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HQES is the advanced greeting card supplier from China, and we have all machines to support custom services from small to large quantity orders. HQES specialize in dealing with greeting cards wholesale services at factory price.

HQES has stable QC teams that focus on all details of each project. Our QA inspectors check paper material quality and the whole manufacturing process to control quality, ensuring each customized greeting card is of the best quality. All our QA inspectors have rich experience in the quality control of custom greeting cards.

Custom Capabilities on Greeting Card

  • UV printing & Glitter: will make your greeting card look much shine
  • Hot stamping: various color options rich your greeting card designs
  • Emboss & Deboss: will make your greeting card with real good touching feel
  • Decorations: will colorful and pretty your greeting card with different 3D decorations
greeting card
greeting card
HQES – Your Professional Greeting Card Manufacturer from China

Choosing the most economical quantity to get cost-effective greeting cards.

HQES customizes a wide range of greeting cards, such as greeting cards in flat, folded, in boxes, 3D, and pop up greeting cards. HQES custom greeting cards come in all shapes and sizes.

HQES is the professional printer of greeting cards, and we offer complete manufacturing services for everyone. Especially for designers, graphic artists, and all other independent artists, who only offer custom greeting card designs. If you need printers to help you manufacture greeting cards, HQES will definitely be your partner.

In addition to producing your already designed greeting cards, HQES can work with you on a single design of personalized greeting cards. HQES starts by offering available paper card templates, suggesting proper paper materials, printing types for your decoration needs, choosing the most economical quantity to get cost-effective greeting cards.

Choose HQES and let us bloom your business.

Greeting Card: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know choosing the right greeting card for your business can be a challenging task.

That’s why this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about greeting cards.

Let’s dive right in.

What is a Greeting Card?

It refers to paper card stock mainly used as a photo or illustration and manufactured out of high-quality paper.

A greeting card is used as a show of friendship or any other sentiments.

They are usually issued on special occurrences like Christmas and birthdays and some holidays like Halloween.

They are available in several styles and are typically packed with an envelope.

It is a popular paper card you can import from China.

 greeting card

Greeting card

What is the History of Greeting Card?

It is tracked to the ancient Chinese who swapped messages of goodwill during occasions such as New Year.

The Germans also used to print New Year’s greeting cards from woodcuts in 1400.

They then transformed it into a means of personal communication.

This transformation was successful because of huge technological advancements.

In the 1860s, there was the commencement of mass production.

In the 1930s, there were technical developments like color lithography.

In the late 1940s and 1950s, there were humorous greeting cards.

In the 1980s, there was a reduced cost of badges printed and die-cut.

It led to establishing a thriving market of greeting cards.

What are the Uses of Greeting Cards?

Some of the uses of greeting cards include:

  • They are given on some special days.
  • Greeting cards are given to show appreciation to people.
  • Used to express other feelings like condolences.
  • They are used for marketing promotions by businesses. It is because they have an attractive look that customers cannot ignore.
  • Greeting cards are an effective advertising tool. They are used as gifts to your customers on special occasions like birthdays.
  • They are a creative way of attracting the attention of customers because of their beautiful nature.
  • These cards are an impressive tool aimed at making customers recall the name of an organization.
  • They are used as an effective motivational tool, for example, a congratulatory greeting card.

What are the Different styles of Greeting Cards in the Market?

Some of the different styles of greeting cards in the market include:


They have a preprinted message on the inside, suitable for given functions, and a vacant space where the sender can consist of a statement or signature.


It is a greeting card made physically using hands.


It is a card that contains a photo card that the sender selects.

One type has a sender’s photo clipped or slid into a pocket, while in the second, it is combined with artwork and directly printed.

Personalized Card:

This type is personalized with a personal audible message or the sender’s pictures.


These are suitable for those who are under budget and have two standard configurations.

The first format has slits positioned to hold pages, while the second one has pages sticking to the back.

Sound-based or Musical;

This style plays music or any other sounds when ajar.


