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Custom shopping bag is one of the most important packaging ways for food, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, grocery, and many more.

HQES mainly manufactures paper shopping bags. We have been dealing with different types of shopping bags for over 10 years.

HQES produces varying types of brown kraft paper shopping bags, such as shopping bags with handles, flat paper shopping bags, stand up pouches shopping bags, and many more.

HQES also has premium selections of white papers for shopping bags, such as glossy art paper, matt coated or uncoated paper, SBS, colorful paper, and many more.

Please note that all the papers HQES uses are recyclable and eco-friendly.

You can not only custom blank shopping bags from HQES but also custom print shopping bags from us.

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Custom Capabilities on Shopping Bag

  • Hot Stamping: the best pattern way to amaze your shopping bag
  • Die-cutting: will rich the shapes of shopping Bag greatly
  • Laminating: will help shopping bag to be waterproof
  • Embossing: 3D standing out your design onto a shopping bag
custom shopping bag
shopping bag
HQES – Your Trusted Shopping Bag Manufacturer from China

Please note that bulk shopping bags always get the most competitive factory prices from HQES.

Shopping Bag:

HQES is a professional shopping bag manufacturer from China. We have plenty of printing options to custom make your shopping bags as much ideal as possible such as offset printing, silkscreen printing, foil stamping printing, UV printing, embossing, lamination, and many more.

HQES also adds various elegant texture options onto the paper surface of the shopping bags, such as linen texture, cloth texture, wave texture, and many more. You can customize any textures for your shopping bags from HQES.

HQES is the certified shopping bags supplier from China, and we own machines and workshops for custom made shopping bags. Through this, HQES handles a range of orders for custom shopping bags, from small to large quantities. Small business owners will absolutely get full support from HQES.

HQES has QA teams to inspect shopping bags for each custom order, ensuring each piece is 100% high quality and is as perfect as possible.

You are always guaranteed on-time & speedy delivery, competitive prices, and a high-quality warranty from HQES. A reason to choose HQES to help boom your business.

Shopping Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for high quality shopping bag.

Or, you want to learn more about shopping bag.

A reason this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about shopping bags.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Shopping Bag?

Shopping Paper Bag

Shopping Paper Bag

Shopping bags are bags you are issued with to carry your purchases from a store. You can also opt to purchase your desirable shopping bag from the store.

We use everyday items to either carry groceries from the store or simple items such as body care items we have purchased.

You can also order customized shopping bags with your business or store’s name on them. It is a great way of marketing your business.

What Are Most Shopping Bags Made Of?

You will find different shopping bags in the market made from a wide range of materials. We always ensure that we make our shopping bags from the highest quality material.

Some of the materials used in the making of shopping bags include:

  • Recyclable polyethene terephthalate plastic.
  • Non-woven polypropylene
  • Jute: a natural raw material grown in India
  • Cotton shopping bags
  • Hemp shopping bags
  • Polyester shopping bags
  • Nylon shopping bags
  • Paper shopping bags are made from a tree as a raw material. Or recyclable newspapers.

What Are The Benefits Of Paper Shopping Bags?

There are many benefits of using paper shopping bags. Some of these benefits include:

  • Biodegradable: Shopping paper is made from material that can decompose. It goes a long way in the reduction of global waste from plastic.
  • Durable: Paper shopping bags are durable because they are made from strong materials such as jute, hemp, or recyclable paper. They are reinforced to withstand wetness and tears, and wear.
  • Ecofriendly: The best thing about paper shopping bags is that they are eco-friendly due to their biodegradable nature. They are also made from natural raw materials. They are recyclable, use efficient energy in production.
    All these serve as the desirable characteristics of eco-friendly and environmentally friendly products essential in reducing greenhouse emissions.
  • Reusable: paper shopping bags can be reused a couple of times, reducing the negative impacts of wastage.
  • Brand promotion: Stores can print their logos on paper shopping bags as a form of advertisement. They can also print instructions on how to dispose of the paper shopping on the bag.

