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Custom pillow box is the best box packaging for small gift items in many industries.

HQES is a China-based manufacturer of wholesale pillow boxes, and we customize all sorts of pillow boxes. Our billow boxes include pillow hair extension boxes for the beauty industry, pillow soap and candle boxes for the consumer industry, small gift pillow boxes and favor pillow boxes for weddings, and many more.

Satisfy Your Custom Needs

Also available are HQES custom pillow boxes with clear windows, handles or hangers, and all premium decorations like ribbons, followers, and so on.

HQES has full printing options to decorate pillow boxes too. Our options include using metallic foil stamp printing to get out shiny customized logo, die-cut process to get out the decorative window, debossing or embossing to allow word designs feeling engraving onto the pillow box, and so on.

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HQES – Your Professional Pillow Box Manufacturer

If you are looking for pillow box wholesale suppliers, HQES will be very helpful for you.

Pillow Box:

HQES takes not only bulk pillow box orders but also low minimum orders or small wholesale pillow box orders. Because HQES has a fully equipped facility and we finish all pillow box manufacturing processes in-house. It helps HQES to offer flexible, customized services for pillow boxes.

HQES quality inspection team inspects pillow boxes to ensure each pillow box is of high quality and has perfect details. HQES also offers a quality warranty after delivery. That’s why we always have a very strong relationship with all of our customers.

If you are looking for pillow box wholesale suppliers, HQES will be very helpful for you.

Pillow Box: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

I know you’re probably looking for a pillow box.

That’s why I will make the process easy and simple for you.

In this guide, you will find all information you need about pillow box, from design, best material, templates, benefits to limitations, amongst others.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Pillow Box?

Pillow box is a type of paper box, which is unique and captivating to the eye.

You can use it to package various products.

They are a great way to package retail business products as they come in various sizes and are easy to fold.

Pillow Box Packaging

 Pillow Box Packaging

What are the Uses of Pillow Boxes?

Some of the uses of pillow boxes include:

  • They are usually essential in packaging of merchandise, gift and any type of special item.
  • You can use them to distinguish your products from your competitors.
  • Some can also utilize customized pillow boxes packages as a voucher of appreciation for loyal clients. They give them as gifts with product purchases.
  • Pillow boxes also help in packaging perishable products at grocery stores
  • At home, you can use them as pulses holder in the kitchen or to carry small buttons
  • In the office, they can help in placing essential documents and files in chronological order.

What Type of Products can you Package in a Pillow Box?

Some of the products you can package in pillow boxes include:

  • Jewelry
  • Lingerie
  • Small gifts
  • favors
  • Candy

What are the Advantages of Pillow Boxes?

Some of the advantages of pillow boxes include:

Open Choices of Materials

Most boxes used in packaging are mostly use a single material, but pillow boxes have various manufacturing choices.

Most of the materials used in making them, like cardboard and kraft, are high quality and environmentally friendly.


Pillow boxes require minimum material in manufacturing them, which helps you cut on several costs.

It makes pillow boxes a perfect choice for both small and large businesses.

Ready Packaging and Easy Access to a Product

You can use pillow boxes easily for different product types and events.

Customization Option

Pillow boxes are very easy to customize compared to other types of boxes.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Products

Small pillow boxes are suitable for packaging eatables and gifts. You may also order large pillow boxes, multi-sized and multi-shaped pillow boxes.

How Many Types of Pillow Box are there?

Here are the common types of pillow box:

Crystal Clear Pillow Boxes

These are transparent so that you can see the pillow box contents.

Hanging Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes of this type feature handles on which you can hang them for an easier display to customers.

Kraft Pillow Boxes

The packaging boxes offer an eco-friendly packaging solution as they are fully reusable and recyclable.

They are available in various colors, which creates a beautiful impression on customers, with white and brown ones usually very affordable.

Gift Pillow Boxes

These enhance a very glamorous way of presenting your gifts to your loved ones.

You may use them for packaging both large and small gifts depending on the size you require.

Pillow Boxes with Windows

Pillow of this type come in various transparent packages and a plastic window that is unique.

The window makes it look very elegant and allows you to enjoy a sneak peek of the contents.

Pillow Box with Window

Pillow Box with Window

Pillow boxes with Handles

These make it easy to handle, carry around and use the contents.

You can make the handle either from a ribbon or the pillow box’s material.