It is a type of greeting card sent electronically via email or sites like Facebook.

Recent services are launched to enable sending greeting cards via mobile phone by texts using mobile apps; these are referred to as cards or Mobile E-cards.

Quilling Cards:

They have a design that is quilled at the front.

The quill design is in the form of art with paper strips rolled to form perfect designs.


They are greeting cards that are open and contain an image protruding to the surface, proving a surprise to the receiver.

Which Types of Greeting Cards do you Provide?

Some of the types of greeting cards that we provide include:

  • Get well soon, card.
  • Anniversary card.
  • Christening card
  • Baby shower card
  • Easter card
  • Bon voyage card
  • Wedding card
  • Friendship card
  • Halloween card
  • Farewell card
  • Christmas card
  • New job card
  • New baby card
  • Valentine’s day card
  • New year card
  • Retirement card
  • Teacher card
  • Sorry card
  • Graduation card

What is Greeting Card Making Process?

The process of making greeting cards entails:

  • Research and marketing.
  • Designing the greeting card.
  • Graphic design and production preparation.
  • Producing the printing plates.
  • Printing the greeting cards.
  • Cutting apart and packaging: once the sheeted greeting cards have dried completely, they are cut to form individual pieces.
  • The greeting card is then put in a folding machine and automatically creased and folded.

How do you Create Bespoke Greeting Card Design?

You can create bespoke greeting card design in the following ways:

Formulate your Greeting Card Design Style

The style should have an impression of the individual creativity of your firm; thus, take time to formulate the visual direction you need.

The Creative Tools to are Obtained from the following:

  • Publisher word (desktop publishing software)
  • Greeting card design software
  • Graphic software like gimp, Photoshop, and illustrator
  • Page layout software like in design and quark.

What is the Process of Designing Greeting Cards Online?

The process of designing greeting cards online entails:

  • Begin with inspiration: manufacturers offer thousands of templates that are designed for you to choose from.

It is good to select designs that meet your customer’s needs, and you should have color, aesthetic, or mood inspirations at your fingertips.

  • Remix it to meet customer’s specific needs: there are several ways to personalize greeting cards according to your customer’s needs.

It can be by changing the copy and font, browsing for appropriate designs, or sub-outing the imagery with photos.

  • Amp the flair: it is easy to incorporate flair in greeting cards using Adobe Sparks exclusive assets for designing.

Depending on your customer’s needs, add animated stickers or apply a text animation for videos in the short-form graphic.

  • Resize to give allowance to your customers’’ content go further.

Once you have landed the design preferred by your clientele, it is easy to modify it for any social network using the auto-magical resize feature.

  • Download, share, and print: once you are finished designing your greeting card, it can be downloaded into your device, shared online, or printed out.

Where can you get Greeting Card Ideas for Design?

You can get greeting card ideas for a design using the following software as they contain professionals’ templates for creating cards from scratch:

  • Adobe Spark
  • Fotor
  • Greeting Card Studio
  • Greeting Card Factory Deluxe
  • Canva
  • Scribus
  • ArcSoft Print Creations
  • Hallmark Card Studio
  • Print Artist 25 Platinum

It is good to establish a theme for your designs using icons, personalized fonts, photos, and other customizable features that are authentic.

This software also assists in duplicating and resizing greeting cards, thus creating consistency. They are also easy to use in making greeting cards, and your ideas are shared with manufacturers in minutes.

What are Free Printable Greeting Cards, and where can you get them?

Free printable cards refer to a type of greeting card you can download and print from your computer.

You can send it to your customers or business partners without having to pay a considerable amount of paper stock at the store.

Envelopes are also printed, and customized labels are included. All that you have to do as a business is to sign it and mail it.

Printable cards are available for almost every holiday and look perfect when printed on cardstock and regular computer paper.

It is essential to follow the right directions for downloading, customizing, and printing each greeting card.

Which Paper Stocks do you use to Make Greeting Card?