What Type of Paper Do You Use To Make Shopping Bags?

There are various types of papers used to make paper shopping bags. These include:

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper Shopping Bag

Kraft Paper Shopping Bag

Kraft paper is a type of paper made from softwood sulfate. It is one of the most popular types of paper used in making paper shopping bags.

Kraft paper is preferred because of its durability and its tensile force. Kraft paper also comes in many variations, such as stripes, no-grain, and double or single light.

Some of the other products that can be made using craft paper include portfolios and envelopes.

White Cardboard

White Cardboard Shopping Bag

White Cardboard Shopping Bag

This type of highly durable paper comes in single or double layers. It is used to make strong gift paper shopping bags.

White cardboards are usually used to make paper shopping bags for promotional items or giveaways of high-end quality gifts.

Coated Paper

Coated paper is usually used to make paper shopping bags that carry items such as paint, adhesives, or grocery that are likely to spill or are watery.

This type of paper is coated using either a copper plate, aluminium foil, or paint to prevent liquids from wetting the paper.

Coated Paper Shopping Bag

Coated Paper Shopping Bag

Offset Paper

This type of paper is used to make mostly high-end shopping bags, usually pure white on the inside. Clothing brands usually use them in making their shopping bags.

Coated paper is also ideal for printing monochromatic or multi-coloured pictorials, trademarks, brand names, or inserts. Its customization nature makes it preferred by top brands.

Ecofriendly Or Recycled Paper

Ecofriendly or Recycle Shopping Bag

Ecofriendly or Recycle Shopping Bag

Ecofriendly or recycled paper is paper made from recycled waste paper or other biodegradable waste produced by manufacturers. This type of paper is the one preferred by environmental-conscious shoppers for their paper shopping bags.

Some of the waste materials used to produce recyclable paper include sugarcane bagasse, pulp from trees, and old newspapers.

Why Buy Reusable Brown Paper Shopping Bags Instead Of Plastic Bags?

Reusable brown paper shopping bags are one of the upcoming trends in the paper shopping bags industry.

The reasons you should change to using reusable brown paper shopping bags instead of plastic shopping bags include:

  • Reusable brown paper shopping bags are made from natural, recyclable products compared to plastic shopping bags.
  • The brown paper shopping bags have a rustic feel, stable, natural, and comfortable feel compared to plastic shopping bags.
  • They are also more durable at the same time pocket friendly.
  • Brown paper shopping backs are considerably thicker compared to plastics. They do not stretch out of shape like their plastic counterparts.
  • You can also reuse brown paper shopping bags without the worry of easy tears.
  • It is easy to print store logos on brown paper shopping bags, making them ideal for marketing purposes.
  • Environmentally-conscious customers prefer brown paper shopping bags.

What Style Options Do You Offer For Shopping Bags?

There are many style options for shopping bags. These styles depend on the shape, size, customization, and designs of the shopping bags.

The price of the shopping bag will also determine the ultimate style options of the shopping bag. Some of the style options available in the market include:

  • Multi-coloured shopping bags
  • Reusable eco shopping bags
  • BSCI qualified plastic-free shopping bags.
  • Metallic shopping bags
  • Grocery recyclable shopping bags
  • Foldable eco shopping bags
  • Brown-handled shopping bags.
  • Branded shopping bags with the store logo
  • Paper wine bags
  • Reusable net shopping bag

What Is The Difference Between Stock Vs Custom Shopping Bags?

Stock packaging is packaging that is manufactured to old any product. The packaging is basic with one colour.

Another characteristic of stock shopping bags is that they mostly come in one size, shape, or colour with no customization whatsoever. They are not branded while their finishing is basic.

Stock shopping bags are mostly produced in bulk, and the customer designs and customization are not factored in the production process.

On the other hand, custom shopping bags are mostly available in different sizes, shapes, colours, and textures. The designs for custom shopping bags are intricate, colourful, and appealing to the customer.