Cardboard Pillow Boxes

They are very affordable, durable, and sustainable as they are eco-friendly.

You can use them for products like apparel, food items, and for sending mail.

Personalized Pillow Boxes

These come in brown colors and are plain, and you may customize them with a logo or name of preference.

Depending on the product or event, you may customize the suitable fonts, patterns, colors, graphics, and other options.

Custom Luxury Pillow Boxes

You use this packaging to deliver quality and luxury to your customers as they have special finish that enhances their value.

They use finishing options like embossing, gold and foil stamping, UV coating.

Additional types of pillow boxes include:

  • Frosted Pillow Boxes
  • Side Hanging Pillow Boxes
  • Embossed Pillow Boxes
  • Standing Pillow Boxes

What is the Material Used to Make Pillow Boxes?

The material chosen for pillow boxes always depends on your preferences.

The materials used to make majority of pillow boxes are Kraft and cardboard.

These materials are very strong and protect the packaged products from damage during transportation.

The materials are suitable for food items, jewelry products, and many other kinds of products.

How Do Paper Pillow Box and Plastic Pillow Box Compare?

Some of the comparisons between paper pillow box and plastic pillow box include:


When it comes to durability, a plastic pillow box is more durable than a paper pillow box.

The plastic pillow box is waterproof, thicker, and able to create a watertight seal when closed.


Plastic pillow boxes last for longer periods than paper pillow boxes, as you can reuse them without experiencing wear and tear.

Aesthetic Appeal

Plastic pillow boxes tend to be more appealing to the eye than paper pillow boxes.

Space Efficiency

In terms of space efficiency, paper pillow boxes are more efficient than plastic pillow boxes.

They are thinner and you can collapse them fully, and use by unfolding at the top and bottom.

How Do you Make Pillow Boxes?

The process of making pillow boxes entails:

Choose a Pattern and Print

Select the pillow box you want and then download the pattern and print it.

You can choose black and white or colored pattern.

You can cover with decorative paper and print on a colored pattern.


Cut along the pillow box pattern using a craft knife on solid black lines and ensure the cuts are accurate and smooth.

The smoothness of the cuts will help ensure that the pillow box is strong and fits together.

Score Fold Line

Score along the two straight lines folded and the other four lines folded in red.

Cover with Decorative Paper

Cut decorative paper rectangularly and larger than the pillow box pattern all around and glue onto it

. Make sure that you use strong adhesive in the process of attaching the decorative paper.

Fold in Half and Glue

Fold the pillow box in half and then use glue to attach the tab to the opposite side.

Ensure that the glue sets before carrying out the final step.

Shape Pillow Box and Close Ends

Pinch the two edges of the pillow box gently so that the top and bottom can bow out.

After this, use fingers to push the flaps at each end of the pillow box to achieve curved fold lines.

Finally, you may include any decorations that you prefer in your pillow box.

What is a Pillow Box Template?

Pillow box template refers to a quick and simple method used to make pillow boxes that are attractive and meet customer needs.

The use of embellishments and stamps can achieve decoration and customization of the pillow box.

You may leave it plain or give it a touch using a ribbon in the middle on the finishing options.

You may also use a colored paper or cardstock to make a sleeve.

Figure 3 Pillow Box Template

How Do you Use a Pillow Box Template in Custom Pillow Box Design?

The process of using a pillow box template in custom pillow box design includes:

  • First, you should print the template onto scrap paper and then transfer the print to a cardstock.
  • After doing this, cut around the template and score on the lines of the folds. This process will ensure that you achieve an edge that is good and crispy.
  • Decorate and stamp the paper according to the requisitions.
  • Ensure that you glue the pillow box edges together.
  • Close the pillow box by tucking in the two ends.

What are the Tips for Developing a Creative Pillow Box Design?

Tips for creating a creative pillow box design include:

  • Reusable: The pillow box design and material should always remain reusable for it to be successful. After using the pillow box contents, you should be able to reuse it somehow.
  • Product friendly: When creating a pillow box, it is important to keep in mind the products you want to package in it.

Always ensure that pillow boxes you select reflect their usage to attract customers.

  • Launch special pillow boxes to promote events: You may use pillow box packaging to promote them during certain events or occasions.

It will serve as an attraction to related customers and advertise your brand.

  • Break your rules: To launch unique pillow boxes, you should think out of the box and stand out from others.

However, it is important to ensure that you remain relevant to your goal.

