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HQES custom gift cards come in various paper materials. We are a professional gift card manufacturer from China, and HQES has been specializing in manufacturing various gift cards for over 10 years.

HQES has a wide range of quality paper stocks for any custom gift cards, such as glossy one side coated paper or two sides coated paper, matt one side coated, or two sides coated paper, matt coated or uncoated paper, art paper, metallic foiled-already paper, natural colorful pulp paper, and many more.

All the paper materials HQES uses are 100% recycled and eco-friendly.

Custom Capabilities on Gift Card

  • Die-cutting: will rich the shapes of gift cards greatly
  • Foldable Design: help to save the storage space of 3D gift card
  • Laminating: will protect gift cards from scratches easily
  • Embossing: standing out your design onto a gift card
custom gift card
gift card
HQES – Your Trusted Gift Card Manufacturer from China

If you need professional printers to help you manufacture your gift cards, HQES will definitely be your partner.

HQES is the premium gift card factory from China, and we customize gift cards in huge selections. All these gift cards are used on many fantastic occasions such as custom gift cards for birthday, father’s day, mother’s day, teacher’s day, valentine’s dad, fabulous parties, and many more.

HQES custom gift cards come in many shapes, colors, and sizes.

HQES is an advanced gift card supplier from China, and we own all machines to offer exclusive printing techniques for customized gift cards. Our capability includes offset printing photographs or words on the gift cards, spot UV varnishing coating for your logo or images to be outstanding and dumb embossing or debossing important parts of the gift cards.

Additionally, HQES has glitter printing, lamination, laser cutting, 3D embossing, foil stamping, and other printing ways for gorgeous gift card manufacturing. All these printing and finishing techniques are not only available for small run gift cards but also bulk gift cards and customized wholesale gift cards.

HQES has experienced QC teams focusing on all details of customized gift cards. You will get outstanding quality gift cards custom-made by HQES.

Gift Card: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

I know you’re probably looking for the best gift cards for your business.

A reason this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about gift cards.

So, before importing gift cards from China, read this guide.

What is a Gift Card?

A gift card refers to a form debit card that is prepaid and loaded with funds for use in the future.

They tend to contain a specific amount of money that is available for several purchases.

 Gift Card

 gift card

What are the Types of Paper Materials Used to make Gift Cards?

Some of the types of paper material used to make gift cards include:

  • Kraft paper: it is coarse brown paper that can be bleached to various lighter shades varying from white to brown.
  • Cardstock: it is a paper material of medium weight although heavier than printer paper and thinner compared to cardboard.

It is available in several colors and textures.

  • Construction paper: it tends to be inexpensive and is available in several colors.
  • Mulberry paper: it is a handmade paper that originated in China and is made from fibers of the mulberry plant.
  • Origami paper: they usually have a design on one side and the other side, a white background.

What are the Uses of Gift Cards?

Gift cards are a form of payment that can be used to make purchases at restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, and other locations.

Once you load money onto the card and gift the recipient, they can spend it at any accepted location.

Which is the Most Cost-Effective Printing Method for Gift Cards?

Some of the most cost-effective printing methods for gift cards include:

Offset Lithography Printing

Offset lithography is one of the most cost-effective printing methods for gift cards as it suits mass production printing.

It is a good method of producing high-quality images, is versatile, and is suited for both small and high-volume gift card print jobs.

It entails the use of printing plates made from aluminum, each holding an image of the content to be printed on gift cards.

These plates are transferred onto rubber blankets or rollers before going onto the gift card.

The gift card does not come into contact with the metal plates, and this elongates the life of the plates.

Flexography Printing

It is the modern version of letterpress printing and it uses inks that are quick-drying and semi-liquid.

Flexography printing is perfect for high-volume jobs of gift cards.

In this method, printing plates are wrapped around cylinders that are rotating on a web press.

These plates that are inked contain images that are slightly raised and their contents rotated at a very high speed.

It is suited for high press speeds of gift cards and can print on different material types.

Digital Printing

It is a modern printing method that exploits several techniques including laser and inkjet printing.