Custom shopping bags are usually manufactured at the customer’s request, and the customer’s specifications and designs are factored in the manufacturing process.

Although the custom shopping bags and stock shopping bags defer in use, they both have unique uses. For instance, you should use stock shopping bags when:

  • It would help if you cut costs on customer’s packaging.
  • When you are on a tight financial budget, and you need may need the bags.
  • When you need to give out free samples.

On the other hand, custom shopping bags are ideal when:

  • When the products you are selling are luxury items that ooze sophistication, you will need a custom shopping bag.
  • When you need your shopping bags to be of a specific shape, size, and design, then you go for custom.
  • When the aim of the shopping back is packaging a gift.
  • You aim to provide unique packaging that gives you a competitive advantage.
  • When you have a variety of products that require various packaging options, then go for custom shopping bags.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Shopping Bags For Your Business?

Custom shopping bags have various benefits for your business. These benefits include:

  • Having your business logo on your shopping bags helps build trust with your customer. It is because customers prefer to be associated with trusted brands that have transparency.
  • Branded and customized shopping bags act as “walking billboards” to help you attract new customers to your business.
  • Customization of your shopping bags helps in your brand recognition and keeps you ahead of your competitors.
  • More clients for your business mean that your employees will be motivated due to the indirect benefits of customized shopping bags.
  • Custom shopping bags also enhances your business creativity, especially in coming up with new marketing ideas.

Why Add Handles To Shopping Bags?

Handles are an important aspect and component of any shopping bag. You need to be able to carry your grocery or shopping comfortably without the fear that the contents can spill at any time.

That is why good-quality handles become necessary in any shopping bag. Shopping bag handles come in different styles and shapes.

Some of the shopping bag handle to choose from include:

  • Twist rope shopping bag handles.
  • Braided shopping bag handles
  • Vanishing handles.
  • Grosgrain shopping bag handles.
  • J cut paper twist handles.
  • Rigid cotton handles.
  • Jute handles.
  • Die-cut shopping bag handles.
  • Ribbon handles.
  • Rope shopping bag handles.

For comfortability, choose shopping bag handles having soft, eco-friendly material such as cotton, jute, or paper bag handles.

Why Should I Consider Shopping Bags With Twisted Handles?

There are different types of shopping bag handles, with the twisted handle being one of the popular shopping bag handles. Twisted handles are preferred because they are comfortable on the hands even when carrying heavy packages or shopping.

Twisted handles also serve in adding aesthetic value to the shopping bag, making it preferred by customers. Apart from adding style, the handles also serve as security by enabling a firm grip on the handles.

Another major advantage of the twisted shopping bag handles is that they are cheaper to manufacture and attach to the shopping bag.

What Is Foil Stamping For Custom Shopping Bags?

Foil Stamped Custom Shopping Bag

Foil Stamped Custom Shopping Bag

Hot stamping is a printing process (lithography) that uses heated moulds then are transferred to a surface. The metal moulds can be either gold, aluminium foil, copper, or any other metal.

Some of the benefits of hot stamping include:

  • Hot stamping gives out clean images due to fewer spills.
  • The prints are of the highest quality because the images have a clear and permanent grip on the surfaces.
  • Hot stamping printing produces durable images because the marking foils are designed to be durable.
  • Hot stamping is also applied in maximizing steel or other metal malleability.

Some of the foil-stamped custom shopping bags available include:

  • Custom Kraft shopping bags
  • Hologram foil shopping bags
  • Custom paper shopping bags
  • Luxury creative retail bag.
  • Designer paper bags
  • Custom stamped high gloss shopping bags.

How Does Ink Printing And Hot Stamping Compare For Custom Shopping Bag?

Hot stamping is an ultimate customized printing technique that involves transferring metal moulds of images to your shopping bags. It is an exclusive printing method that is preferred on packaging for expensive commodities.

Foil Stamping is a tried-and-true printing technique that helps elevate any packaging design. The printing process includes heat, pressure, metal dies, and foil film.

