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Custom gift bags are widely used to pack gifts and accessories for parties, holidays, events, and promotions.

At HQES, we have been manufacturing different styles of paper gift bags for over 10 years.

HQES custom gift bags come in different qualities of paper materials such as natural brown paper, glossy paper, matt paper, SBS paper, glossy paper, colorful paper, and many more. For quality gift bags, HQES uses 100% recyclable and eco-friendly paper material.

HQES is one of the most innovative paper gift bag manufacturers in China. We have rich experience in manufacturing blank brown gift bags, blank white gift bags, and also printed gift bags.

For the printed gift bags, HQES has a variety of printing processes to feature your logo or graphics such as foil hot stamping, spot UV printing, embossing, lamination, laser-cut, and many more.

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Custom Capabilities on Gift Bag

  • Lamination: will let your gift bag be much stronger for holding
  • UV printing & Glitter: will highlight words and logos onto your gift bag
  • Foiled printing: will be decorative on the surface of your gift bag much especially
  • Embossing: will make your gift bag with 3D printing feeling
custom gift bag
custom hang tag
HQES – Your Trusted Gift Bag Manufacturer from China

Gift Bag:

HQES has the experienced workers to support complicated projects, especially for the customized handmade gift bags glued with elegant accessories. HQES has over 10 years’ experience in manufacturing a variety of creative gift bags.

HQES is also your trusted gift bags supplier since we have an individual QA team to ensure each detail of your gift bags is customized as perfectly as possible. HQES starts the quality control from the paper material quality checking, ensuring the entire printing processes flow smoothly. Each finished gift bags are 100% inspected.

Also, HQES offers professional solutions for delivery packaging. You will get your customized gift bags safely, and delivery is always prompt.

HQES offers fairly flexible gift bag custom services. We take custom gift bag orders from small to large quantities, and low minimum orders are available as well.

HQES is a certified gift bags factory located in China. Your bulk gift bags orders will definitely get the most competitive factory prices from HQES. Small custom orders will always get the wholesale gift bags prices and speedy delivery.

Please note that HQES can customize any shapes and sizes of gift bags for you.

Gift Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing a suitable gift bag can be an overwhelming task without the right information.

That’s why this guide will make everything simple for you by exploring all the fundamental aspects you need about gift bags.

So keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Gift Bag?


It refers to a type of decorative bag designed for gift giving and can be used multiple times for that given purpose.

Gift bags are flexible and can accommodate items of varying shapes, also they possess handles that make it easy to carry them.

gift bag

gift bag

What Can You Carry in Gift Bag?

Some of the things you can put in a gift bag include:

  • Chocolates
  • Cookies
  • Candies
  • Snacks
  • Baked goods
  • Mints
  • Gift card
  • Money
  • Stickers
  • Toys
  • Crayons
  • Coloring books
  • Pretzels
  • Popcorn
  • Cheese balls

What Material Is Gift Bags Made From?

Gift bags are made from a wide material range.

Some gift bags are made from materials like paper and lightweight cardboard whereby most paper gift bags tend to be coated with plastic.

Paper gift bags are made from one of the following:

  • Brown kraft (natural color)
  • White kraft
  • White bleached art paper

Some of the gift bags are manufactured purely from plastic material.

Other types of gift bags are made from several fabric types like cotton, organza, and burlap.

The ropes used as handles of gift bags are threaded and their holes tend to have metal rings around them.

Gift bags tend to be decorated using glittery cut-outs, feathers, fake jewels, foam decals, or ribbons.

How Do Paper Gift Bags Compare To Other Material Gift Bags?

Paper gift bags are resource-intensive as compared to material gift bags as they require more material and processes.

Paper gift bags are made of a material that is biodegradable and recyclable.

Material gift bags are much harder to recycle although they are made from materials that can be reused so many times.

Material gift bags tend to be a more sustainable choice as compared to paper gift bags as they are reusable.

paper gift bags

paper gift bags

Are Paper Gift Bags Food Grade?

Some of the paper gift bags are food grade especially those which are made from kraft paper.

This is because they are less intoxicant as compared to others.

Food-grade paper gift bags have high elasticity thus can be used in packaging items that require durability and high tensile strength.

The thickness of these food-grade paper gift bags ranges from 70gsm, 80gsm to 90gsm.

They are biodegradable as they are made from natural renewable resources and can be reused multiple times.

These bags also are smell resistant hence can be used to pack food well without it getting a strange odor.

What Is The Difference Between Gift Bag And Gift Box?

Some of the differences between gift bags and gift box include:

Gift bags:

  • They are more flexible than gift boxes.