  • Keep your design simple: Ensure that the design you select is simple to achieve effective display package design.
  • Follow trends: It is important to keep yourself updated on social media platforms for the current trends. This ensures that your pillow box designs remain relevant.
  • Always think from the consumer perspective: The main goal of an organization is to fulfill customer needs. Therefore, you must always give what the customer prefers.
  • Be humorous and funny: Ensure that you give simple and brief information on the pillow boxes and not just straightforward points.

Always incorporate some humor and try to amuse the customer so remain a little funny.

  • Easy to handle: The handles design and options of hooks used on pillow boxes should be easier to handle for convenience.
  • Use pleasant color schemes and provide transparency: color schemes that are pleasin give an aesthetic value to the pillow boxes.

Pillow boxes that are transparent assist in gaining customer trust as they can have a sneak peek view of the box contents.

Where can I find Free Printable Pillow Box Templates?

Places where you may find free printable templates include:

  • Blank Gift or Scrapbook Tag Template- Free Printable Crafts.
  • Free Printable Upper Case Alphabet Template.
  • Folded Heart Book Template.
  • Small Envelope for Rubber Stamping Projects.
  • Free Printable Lower Case Alphabet Template.
  • Paper Pinwheel or Windmill Template.

How Do you Submit Artwork for Custom Pillow Box Design?

You submit artwork for custom pillow box design by:

  • Choosing the size of the custom pillow box that you want.
  • Selecting the quantity of the custom pillow boxes that you need.
  • Choosing your turnaround.

Can I order the Same Pillow Box with Multiple Versions of the Artwork?

Yes, you can order a pillow box with multiple versions of the artwork.

However, it is important to check the pillow boxes’ artwork, establish color scheming, and use brand design logo and right font.

Which is Better Between Folding and Overlapping End Flaps for Pillow Box?

Folding end flaps have flaps that extend fully to the opposite part on the pillow box’s side.

This ensures that it opens completely.

On the other hand, overlapping end flaps contain four main panels on the bottom and top.

They join in the middle, where you tap them together.

Both boxes have their benefits, and therefore you should choose what suits you.

Overlapping end flaps are the most common style available and require less material.

Folding end flaps have extended flaps which increase the strength of the pillow box and minimize damage risk.

How Do I Know How my Pillow Box will Look like After production?

Manufacturers usually produce digital proofs in 2D and 3D views to indicate what the pillow box will look like after production.

For large orders, manufacturers send samples so that you confirm that printing is according to you requirements.

What are the Printing Options for Custom Pillow Boxes?

Some of the printing options for custom pillow boxes include:

Offset Printing

It delivers graphics that are of good quality and can sustain several surface finishing options like:

  • foil stamping
  • embossing
  • metallic inks
  • laminating


This method passes the ultra-impact color and presentation to pillow boxes which makes the package stand out.

It is because it laminates the litho printed CCNB liner board to the pillow box.

Flexo Printing

It is a simple color printing method used for printing images, texts, and logos.

They are a relatively affordable and cost-effective method for most organizations.

UV Printing

It is a method that produces a superior print with colors that are crisp and vivid images.

The drying process is instant as it uses UV lights to increase the capability of production.

Silkscreen Printing

It gives a good performance on custom pillow boxes made of specialty paper.

Printed Pillow Box Packaging

Printed Pillow Box Packaging

Which is Better between Pillow Box with Window and Pillow Box without Window?

The perfect pillow box for you will depend on what you want to use it for.

Window pillow boxes are suitable for presenting your gifts, marketing your products, brands for hair extensions among other packaging options.

Pillow boxes without windows, despite being covered completely, can display your products in a very protective and elegant way.

They give a professional way of display on online stores and retail shops.

Some of the reasons to use either pillow box with window or pillow box without window include:

  • An ideal way of presenting new products in the market.
  • Advertise your brand with style.
  • To boost up your sales.
  • You can customize it in several ways.
  • Offer protection to products.
  • Easy to get as ready-made packaging.
  • Low-cost packaging solution.

What Colors Do Pillow Boxes come in?

Pillow boxes are available in a variety of colors, with manufacturers capable of matching any PMS color.