There is a wide selection of paper stock suitable for greeting cards.

Some of the tips when selecting cardstock for greeting cards include:

  • If your images need good print quality of paper stock that is coated, use dull matte coated stock.

It is because the gloss-coated paper will leave streaks and resist writing.

  • If people will need to write on the greeting card, use uncoated stock.
  • Standard cardstock 120# (14pt) is perfect for die-cutting, embossing, foil stamping, and most card options in functions.
  • To achieve a sense of luxury or class, use textured papers like ribbed, parchment, and linen.

Some of the paper stock recommendations for greeting card include:

  • 120# gloss cover: a 14pt stock that is heavy and glossy coated finish, which produces beautiful photos and images.
  • 100# uncoated cover: it is bright white and very smooth #1 grade is made from 14pt stock and is easy to write on.

Its thickness is similar to 70# text-weight stock utilized for letterheads and envelopes.

  • 120# dull/matte cover: a substantial paper with a smooth coating that is non-shiny.

It is suitable for crisp printing and is easy to write on as it is made from heavy 14pt stock.

Which is better Between Custom Greeting Card and Stock Greeting Card?

The choice between custom greeting cards and stock greeting cards will depend on the specific needs of your different customers.

Custom greeting cards for recipients make them feel special; thus, it is good to be well aware of the diverse needs of customers and ensure that you fulfill them.

Custom greeting cards open up possibilities as they can be created with personalized messages, unique graphics, photos, and logos.

They also are a great marketing tool for your business as they will lead to repeat clients and build customer loyalty.

Stock greeting cards can also be enhanced in character using various printing techniques, making them attractive to your customers.

Greeting cards paper stock are made from high-quality paper types, which include:

  • Ultra-thick 16-point paper
  • Ecofriendly recycled 13-point matte paper stock
  • Smooth 15-point velvet

You will also have the chance to ask manufacturers for free sample kits to see and select paper stocks of superior quality.

Stock greeting cards are manufactured using on-top-of-the-line printing presses, which undergo daily calibration of colors and are relatively affordable.

Manufacturers offer stock greeting cards suited for different customer needs and even have velvet paper stock easily written.

What are your Coating Options for Greeting Card?

Our coating options for greeting cards include:

  • Gloss on both sides of the greeting card.
  • Matte on both sides of the greeting card.
  • It is using high gloss UV on the outside of the greeting card and gloss on its inside.
  • Uncoated inside of the greeting card and high gloss UV on the outside.
  • Using high gloss UV on both sides of the greeting card.
  • Having a greeting card that is uncoated on both sides.

What is Greeting Card Printing, and what are your Options?

Greeting card printing is a secret weapon utilized by most marketers who are booming worldwide.


They are not just used for reaching loved ones over holidays.

They also serve as a marketing tool for retaining regular customers and keeping in touch with new ones.

They add a personal touch that cannot be achieved by any other marketing tool.

Greeting card printing is used for Christmas cards, birthday cards, or any occasion where you want to reach out to customers.

Greeting cards are printed in two options which include flat or folded style.

They are printed on durable 14pt stock of your choice, and a coating of your choice on one or both sides is applied.


It is essential to download greeting cards in the right size, format, and orientation to ensure that they are manufactured correctly.

What are the Benefits of Printing Greeting Card?

Some of the benefits of printing greeting cards include:

Customer Retention:

Greeting cards that are printed look great, and this will make customers always remember your company whenever they need to purchase cards.

Marketing Tool:

Printed greeting cards serve as a marketing tool as your customer can refer other individuals to your company.

This is due to the attractiveness of the greeting cards.


You can customize printed greeting cards with your logo so that your company will sell itself to the public.

It will lead to more sales as you will always have repeat clients.

Which is Better Between ‘Flat’ and ‘Folded’ Greeting Card?

Both ‘flat’ and ‘folded’ greeting cards are compelling and have been common in most businesses and families.

figure 2 flat greeting card

Flat greeting card

 Companies like greeting cards because all target audiences can utilize them, and families use them to exchange memories and thoughts.