Images in this printing method are sent to the printer directly by use of file formats like PDF.

Digital printing in this way eliminates the need for use of printing plates like in the other printing techniques.

This factor helps in saving a lot of time and money unless printing in very large quantities.

The use of digital printing ensures a quick turnaround time and permits printing when the need arises.

If selected for the appropriate job, it will help to cut down costs and produce high-quality gift cards.

Does the Number of Colors Used in Gift Card Affect the Cost?

Ink consumption is usually a very small part of the total printing costs of gift cards.

In theory, a gift card with less ink coverage will reduce ink usage and thus lower ink costs.

This is strictly true unless you are carrying out long runs, the number of ink colors consumed will not impact the cost.

Usually, it is not sufficient to affect the number of colors you select for your gift card printing job.

How do you do 3D Embossing on Gift Cards?

The process of carrying out 3D embossing on gift cards entails the following steps:

  • First, take the image which should be embossed and use it to make a 3D model of the gift card.
  • Change the image into a vector representation.
  • Import it into a program for 3D CAD. One of the file formats you may use to import is adobe illustrator.
  • Convert the gift card by opening the program in illustrator and then save it as an Illustrator air file.

You may save it according to the file format that you will be using.

  • Go into the 3D model, select isometric view or rotate the viewpoint and create an extruded object by using an extruded solid tool.
  • Click-drag a rectangle on the stuff you want to extrude on the gift card and then wiggle the mouse until it extrudes.
  • You should be careful about the thickness of your business card.

This is because the initial thickness is determined by how far the mouse is moved when selecting the extrusion axis.

  • Finally, use subtract solid tool to eliminate the two solids from the gift card to have a 3D model that is finished.

 3D embossing on gift card

3D embossing on a gift card

What is the Difference Between Normal Embossing and 3D Embossing of Gift Cards?

When you use normal embossing, the embossed area will have the same depth or height depending on how you view it.

3D embossing on the other hand will produce different heights and this creates a more realistic look and a detailed appearance.

Normal embossing on gift card

 normal embossing on a gift card

How Do CMYK and PMS Gift Card Printing Techniques Compare?

CMYK gift card printing

It refers to four ink colors which make up the schema; cyan, magenta, yellow and black that is considered as the key color.

CMYK model mixes three primary colors and includes black to create darker shades.

To create an image on gift cards, printers highlight four different plates which make up a full image.

One pate is used for each of the four different colors and is created to lay down a given pigment amount on the gift card.

PMS Gift card printing

Pantone Matching System colors are a bit different from CMYK colors because they are mixed first then applied to the surface.

The PMS color is mixed ink which allows for a large range of colors that are reproduced as compared to the CMYK spectrum.

Each PMS color composes a unique hue that can be matched by a number associated with the PMS system of swatches.

PMS printing does not entail the laying of ink in a dot pattern but can be screened in a halftone to make several shades.

Which are some of the Available Gift Card Surface Finishes?

Some of the surface finishes for gift cards include:

  • Matte finish: It is a type of finish that is gritty-textured and flat and can be used on either one or both sides of the gift card.

It possesses a muted and non-shiny feel which can change even the printed color’s tone.

  • Satin finish: It a semi-gloss and smooth finish and less shiny compared to the gloss but not flat like the matte finish.

The satin finish displays vibrant colors clearly and is a good choice if you did need a flat or glossy look.

  • Gloss finish: It contains the highest amount of sheen and is extremely slick as compared to other finishes.

It is easy to clean and is used on either one or both sides of your gift card.

  • Spot UV/ Varnish: It makes a section of your gift card slightly pop out in a way that it is raised from the rest of the card.

The gift card will possess a more textured look and it dries very quickly as it is done once the card is printed.

  • Foil stamping: It adds a touch of elegance to your gift cards and makes the pressed object recessed and foil that is pressed firmly.

Although it is not cheap, it makes certain elements of your gift card stand out.

Are the Gift Cards Recyclable and Eco-friendly?