 Colored Pillow Box

Colored Pillow Box

Most of the standard colors of pillow boxes are available in the following finishes:

Matte Colors on White

Examples of colors in this category include:

  • New Aqua
  • Burnt Orange
  • Chartreuse
  • Cream
  • Ivory
  • Khaki
  • Lime Green
  • Pastel Yellow
  • Pink
  • Powder Blue
  • Turquoise

Matte Colors on Kraft

Examples of colors in this category include:

  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Celery
  • New Cerise
  • Chocolate
  • Dark Green
  • Gray
  • Metallic Blue
  • Metallic Copper
  • Metallic Gold
  • Metallic Sage
  • Metallic Silver
  • Navy
  • Olive
  • Purple
  • New Rainforest Green
  • Red
  • Sand
  • Shimmer Amethyst
  • Shimmer Avocado
  • Shimmer Honeysuckle
  • Shimmer Raspberry
  • Shimmer Turquoise
  • Slate Grey
  • Southwest orange
  • New Storm Grey

Gloss Colors on White

Examples of colors in this category include:

  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • New Aqua
  • Bright Chartreuse
  • Emerald
  • Lemon
  • New Merlot
  • Metallic Champagne
  • Cerise
  • Dartmouth Green
  • Ivory
  • Lavender
  • Metallic Blue
  • Metallic Bronze Platinum
  • Silver
  • Special Gold
  • Tuscany
  • Metallic sage
  • Mocha
  • Navy
  • Peach
  • Pearlized cream
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Sapphire
  • Tangerine
  • Tuscany

Gingham Colors on Kraft

They include:

  • Blue gingham
  • Burgundy gingham
  • Green gingham
  • Red gingham

Textured Colors on Kraft

They include:

  • Textured Black
  • Textured Kraft
  • Textured Plum
  • Textured Teal
  • Textured Woodland Green.

What are the Top Closure Options for Pillow Boxes?

The top closure options for pillow boxes include:

Greenleaf Bottom

This closing mechanism is very secure and able to support a lot of weight.

It uses a single closure panel with two tabs facing the opposite direction, which overlap to form a secure closure.

Centre Hanger with Dagger Lock

Here, the panel on top can close over a hanger, which pulls through and hangs in the middle of the top.

It is then possible to tuck the dagger into the back panel’s top.

Middle Opening Pillow Box Template

Middle Opening Pillow Box Template

Greenleaf Overlap Lock

Entails a Greenleaf closure that overlaps at the top and you can as well do it at the bottom.

Corner Punch Out

This creates a filler space that holds contents in place when pushed.

You perform the punch-out using two parallel cuts, and cutting across the corner crease of the paper box.

Full Seal Ends

Here, you first fold tuck flaps in then follow by swinging from the rear panel and finally swinging from the front panel.

In this type of pillow box closure, you use an automated sealer for gluing.

Auto-Locking Bottom

It is a type of closure pre-glued and makes it possible to fold the paper box down flat.

The bottom lock can fall in place when you pop the paper box open as glued flaps take position and lock automatically.

Dogbone Retractable Handle

In this closure mechanism, the clear folding paper box features two cuts to enter and hold onto the handle ends.

Open Corner Lid

It features a mechanism of closure which is a non-glued lid or dust cover.

Standing Pillow Pack

This refers to a closing mechanism that remains flat until you close the tuck flaps to create a convex pillow-like structure.

Are your Pillow Boxes Recyclable?

Yes, the common materials used to make most pillow boxes are Krafts and cardboard material.

These materials are recyclable and friendly to the environment.

How Can you Decorate Customs Pillow Boxes?

It is possible to decorate pillow boxes using the following:

  • Ribbon.
  • Bows.
  • Custom stamps.
  • Stickers.

What are the Benefits of Clear Pillow Boxes?

Some of the benefits of clear pillow boxes include:

  • Display: You can use clear pillow boxes for display in shop windows to attract customers. Some of the items you can display include small computer equipment like hard drives, jewelry, and soft fabrics like gloves.
  • Waterproof: They do not permit water passage, and this will ensure that you protect your products from any potential damages by water.
  • Size: they are available in different size categories; small, medium, and large, which gives you the option of selecting the most suitable option.

How Much Weight can a Pillow Box Hold?

Depending on the pillow boxes’ size and type of material used in making them, they can hold about twenty pounds of product.

What is the Difference Between PMS Color and Process Color for Custom Pillow Boxes?

PMS color stands for Pantone Matching system, and you use it to paint colours with their inks in the printing industry.

The specification of the colors is using a Pantone number or name that is on a color chart.