Using a flat or folded greeting card mostly depends on personal preferences.

Thus, a retailer needs to understand the pros and cons of each type of greeting card.

Folded greeting cards are regarded as more traditional, and they provide an element of surprise as they are unfolded.

figure 3 folded greeting card

Folded greeting card

 However, folded cards tend to be more expensive than flat cards.

Flat cards are affordable, although they provide half the space of folded cards.

For your customers that just need to share artwork or photos, flat cards -are a good option.

Flat cards are mailed in their original nature, which will save your customers the need to buy envelopes.

In the case of folded cards, your customers will need to incur extra purchasing envelopes, although they add an element of surprise.

How do you Enhance Greeting Card to Stand out from the Competition?

You can enhance greeting cards to stand out from the competition in the following ways:

  • Focusing on customizing options such as:
  • Folding
  • Die-cutting
  • Custom printing
  • Foil stamp
  • Custom sizes
  • Using different sizes and die-cut shapes to achieve an original look.
  • Including unique folding options to the greeting cards to give them an impression.
  • Using binding options like short-side binding and landscape binding.
  • Finishing big with unique finishing options on the greeting cards.
  • Making use of coating or custom paper to make the printed greeting cards stand out.

What is a Handmade Greeting Card?

It is a type of greeting card which is self-made by choosing a handmade cardstock and creating it.

Once this is done, you can write your messages, and each card is personalized to customer specifications.

figure 4 handmade greeting card

handmade greeting card

Why and when should you Consider Handmade Greeting Cards for your Business Cards?

Sending greeting cards that are handmade to customers helps create a personal connection between your business and the clients.

To enhance this experience, you can incorporate your signature as clients enjoy doing business with fellow humans rather than virtually.

Customers can create a personal connection with you when they see that you handmade a greeting card for them.

This connection will ensure that you have repeat clients for your products and services.

How Many Types of Handmade Greeting Cards are there?

There are several types of handmade greeting cards which you can choose from.

It is essential to select the correct type of card depending on the destination and customer preferences.

Some of the essential tips you need to know include:

  • Thank you cards: most clients prefer businesses that display gratitude for their services.

Figure 5 thank you cards

thank you card

  • Personalized greeting cards: sending out this type of greeting card will help you target specific clients as each client will have a different message on the card.

figure 6 personalized greeting cards

 personalized greeting card

  • Business updates: greeting cards intend to show appreciation to clients and promote special offers.

business card

business card

What are the Options for Customizing Handmade Greeting Card?

Some of the options for customizing a handmade greeting card include:

  • Adding a photograph.
  • Creating a universal message.
  • Putting in your unique brand voice.
  • Addressing it to the individual.

How do you create a Handmade Greeting Card?

The process of creating a handmade greeting card entails the following steps:

  • Choose stock: the first step is selecting the store which is most suitable for your customer base.
  • You can browse through the different collections offered by suppliers and select those which are most appropriate.
  • Write the message: write messages suitable for the different customers who will purchase the greeting cards.

This will ensure that your customers can use other greeting cards for every occasion they want them for.

  • Send your contacts: once this is done, the next step is personalizing the greeting card depending on the different consumer categories and submitting your contacts.

You should ensure that you include the business logo where necessary and any other brand features.

  • Let the manufacturer do the rest: after this, you should relax and wait for the supplier to work on your greeting cards as specified.

Which is Better between a Traditional Handmade Greeting Card and Mass-produced Greeting Card?

As an importer or retailer of greeting cards, it is good to choose mass-produced greeting cards over traditional handmade greeting cards.

Figure 8 traditional handmade greeting card

traditional handmade greeting card

Some of the reasons why you should choose mass-produced greeting cards include:

  • Cost savings: purchasing mass-produced greeting cards in bulk will ensure that you enjoy quantity discounts, thus saving you a lot of money.
  • Turnaround time: mass-produced greeting cards tend to have a shorter turnaround period than traditional handmade greeting cards.
  • Customer satisfaction: mass-produced greeting cards ensure the availability of greeting cards suitable for any occasion.