They tend to provide more flexibility for items and packages which are irregular shapes and fit with plenty of extra space.

  • Gift bags possess handles that make it easy to carry them.

Most gift boxes tend to lack handles thus it is hard to carry more than one object.

  • Gift bags are available in some premade graphics which are great.

Some of the gift bags possess solid colors which make them stand out from other gifts.

gift bag

gift bag

Gift boxes:

  • They are sturdier as compared to gift bags. This makes it possible to put heavy objects in them without being worried that they will fall.

They also are not easy to tear.

  • Gift boxes can also be highly customized and decorated in ways that you deem suitable.
  • They are available in varying sizes: although gift bags can also come in different sizes, the range of gift boxes is much greater.

gift boxes

gift boxes

What Are The Paper Material Options For Gift Bags?

The paper material options for gift bags include:

  • Brown or white kraft paper: it weighs about 120 to 160gsm and it is very popular and cost-effective.

It is mostly used in printed gift bags that have handles that are twisted.

  • White, brown, or colored recycled paper: weighs about 120-270gsm, has a natural feel, and is made from one hundred percent old paper that is recycled.

It is an eco-friendly choice because no additional trees are used in its production.

  • Art paper: this is manufactured from wood pulp and has a smooth surface that is suitable for prints.

Therefore, it is appropriate to use art paper in making printed gift bags.

It is divided into the following categories:

  • Colored art paper 120-300gsm
  • Coated white art paper 170-300gsm
  • Textured art paper 250-300gsm

What Is The Benefit Of Art Paper For Gift Bags?

Some of the benefits of art paper for gift bags include:

  • It has a smooth surface that accepts prints thus suitable for making printed gift bags.
  • Art paper is available in several thicknesses to suit your different needs.
  • Available in a wide range of colors which you can choose from.
  • The nature of art paper makes graphics printed on these gift bags to have clear and intense colors and be more vivid.
  • It can be embossed to give the gift bags a luxury texture and improve their aesthetic value.

When You Consider Textured, Coated Or Colored Paper For Gift Bags?

Textured paper for gift bags should be considered for gift bags that are unlamented.

Coated paper for gift bags is used for laminated gift bags in thicknesses between 200gsm and 300gsm.

Colored paper is used for unlamented gift bags having extra finishes like UV varnish or hot foil stamping and single-color screen print

What Are The Benefits Of Gifts Bag With Gusset?

Some of the benefits of gift bags with a gusset include:

  • They make the gift bag have a lot of space because the fold on the side of the gift bag expands when it is opened.
  • Gussets are used to give gift bags extra strength.

gift bag with gusset

gift bag with gusset

Are There Different Types Of Handles For Gift Bags?

Some of the different types of handles for gift bags include:

  • Twisted paper handles: they are simple, economical ad relatively strong.

These handles are made from purely recyclable material meaning the entire gift bag can be fully recycled.

  • Rope handles: made from polypropylene or cotton rope and are a common choice.

They are finished with a knot or T-lace and are available in several colors.

  • Die-cut handles: they are made by cutting shapes from the gift bag itself in a way that gives it a modern look and offers easier storage.
  • Ribbon handles: they are available in several colors and may be printed for your branding purposes.

Ribbon handles can either be tied at each end with a knot or secured in the top fold of the gift bag.

  • Patch secured handles: they are fixed onto the gift bags using strong glue.
  • Turnover top handles: they have additional paper at the top of the gift bag which is folded over and secured.

It serves as a reinforcement for the holes that are punched.

  • Flat handles: the paper is folded several to form strong handles.
  • Envelop top handle.

What Are The Features Of Rope Handles For Gift Bags?

Some of the features of rope handles for gift bags include:

  • Made from either cotton rope or polypropylene rope.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Includes baseboard.
  • Simple and softer as compared to twisted paper handles.
  • Their finishing is either by a T-lace or knot.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.
  • Beautiful gloss finish.
  • Possess small plastic fittings which make sure the handle does not slip out.
  • Easy storage.
  • Superior strength.
  • Easy for counter packing

How Much Weight Can Gift Bag Carry?

The weight that gift bags can carry will depend on the type of material used in making the bag.

Gift bags that have a twisted rope can carry up to 13 kilograms and it is easy to put them in storage.

Flat handle gift bags can carry a maximum weight of about 10 kilograms depending on their size.

What Are The Considerations For Choosing Gift Bag Sizes?

Some of the considerations for choosing gift bag sizes include:

  • Choose the right size of your gift bag: ensure that you select the suitable size of gift bags for the purpose you intend to use them.
  • Decide on how many gift bags to order:

When you order more gift bags, the price per gift bag will be lower and more cost-effective as you will be able to receive quantity discounts.