It helps make the colors look like printed ones instead of the way they appear on a computer.

Process color is also known as CMYK (stands for four colors; cyan, magenta, yellow and black).

In this method, you use all these colors to make the rest of the colors for printing by use of saturation of color.

It is the most commonly used method in the industry.

What Should be the Concerns when Ordering Custom Pillow Box?

Some of the concerns when ordering custom pillow box include:

  • Be aware of the types of pillow boxes available in the market and select the one that suits your product needs.
  • Confirm on how your custom pillow box should be printed.
  • Determine the sizes and quality of the custom pillow boxes that the manufacturer or supplier provides.
  • Establish which design of a custom pillow box better suits your product.
  • Check the characteristics of the pillow box and review of packaging manufacturers.

What is the Difference Between Hanging and Side Hanging Pillow Boxes?

Hanging pillow boxes refers to those boxes that have a mirrored flap to present goods in retail stores.

You may also produce them with an opposite flap without incurring additional charges.

 Hanging Pillow Box

Hanging Pillow Box

Side hanging pillow boxes have a flap for hanging sideways and have a unique shape that ensures easy recognition of your products.

It also contains clear stickers that provide a theft-proof closure.

What are the Dimensional Requirements for Pillow Boxes?

The formula for inner dimensions for pillow boxes is:

Length by Width by Height

  • Dimensions for small pillow boxes tend to be: 90 by 75 by 25mm.
  • Dimensions for medium pillow boxes tend to be: 115 by 115 by 38mm.
  • Dimensions for large pillow boxes tend to be: 170 by 125 by 50mm.

How Do you Measure Pillow Boxes?

You apply the following formula to measure a pillow box:

Length (L) by Width (W) by Height (H)

To determine the length of the pillow box, find the dimension of its longest side, which does not contain flaps.

Put it facing your direction from left to right.

For width, establish the pillow box’s side that has flaps from the front side to the backside.

To determine height, measure from the tallest and center point of pillow box’s flap when you assemble it from bottom to top.

What is the Recommended Thickness for Pillow Boxes?

Some of the recommended thicknesses for pillow boxes include:

  • 5mm
  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 1 mm
  • 9 mm
  • 8mm
  • 10 mm
  • 15mm

You should choose the thickness that suits your product needs.

What is Spot UV/UV Coating for Pillow Boxes?

Spot UV refers to a clear and tough coating, which you apply to the printed matter.

You apply the coating in a liquid form and then subject it to Ultra-Violet light so that it bonds and dries immediately.

Application of the coating is to specifically selected areas of the pillow box and not the entire surface.

Primarily serves as a technique for design, and adds depth and contrast through implementing perfect levels of texture and sheen.

You mostly use this technique on pillow boxes that serve promotional purposes because it produces a distinctive look.

It is also possible to use Spot UV over linked images to enhance the design printed on them.

You apply it directly to a pillow box to create its design without incorporating any ink.

Spot UV/UV coating offers perfect results when used on dark substrates.

What are the Finishing Options for Pillow Boxes?

Some of the finishing options for pillow boxes include:


This option makes sure that your pillow boxes are durable and resistant to water penetration.

They also improve the tactile feel of the pillow boxes, thus leads to a smooth finish.


The method provides a matte coating or silk coating that is very clear.

It offers protection to the color print and prevents it from rubbing off.

UV Varnishing

Covers the pillow box’s surface with a transparent, thick, and smooth coating.

This finishing option subjects the coating to UV rays, thus able to dry immediately.

Spot UV

This involves UV varnishing a specific area or logo to make it eye-catching.

It will also ensure a contrast between the logo and the rest of the pillow box.


The finishing technique provides a perfect and simple tear or a removable section on the surface of the pillow box.


This method makes the text, images, and logo raise onto the surface so you create a 3D feel.

Variable Data

You may print additional data like a promotional barcode, QR code, sequence of numbers, names, letters, or addresses.

Foil Stamping

This is when you include a metallic finish that is prestigious onto the pillow box’s surface.

It ensures that the pillow box gets a luxurious quality feel.


The finishing technique is whereby you create a die-cut pillow box unique with the flat shipped and die-cutting.

AQ Coating

It is a coating that is water-based and has a yellowing resistance for varnishing.

It is a bit expensive but eco-friendly.

How Does Holographic Finishing Work for Pillow Boxes?

Holographic finishing for pillow boxes works by having very high definition to reflect digital content through glass using special coating.

