs on your postcard and put relevant address.
  • It is small in size hence easier to transport and carry around.

Should I Personalize Postcard Content?

 Postcard content

Postcard content

Yes, you can.

This depends with your target customer and the type of message you are passing.

Can be good especially on birthday cards where you have relevant text that is personalized to your target client.

You can also personalize greeting cards depending on the target market and whether the target clients are of the idea.

What are the Standard Postcard Sizes you Offer?

The standard postcard sizes include 4*6 inches, 4.2 *5.5 inches, 5*7 inches,

5.5 *8.5 inches, 6*9inches and 6*11 inches. This is the easiest way to send mails because it can comfortably accommodate more postcard designs and can be able to be identified by customers.

How do I Choose the Right Postcard Size?

There is no specific formula for choosing a suitable postcard size.

It will depend on your target market.

However, you can try this:

4*6 , 4.2*5.5 which is the starndard size of postcard size .

5*7 is a little bigger than the standard postcard size.

It is more accommodative since it creates a larger space for both appropriate messages and images.

5.5*8.5 are more heavy than 5*7and 4*6 postcard sizes.it accommodates more image sizes and graphic designs.

6*9 and 6*11 they are the biggest options of postcards.

You can put more than 3 pictures on the card together with the relevant message you are passing to your customers.

Postcard sizes

Postcard sizes

What is the Cost of a Postcard?

The cost of postcards vary due to different factors.

Normally, the sizes and thickness of the postcard important in determining the actual price of the postcards.

Basically a standard postcard is more affordable and cheap.

The quality of the postcard also matters this includes its finishing.

Technically postcards come with different quality types – higher qualities are often more expensive than the lower grades.

Also the amount of quantity of your order might get you a discount on the prices of the postcard.

Remember the higher the order of quantity the lower the price.

This is because there is a higher amount of discount and vice versa.

Therefore, postcards have no actual price since it all depends on the many factors.

However you should budget at around 0.36$ per card for a standard postcard.

Do Postcard Sizes have to be in Landscape Orientation?

No. It will depend on your intended design of the post card.

In fact, if you opt for custom postcards, you can go for any orientation.

For instance, you can choose landscape orientation. Which some people also refer to horizontal orientation.

Or, you can go for portrait orientation. This is also called vertical orientation.

Remember, all these will depend on the design file you send to the China postcard manufacturers.

Again, as you choose the postcard orientation, consider if you will mail them using envelopes or not.



Which Image Size and Design Specification Do You Need to make Good Postcard?

When it comes to best quality prints, you should use a large file size with high resolution.

Although the size of images may vary, the maximum size should be about 50mb.

However, you can also discuss this with our team to recommend the best size.

Again, the number of pixels plays an integral role when it comes to postcard quality.

Always go for a minimum of 960 pixels.

Remember, as much we may optimize small images, there is a high chance that they may look grainy.

Do you send Proof before Printing Postcards?

Yes we do.

A hard copy or pdf proof can be sent to you so that you can rectify any errors that you might come across on your postcard.

You can also correct on the layout, design or color on the postcard.

Then, send back for necessary corrections to be done.

This is done before a final copy is printed out to complete your order and given to you.

How do you Specify Postcards?


  • Material
  • Bleeds
  • Margin
  • Message you want to print
  • Color

Do you Offer Marketing Postcards with Slots to attach a Business Card?

Of course we do offer marketing postcards with slots to attach business cards.

For instance for various companies that offer different types of services and manufacturing of items, a business card slot is important.

It will help them put more emphasis in advertising their products and services.

Other business enterprises such as real estates can also benefits from postcards with slots.

It will help them attach their business cards.

This will help them advertise their business.

Postcards with slots to attach a business card are advantageous since you can pass more information about your company or business enterprise.

At the same time, you can also give relevant contact information about your company  on the business card.

Postcard for business

Postcard for business

Which Protective Coating Options are available for Postcard?

There are different types of coating;

Glossy UV coated – it provides a shiny look on the postcard.

This enhances its clarity on the message and images put on the postcard.

Matte coated – it has a dull look .unlike the glossy coat that gives a shiny look, matte will give your images a little blurry look not much brighter.

It looks good on business cards and greeting cards.

Satin coated- is also a type of coating that gives your graphics and images a shaper look and more clarity.

This gives it a clear and brighter view.

It is a coating between glossy coat and matte coat.

Do Postcards get Printed Front and Back?


This will depend on the design of your postcard.

However, will also advise you accordingly to ensure you have the best prints.

At HQES, we value all our customers – a reason why we want you to get the best postcards.

In fact postcard is one of the many paper cards we supply.

Whether you need greeting card, holiday card, gift card or Christmas card, we will make a perfect solution for you.

Contact us now for all your postcard from China.

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