Ink printing is a bit costly, and it works by using inkjet to print on your custom shopping bag. This method is a bit expensive in comparison with other methods. The prints are neat and clear, and this method is highly recommended.

Screen printing does not produce as clean and durable graphics as hot stamping printing; thus is not used a lot in the printing of custom shopping bags.

Is Printing Shopping Bags Any Beneficial To My Business?

Printing shopping bags have numerous benefits to a business. Some of these benefits include:

  • Provides an opportunity for you to advertise your brand. Printed shopping bags provide an opportunity for your customer to advertise your business for you.
  • Compared to other advertising methods, printed shopping bags provide cheap advertisement space.
  • Printing shopping bags enhance your brand image leading to increased customer traffic on your business premises.
  • Clear-cut graphics and a reputable brand will encourage customers to reuse the shopping back for repeat purchases.
  • Printing shopping bags also enables you to customize shopping bags with your designs and specifications.

How Does Embossing For Custom Printed Shopping Bag Work?

Embossing is a printing technique that is usually used together with hot foil stamping. Embossing creates a raised image by applying a metal die from behind the substrate.

Embossing leaves a mirrored identification on the other side of the paper. Embossing leaves an image texture that you can feel and touch, giving a printed shopping bag a sleek feel.

The embossing process is pretty simple and involves:

  • The first step is getting the images that you want to impose.
  • Then you create a die which is usually made of two metal plates. The two metal plates are supposed to sandwich the paper.
  • The next step involves creating the die using either routering, hand-tooling or photo etching.
  • After creating the die, the item to be printed is placed between the back and front.
  • The die will then be pressed into the shopping bag creating a relief of the image.

Using embossing on your shopping bags will put you a class ahead of your competitors and happy clients. Embossing is mainly preferred in putting circular logos on surfaces though it is not limited to circular logos.

Embossing can also be utilized in printing the following items on your shopping bags:

  • Your business product images.
  • Company’s logos.
  • When embossing product brand names.
  • During watermarking your shopping bags.
  • When embossing simple, small patterns.
  • Initials of the customer or Business.
  • You can also emboss other items such as gift boxes, wine boxes, and other packaging items.

Is Embossing For Shopping Bags Any Different From Debossing?

The embossing technique is carried out by pressing the shopping bag into a die with the design you prefer etched to it. Underneath the substrate, there is another version of the die of the same design.

In debossing technique, the shopping bag is turned upside down and then pushed below the surface. It is the opposite of embossing as the area around the image is pressed.

Embossing and debossing are two common and most effective printing techniques which are very effective and give a high-end look to shopping bags. These printing techniques make an image on a shopping bag stand out as they add an extra layer of depth both visually and physically.

What Are The Considerations For Embossing And Debossing Shopping Bags?

Considerations for embossing and debossing involve:

  • Creating a vector art for creating the images to be embossed. You should consider the file type you send to your designer.
    Vector art files are mostly desired compared to raster files because they give out quality images.
  • You should be sure of the exact position you need embossed because embossing is usually hard to undo.
  • Consider the artwork you will emboss on your shopping bags. You can choose either to do initials, logos, texts, or even single images.
  • Simplicity is the best, thus an important element to consider when embossing your shopping bag.
  • Embossing requires heavy paper, be considerate of the type of paper shopping bag you aim to emboss.
  • Another important consideration is the results of the embossing process, especially the back of the part you want to be embossed.
  • Consider the impression you want to make to make the embossing memorable.

What Are The Advantages Of Soft Touch Coating For Custom Shopping Bags?

Soft-touch coating for custom shopping bags is a fairly new printing technique. It involves applying a coat over printed custom shopping bags to give it a soft touch.

The coating leaves a cling. Smooth velvet feels that is usually fingerprint-resistant. It is usually used by high-end brands in packaging their customers’ shopping.

Most of the coating is done using darker colours or gold colours to give the shopping bag a feel of sophistication.

The coating applies to the shopping bag also acts as a prevention of the shopping bag from easy wear and tear. It also dries fast on application leaving a gentle touch on your custom shopping bag.