The coating is known as glass optics, which can make an illusion when you position it at a certain angle.

This illusion makes an individual’s brain interpret the content in three dimensional.

It then creates a sensation of observing a hologram that is free-floating in your eyes.

Do you Provide Fancy Paper Pillow Boxes? What is the Price?

Yes, we do provide fancy paper pillow boxes.

However, it is challenging to establish exact cost of fancy paper pillows as it is subject to several import duties and taxes.

The price of fancy paper pillow boxes ranges between $0.12 to $0.50 per piece.

What is the Minimum Order Requirement (MOQ) for Pillow Boxes?

There are no minimum order quantities for pillow boxes.

Nevertheless, not that the more you purchase, the lesser you will pay for the pillow boxes as you will get quantity discounts.

How do Pillow Boxes Compare as an Alternative to Apparel Boxes?

Custom Pillow Boxes

Custom Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are a great way to package lingerie, small gifts, jewelry, and favors.

Larger pillow boxes serve as a good alternative to apparel boxes.

They grow in popularity day by day as retailers and gift vendors seek alternative boxes for providing unique packaging.

These boxes are friendly to the environment and thus are highly ideal to serve as alternative to apparel boxes.

What is the Size Range of Pillow Box and How Do I Choose the Perfect Pillow Box sizes for my Business?

Sizes of pillow boxes can range from:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Some of the considerations to put in mind when selecting the size of pillow box for your product includes:

  • The nature of the product.
  • The size of the product.
  • The weight of the product.
  • Components used in making the product.
  • The cost of the pillow boxes.

When Should you Consider Pillow Box with Handle?

Situations where you may use pillow boxes with handle include:

  • Use pillow boxes at home for greater purposes: You may use them for storage purposes at home to achieve efficiency.
  • Making your business noticeable: Pillow boxes with handles are very easy to carry and display in retail shops; thus, they may help grow your business.
  • For birthdays: You may use pillow boxes to add fun to your birthday using favorable handle pillow boxes.

How Can you Make Pillow Box Stand Out?

You can make a pillow box stand out by using the following decorations:

  • Satin or fabric ribbons.
  • Scrapbook paper.
  • Embroidery threads.
  • Piping threads.
  • Tissue paper.
  • Fabric scraps.
  • Stick on gift tags.
  • Old wrapping paper.
  • Stick on craft supplies.
  • Glitter.
  • Stencil.
  • Beads.
  • Paint.
  • Potpourri/ dried flowers.

What are the Recommended Standards for Pillow Boxes?

Some of the recommended standards for pillow boxes include:

  • AS 2070-1999
  • 16 CFR 500; Fair Packaging and Labeling Act.
  • CPSIA: Tracking Labels.
  • ASTM B117, Resistance to Corrosion. (1%)
  • CPSIA: Phthalate content.
  • CPSIA: Lead in Surface Coatings and Substrate Materials.
  • ASTM D3359: Cross Cut Adhesion.
  • Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004.
  • EC Directive 94/62/EC: Heavy Metals Content in Packaging.
  • NOGE

Do Pillow Boxes come Fully Assembled?

Yes, most pillow boxes come assembled, and if not, the manufacturer will give an instruction manual on how to assemble them.

How Do you Package and Ship Pillow Boxes?

Some of the tips when packaging pillow boxes include:

  • When packaging paper boxes, ensure that your packaging boxes have maximum security to avoid easy tear and collapse.
  • You should place pillow boxes that are heavier in weight at the bottom when packaging.
  • Pack the pillow boxes with significant packaging around them to protect them from crashing during shipping.
  • During sealing the boxes, make sure that the tape moves all through to the box’s sides by a few more inches. Also, use tape of high quality designed for heavy-duty purposes for reinforcement.
  • Label the boxes clearly to know how to handle every specific item.

Most people use the help of freight forwarders to ship their pillow boxes to international destinations.

There are many available freight forwarders, but you must do your research and find the most suitable ones.

After selecting several freight forwarders, choose from them by comparing their pricing structures.

Most manufacturers in China do not ship internationally and thus recommend the use of freight forwarders.

Manufacturers recommend freight forwarders so that they may consolidate the shipments and ship them as a single unit.

Without the use of freight forwarders, shipping pillow boxes without consolidating them would be very expensive.