  • The number of colors you want to print:

The proof of your gift bags tends to vary depending on the number of colors that you want to print.

Gift bags with a single-color print tend to cost less than those that are fully color printed.

  • Select the type of paper for your gift bags:

Your gift bags will appear and feel different according to the type of paper they are made from and their thickness.

The type and strength of the paper material used also affect the durability and strength of the gift bag.

  • Choose appropriate handles:

It is important to select handles that are durable and will sustain the weight of the contents of the gift bags.

  • Decide whether to incorporate lamination: lamination refers to applying a thin layer to paper sheets of gift cards to protect and enhance their appearance.

They make the gift bags to be more resistant to tear, water, and more durable.

  • Special finishes: you may consider whether to add special finishes to your gift bags to enhance their appearance.

How Do You Measure A Gift Bag?

A gift bag is measured in the following way:

Length (longest side) x width (top side) x gusset (depth of base)

How Do You Choose Gift Bag Colors?

You may choose colors for your gift bags depending on how many colors you want them to have and the final appearance you need.

Gift cards printed using a single color tend to cost less than those with full-color print.

In case you want your gift card to have up to four colors, it can be printed using offset printing or screen printing.

This will be achieved by the use of Pantone-specific colors for your gift bag print job.

For printing of more than four colors, manufacturers offer full-color printing by use of high-quality offset print technology.

This is by use of CMYK color specification.

In case you need assistance on the best color for your printed gift bags, you may reach out for assistance.

Do Colored Gift Bags Run When Wet?

All colored gift bags are not supposed to get too wet but in case they do get wet, the color will not run onto the items.

However, when a gift bag gets wet despite the color gets wet its strength and sturdiness will be weakened.

How Do You Print On Gift Bags?

printed gift back

printed gift bag

Some of the ways to print on gift bags include:

Screen Printing

It uses a mesh to transfer ink onto a gift bag except in areas that are made impermeable to the ink via a blocking stencil.

It moves a blade across the screen to fill open mesh apertures with ink and uses reverse strokes to cause the screen to touch the gift bag momentarily on a line of contact.

In this way, the ink can wet the gift bag and pull it out of the mesh apertures as the screen spring back once the blade has passed.

Screen printing prints one color at a time therefore several screens may be used to produce multi-colored designs.

screen printing on a gift bag

screen printing on a gift bag

Lithographic Printing

It is a printing technique in which an image is transferred to a printing plate and then it is covered using both oil and water-based ink.

Its mixing utilizes the natural resistance of water and oil.

Once the image is applied onto the printing plate through either mechanical, laser-engraving, or photochemical process.

The printing plate is then passed over both water and ink rollers.

The purpose of the water is to dampen the non-image area of the surface of the plate.

The ink adheres only to the area of the image thus creating clean and highly accurate copies of gift bags in whatever color that is applied.

Once the ink has been applied, the image that is inked is transferred to a rubber blanket and rolled across the surface of the image.

The rubber blanket is then able to apply the image onto the final gift bags’ surfaces.

 lithographic printed gift bag

lithographic printed gift bags

Metallic Printing

It builds the design like a montage by cutting out metal shapes and then soldering them onto the surface of the plate.

These plates are in deep relief and they then make a heavily embossed print on gift bags.

The printing of the plates needs presses that are specially prepared in the high relief etching technique. This technique ensures strength and durability in gift bags.

metallic printed gift bag

metallic printed gift bag

What Are The Advantages Of Printing Gift Bags?

Some of the advantages of printed gift bags include:

  • Brand promotion: gift bags are used as a perfect tool for promotion.

Many popular brands use them for distribution at cooperate environments and distributing them at different influential events for customers and corporates.

  • Cost reduction: your promotional or advertisement costs and expenses are reduced, and these funds may be channeled to other segments that are important to the business.

In case you are producing your gift bags in bulk, the printing cost will automatically be reduced.

  • Increased market responses: the market response will be reduced when you use printed gift bags in making your company public.

You will be able to receive responses consistently due to the acceleration of the marketing process.

  • Maintain eco-friendliness: making use of printed gift bags from materials that are reusable contributes a lot towards environmental maintenance.

This eco-friendliness whelp in the protection of nature and reduce the amount of pollution to a large extent.

  • Great value delivery: distributing printed gift bags that possess colorful and attractive printed fetch very positive results in the promotion.

The promotional impact of printed gift bags also tends to last for a long time as people will remember the name of the brand in the future.

Are There Specific Requirements For Gift Bag Printing Ink?

There are specific requirements for gift bag printed inks as they are used for printing these food packaging in several ways.