Gift cards are made of multiple substrates like PVC, paper, PVC-A, and styrene which are recyclable although a few programs accept them.

This is because they contain materials that could contaminate other recyclables and also due to their size.

Can you Assist in the Design of Gift Cards?

Yes, we can assist in the designs of your gift cards.

You can also bring your ideas of the gift cards that you desire, and we will assist in fine-tuning them to suit your desired design.

The best way is to come up with various sample designs for gift cards which we can choose from.

Always keep in touch with us and discuss any deviations in your design to have a final product suiting your specifications.

Which is the Best File Format for Sending Gift Card Design?

Some of the best file formats for sending gift card designs include:

  • Portable Network Graphic (PNG): it is used for almost all digital purposes.

They are very useful if you require digital images with transparency, for example, colored backgrounds at the top of other images.

  • Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG): vector files are always crisp and of high quality and can be scaled to any size without losing quality.

They are created for the web by the use of mathematical formulas as opposed to individual colored pixels.

  • Encapsulated PostScript (EPS Files): they are a graphic format used for vector-based images contained in Adobe Illustrator.

They are used for editing and printing purposes of gift cards.

  • Portable Document Format (PDF): PDF files are a file format that is developed by Adobe and are used to share images.

Also used to share logos for gift cards.

These files support backgrounds that are transparent and are easy to share.

Other accepted file formats include:

  • Illustrator (.ai)
  • Photoshop (.psd)
  • InDesign (.indd)
  • JPEG (.jpeg)

What is the Importance of Gift Card Template?

A gift card template is made with every possible draft and content.

It assists the user to insert data that is relevant in it without a lot of hustle.

All you need to do is to download this template and then you will be good to go.

It is provided in software that is very easy to use and thus offers more options for re-designing and adding more information.

This will add the value of work and make it possible for the reader to completely understand the message.

Gift card templates are printable, once downloaded, you can select the ‘’print’’ button.

However, after doing some amending or editing on the template. You will need to look at the print properties first.

Is there a Standard Size of Gift Cards?

The standard size of gift cards is 3.375 inches by 2.125 inches and .030 inches thick.

What is the Ideal GSM for Gift Card?

GSM refers to the substantial weight of a gift card and is an acronym for ‘Grams Per Square Meter’.

In simpler terms, it means how much a single sheet of gift card measuring 1m by 1m weighs.

The lower the GSM, the lighter the gift card, and the higher the GSM, the heavier the gift card.

Some of the ideal GSM for gift cards include:

  • 35gsm to 55gsm
  • 70gsm to 80gsm
  • 120gsm to 140gsm
  • 150gsm to 200gsm
  • 210gsm to 240gsm
  • 250gsm to 290gsm
  • 300gsm+

Which are the Custom Capabilities of your Gift Cards?

  • Die-cutting: most printing companies have dies that are pre-made ready to cut your gift cards into a specific shape.

You can also cut shapes into your gift cards to give them an edgy look. Although you should put in mind the space left for other details.

  • Foldable Design: at times people prefer to use foldable gift cards if they want to include a lot of information.

When using foldable gift card design, do not use any coating on them to prevent the pen from sticking

  • Laminating: it is a process of manufacturing materials in multiple layers. This ensures that the composite material becomes stronger and stable.

A laminate is assembled permanently to the gift card and is created using adhesives, heat, pressure, or welding.

  • Embossing: having gift cards that are embossed is a nice way to pop its details and also gives the cards a textured feel.

It is done by pushing a section of the gift card to raise the desired element on the other side.

What are the Advantages of Gift Card Lamination?

Some of the advantages of gift card lamination include:

  • Durable and long-lasting: lamination makes gift cards more durable as they become very strong to withstand wear and tear.
  • Professional look: gift cards that are laminated look better than standard printed ones.

This is because lamination brings out colors on the cards which makes resources appear more vibrant.

  • Easy to clean: it makes it possible to periodically clean gift cards since lamination makes them waterproof.

This ensures that they last for longer periods.

  • Quality: lamination adds stiffness and strength to business cards thus providing an impression of very high quality.
  • Cost: lamination of gift cards is very affordable.