The process of shipping using a freight forwarder works in the following way:

  • The freight forwarder in China will assemble the entire pillow boxes you have ordered.
  • They will then send all your ordered items to the agreed-upon destination. You must give the specific address you would like your products to be delivered to.
  • When using the freight forwarder, it is important to instruct them to ensure that the pillow boxes are in the right condition. They must check them for damages, shortages, defects, and accuracy.
  • After ensuring this, the freight forwarder will then ship your products to the final destination according to the agreement.

Can I Order Pillow Box Samples Before the Bulk Run?

Yes, you can order box samples to establish that the pillow boxes meet your specific requirements before manufacturers send the bulk Run.

Most manufacturers are always willing to send you free samples of the pillow boxes before making your order.

To obtain a sample from the manufacturer, you will need to fill a form online, and they will send you a special delivery.

Pillow Box with Handle

 Pillow Box with Handle

How Do Stock and Custom Pillow Boxes Compare?

Custom pillow boxes are extremely appealing to the eye and very trendy and there manufacturing meets your specified requirements.

On the other hand, stock boxes are boxes of industry-standard manufactured from corrugate material that is of high quality.

What are the Beneficial Aspects of Printed Pillow Boxes?

Some of the benefits of printed pillow boxes include:

  • Tangibility: Printed pillow boxes give a physical and soothing feel to the customer as they can touch and explore them.
  • Credibility: Printed pillow boxes ensure the safety of consumers and protect them from falling prey to spammers.
  • Creation of memories: They help create memories and ensure the promotion of the company’s brand image.
  • Targeting the audience: The information on printed pillow boxes reaches the audience for which it is meant.
  • Better engagement: An average person skims through information for about fifteen seconds, and when the information is captivating, they will read more.

Printed pillow boxes will therefore provide a clear understanding of their product contents to consumers.

Which are the Import Duties and Taxes Charged on Pillow Boxes from China?

Yes, pillow boxes from China are subject to import duties and taxes.

All commodities that are imported from China require payment of the following:

  • Custom duty
  • Consumption tax
  • Value-added tax

What are the Required Certifications for Pillow Box Manufacturers?

The required certifications for pillow box manufacturers include:

  • Mullen-Rated Box Maker’s Certificate.
  • ECT-Rated Box Maker’s Certificate.

A box certificate provides information on:

  • The details of the manufacturer.
  • Board construction.
  • Weight and size limits.
  • Strength of the box.

How Do you Test the Quality and Performance of Pillow Boxes?

Some of the methods to test the quality and performance of pillow boxes include:

Chemical Analysis

You use this technique to establish the pillow box’s resistance to chemicals and find out product formulation and regulatory compliance.

Bursting Strength Test

This method tests the strength of the pillow box’s walls and their toughness in case you expose them to force.

In this method, you apply pressure to the pillow box walls using a rubber diaphragm.

Hydraulics expand this diaphragm, and as it expands, the corrugated board will burst.

It is then possible to measure the bursting strength in kilograms per square centimeter.

The bursting factor will then be allocated a thousand times the bursting strength and divided by the board’s rummage.

Edge Crush Test

This method aids in testing the strength of stacking pillow boxes to determine the quality of the material.

It also ascertains the shipping endurance of the pillow boxes.

In this technique, you will have to apply force to one side of the pillow box perpendicular to the ridges until it crushes.

You then measure the results in pounds per lineal inch of load-bearing edge.

Water Resistance of The Gluing

This method is instrumental in checking the water resistance capability of the glue lines on the pillow boxes.

It attempts to establish the influence of changes in water absorption, climatic conditions, and moisture permeability.

You perform it by dipping the pillow box into water while ensuring exposure of the glue lines to the water.

It attempts to determine the strength of the bond and water absorption.

Cobb Sizing Tester

The technique helps in determining the water resistance and test the quality of the pillow box porosity.

In this case, you expose the pillow box to water, and then, using pressure, you squeeze the water out.

Paper Rummage and Thickness

Uses the density and thickness of the pillow box to determine its quality and rigidity.

Puncture Resistance

This method checks the pillow box for resistance to penetration by sharp and solid objects.

It tries to determine the strength of the pillow box during transportation.

Scuff Resistance Test

This quality test establishes the pillow box’s durability to make sure that it resists abrasion and withstands tearing and rubbing.

Pillow Box Compression Test

Establishes the compressive strength of a pillow box to determine the strength it will have when stacked up.

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