It will ensure that your customers are satisfied and, in turn, lead to referrals and repeat clients.

What are the Factors in choosing Greeting Cards?

Some of the factors in choosing greeting cards include:

  • Identity of the sender: personal identity plays a significant role in selecting greeting cards.

Most senders use cards for self-expression and design selection to reflect personality and values.

  • Identity of the receiver: recipients tend to appreciate greeting cards that mirror their personality, share their values and connect with their thoughts.
  • Relationship between the sender and receiver: relationships tend to impact the selection of greeting card design.

Choices are based on professional business greeting cards for colleagues and clients, funny cards for friends, and sentimental cards for the family.

  • Social identity: A person’s identity in society affects the decision of the most appropriate greeting card.

This identity may change depending on the group and for whom the greeting card is meant.

  • Design of the greeting card: as an importer of greeting cards, you are aware that they come in different styles and designs.

Therefore , you should choose those suited for your customers.

  • Tone: most greeting cards have four techniques; serious, themed, funny, and lovely.

It is essential to select appropriate styles that meet your customers’ needs.

  • Price: as an importer, the price of greeting cards is an important consideration when purchasing them.

You should determine the costs of buying and importing the cards to ensure that they will bring back returns on investment.

  • Paper quality: greeting cards are made from different types of papers that have varying qualities.

It is essential to select greeting cards made from high-quality paper to ensure that you can efficiently meet your customers’ needs.

What is your Turnaround Time for Custom Printed Greeting Card?

The turnaround time for custom printed greeting cards depends on the number of pieces that you need.

From one to nine hundred and ninety-nine pieces, the turnaround time is about twenty business days.

From one thousand to nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine pieces, the turnaround time is about twenty-five business days.

From ten thousand to twenty thousand pieces, the turnaround time is about thirty business days. For pieces above twenty thousand, the turnaround time is discussed between you and the manufacturer.

What are the Packaging Considerations for Greeting Card?

Once you have decided on the size, type of paper, and product design, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will the greeting cards be sold individually or in sets?
  • Will each greeting card be wrapped, boxed, or bagged?
  • If the greeting cards are sold in sets, how many will they be per set?
  • Will the greeting card boxes or sets require labels, ribbons, or codes?

How do we ensure Greeting Card Quality when Importing from China?

Some of the guidelines for ensuring greeting card quality when importing from China include:

  • Finishing: greeting cards should be uniquely finished and have a look that is a more refined and luxurious appeal.

Some of the surface finishing options include glossy, plain, and textured.

  • Material: greeting cards should be made from material that exceptional and durable.

The material should be one that cannot be damaged during delivery or even after opening the greeting card.

  • Unique yet straightforward: when importing greeting cards from China, ensure that they are clean, uncluttered, and simple as this will ensure quality.

They should also have a unique and straightforward message suited for given occasions to fulfill various customer needs during different events.

  • Printing: a quality greeting card should use inks of high quality as this will make the card stay for a long time.

They should also be printed using water-resistant inks to make them resistant to water.

  • Dimensions: the size of the greeting card should be proportionate with the length of the message conveyed on it.
  • Fonts and typography: proper fonts are used to make greeting cards have an appealing look.

Manufacturers should also use eye-catching and great typography styles to give an elegant look to greeting cards.

  • Exceptional graphics and artwork: a greeting card of good quality must have artwork and images that give a great impression in the customers’ minds.

The pictures of a greeting card should also have a reasonable resolution to ensure that they are crisp and clear.

At HQES, we design and produce a range of greeting cards depending on your requirements and specifications.

Of course, this is alongside other paper cards such as stationery card, gift card, holiday card, Christmas cards, postcard and wedding cards, just to mention a few.

You can contact us for all your greeting cards from China.

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