What Is UV Coating, And When Should I Consider It For Shopping Bags?

UV coating is a printing method that involves applying a coating of a shiny liquid then curing it through ultraviolet light. The curing process leaves a shiny surface over your shopping bag.

UV Coating Shopping Bag

UV Coating Shopping Bag

The ultraviolet light hardens the coating applied to the shopping bag. UV light printing is mainly used in printing shopping bags for high-end brands.

Some of the benefits of the UV coating printing technique include:

  • It gives out clear, rich images and is ideal, especially in showing photographic images.
  • UV printed shopping bags are preferred because they are abrasion-resistant and durable. They are also resistant to smudging, markings, or scratches that may impact quality.
  • The clarity that UV coating printing gives is on another level. If you need clear photographic images or company logos, this is the best printing method to choose.
  • The best thing about UV coating printing is environmentally friendly because it does not use volatile organic compounds.
  • The coating on the shopping bag dries instantaneously on exposure to UV light, thus reducing production lead times.
  • UV coating also enhances the durability of your shopping bag.

Which Color Options Do You Provide For Shopping Bags?

Some of the colour options available for shopping bags include:

  • Brown shopping bags
  • White or off-white shopping bags.
  • Metallic
  • Ice
  • Shadow striped shopping bags
  • Lightly lacquered shopping bags
  • Glossy finish shopping bags.
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue

What Are Shopping Bag Sizing Options?

Shopping Bags Sizing Options

Shopping Bags Sizing Options

The sizes of shopping bag sizes vary depending on the use of the shopping bag. It is important to have different sizes of shopping bags if you deal with products of different sizes needing packaging.

It is important to keep in mind the width, the depth, and the height of the shopping bag when ordering. Another important factor to consider is that the shopping bag should have a flat surface to sit on.

The shopping bag sizes vary from one store to the other, thus making it not easy to have to specify required measurements. The size specifications depend largely on your preferences.

What Does Die Cutting Mean In Shopping Bag Production?

Die-cutting is a printing method that involves cutting different shapes using machinery. It is preferred when you require packaging of exact shapes and sizes.

Die-cutting is useful when you require packaging for bulky items that have indefinite shapes. It is because it cuts precise cuts of the packaging.

What Is The Difference Between A Shopping Bag Vs Gift Bag?

Gift bag

Gift Bag

A gift bag refers to a decorative bag designed for gift giving and can be used multiple times for that given purpose. Gift bags are flexible and can accommodate items of varying shapes. Also, they possess handles that make it easy to carry them.

Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag

On the other hand, shopping bags are bags issues to customers to carry their purchases from a store. Shopping bags also are larger compared to gift bags and have intricate finishing.

How Much Is Shopping Bag Price?

Shopping bag prices vary depending on the design, customization, size, shapes, and printing method used. The quantities also purchase factor in the price you will pay for your shopping bags.

There also exist the minimum order quality, shipment method, and lead times all of which combine to determine the price of the shopping bags.

Depending on the above factors, shopping bag prices range from a low of $1 to a high of $20.

What Are The Considerations For Shopping Bags Wholesale?

When making whole orders for shopping bags, you should consider the following:

  • have a genuine brand to enable the manufacture to relate with your brand.
  • Ensure that you have the budget for the wholesale order for quick processing of your purchases.
  • Do not use shortcuts but verify your purchases from registered manufactures.
  • Ensure that you identify the shipping agent to ship your shopping bags.
  • Consider the most cost-saving payment method to use for your wholesale purchases.
  • Study the market and buy the relevant products for your market to avoid remaining with dead stock.

Do You Have A Minimum Order Requirement For Shopping Bags?

Yes, we do have a minimum order requirement for shopping bags. Contact our customer care and support for further information on MOQ requirements.

Apart from shopping bag, we also have other paper bags such as gift bags.

They come in standard and custom designs.

Contact us now for all your shopping bag needs.

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