You can get value for your money as the cards will last for a very long time.

Which are the Possible Lamination Techniques for Gift Cards?

Some of the possible lamination techniques include:

  • Polyester (PET) Thermal/ Hot lamination: this involves the use of heated rollers and the edges.

Can be given an encapsulated finish or trimmed flush.

A polyester film can be in matte or gloss finishes.

  • Polypropylene Thermal/Hot lamination: the film used in this technique is more flexible and can be used single or double-sided.

To allow for proper adhesion, it should be used with heated rollers and is in finishes like soft-touch, gloss, and matte.

  • Cold film lamination: this technique has a backing that is pressure sensitive and the lamination process.

It entails the use of roller pressure action.

It is perfect for the lamination of gift cards with large format prints and it makes them resistant to weather elements.

  • Soft-touch (Velvet) Thermal Lamination: it produces a special touch feeling as smooth as silk on the surface of gift cards.

A transparent film is coated directly onto the gift card’s surface making them resistant to perspiration moisture and water.

Can I get a Gift Card Sample?

Yes, you can get a gift card sample to test your product design and ascertain that it meets your specifications.

Samples of gift cards will help you assure your customers that the gift cards will be of high quality which they desire.

Gift card

gift card

What are the Factors that Affect Gift Card Price?

Some of the factors that affect the price of gift cards include:

  • Size: gift cards that are larger tend to cost more as they use more material than those which are smaller in size.
  • Type of material: the heavier the cardstock, the more costly the gift card will be due to the cost of the heavier paper type.

Folded gift cards also tend to cost higher because they are difficult to make and possess more material than conventional ones.

  • Quantity: print jobs of gift cards tend to have minimum cost due to overhead expenses.

Therefore the more you buy, the lower the piece per card.

You can take advantage of quantity discounts by ordering many units of gift cards.

  • Graphic design: you will tend to pay more if you would like to include graphic design service costs into the gift card’s price.
  • Complexity: printing operations that are more costly and complex structural elements tend to increase the price of gift cards.

It is important to design gift cards that are within your budget limit and have a minimum additional feature to cut down on costs.

  • Additional services: there will be additional costs on top of labor and materials

For example in cases where you would like the manufacturer to mail you the gift cards.

Do you Supply Small Run Customized Gift Cards?

Yes, we supply small-run customized gift cards.

They assist in increasing revenues you can collect the payment upfront and remove purchases from your stock.

This is when the cards are redeemed by your customers.

Customized gift cards attract new customers as existing customers can give gift cards to friends or family members not aware of your store.

They are a very great way of promoting marketing by word of mouth.

Once a customer has purchased your customized gift card, they have to return to the store to use it thus creating customer loyalty.

Customized gift card

customized gift cards

What are the Important Considerations before Ordering for Gift cards?

Choosing gift cards is not an easy task due to the availability of many sellers offering them.

Therefore, you need to obtain the best gift cards by obtaining the necessary details on how to make a selection.

The most important thing you need to consider when ordering gift cards is that they are redeemable.

You should be aware that you are giving the gift card to be spent even though nowadays many retailers accept it thus easy to use.

When ordering gift cards, it is important to ensure that the terms and conditions are known by the recipient.

The location of the retail store that the individual receiving the gift card is to use it at also needs to be convenient.

It is important to make sure that the option you select for gifting both in terms of shipping fees.

If it is for a store overseas store is of reasonable value.

The expiry date of the gift card is also a very important factor when ordering your gift cards.

When purchasing gift cards, they have their expiration dates and advantages and disadvantages which you need to factor in.

Do you have a MOQ Requirement for Gift Cards?

Yes, depending on the material and the customization that requires, the minimum order quantity for gift cards is between 500 to 1000 units.

At HQES, we offer a range of paper cards, depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

Whether you need stationery card, greeting card, holiday card, Christmas card, Postcard or wedding card, HQES offers perfect solution for your wholesale business.

Contact us now for competitive prices on all gift cards.

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