Inks are for example used in printing on the exterior of the gift bag which holds food, reverse printing on its inside.

It is also used in printing on the inserts intended to be inserted in the gift bags.

Due to the various uses and many cases of contact with food, it is important to understand the regulatory requirements of gift bag printing inks.

The use of gift bag printing inks in those that are used for food packaging is subject to laws put in place by FDA.

There is also the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (“the act”).

The act specifies that the materials should be manufactured using good manufacturing practices and remain safe and suitable for the intended purpose.

How Do Pantone Match Vs Full-Color Printing For Gift Bags Compare?

Full-color printing or CMYK stands for the colors used in the printing process that is; cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

This printing technique is used in inkjet printers and it functions by combining the four colors in several ways to provide a wide range of secondary colors.

Pantone printing on the other hand is very specific to colors and ensures high precise mixes of ink to form an exact gift bag color.

It makes use of colors that are predetermined to match a given color which is used in the gift bag design process.

The main difference between full-color printing and Pantone printing is the level of accuracy.

Pantone is more consistent and can produce colors that are closer to the shade in the original digital design.

Pantone printing is however more costly as compared to full-color printing, especially in small print jobs. In full-color printing, it is easier to put together different gift bag jobs as compared to Pantone printing.

For Pantone printing, it needs the machine to be prepared for each different print job thus more cost-effective to run large jobs.

Full-color printing and Pantone printing tend to differ in terms of whether they can be utilized in conjunction with RGB which is an online color system.

It stands for red, green, and blue and is only used for online work, RGB can be converted into a full-color process.

However, there will be a visible change in the color as the color structure is created differently. RGB functions only with full-color printing and not with Pantone printing.

The differences between full-color printing and Pantone should be put in mind when deciding on which color to use for gift bags.

Pantone is a better choice for print jobs in which the exact color is not a major concern.

Full-color printing should select it depending on the nature of print jobs and constraints in budget.

Should I Get Lamination For My Paper Gift Bags?

Yes, you should get lamination for your paper gift bags as it makes them more resistant to tear and water, durable, and reusable.

Lamination refers to the application of a thin plastic layer to paper gift bags to enhance and protect the printed content.

Some of the lamination options that you may use for your paper gift bags include:

  • Gloss lamination: it gives the paper gift bags a glossy finish making them look sharper and crisper.

This technique provides a durable finish and makes the paper gift bags resistant to dust, fingerprints, and dust.

  • Matt lamination: it makes paper gift bags have a sophisticated finish, elegant and softer look.

This technique is not suitable for paper gift bags that are dark-colored because it is not resistant to scuff.

  • Soft-touch lamination: it offers your paper gift bags with a protective finish, matt effect, and velvet-like structure that is soft.

It resists fingerprints and is more resistant to scuff than other lamination techniques.

  • Metallic lamination: it is used if you want your paper gift bags to have a bright and reflective finish.

How Does Spot UV Vs Hot Foil Stamping Compare For Gift Bags?

Spot UV is a popular technique of coating that applies high-gloss UV coating to gift bags using UV light to cure the material’s varnish.

It gives the targeted spots of the gift bag a vibrant, aesthetic and adds a protective coating to the printed gift bag.

The main reason for using spot UV is to make colors on the printed gift bags shine and look more vibrant.

This draws more attention to the targeted area on the printed gift bag.

Hot foil stamping makes use of a die with a relief image.

The die that is heated presses or stamps the foil onto the gift bag creating a brilliant and eye-catching effect.

It is available in a wide range of patterns and colors like pigmented, clear foil, and holographic.

This technique works well for precise applications on small areas and creates a look that is upscale offering a depth impression.

What Is Embossing And Debossing For Gift Bags?

Embossing and debossing are two common and most effective printing techniques for high-end look to gift bags.

These printing techniques make an image on gift bags stand out as they add an extra layer of depth both visually and physically.

They give an added element of class to gift cards and create a more memorable touchpoint with the end consumer.

Embossing and debossing are great for calling attention and are mostly found on luxury packaging.

The embossing technique is carried out by pressing the substrate (gift bag) into a die that has the design you prefer etched to it.

Underneath the substrate, there is another version of the die of the same design.

These two dies are then mated using immense pressure and a little amount of heat as the substance is squished in between.

The result of this technique is that the design will be embossed into the gift card.

In debossing technique, the gift bag is turned upside down and then pushed below the surface.

It is the opposite of embossing as the area around the image is pressed.

The pressing is in such a way that the image is pushed down into the gift bag rather than being raised.

Embossing leaves a mirrored indentation on the other side of the gift bags.

Debossing does not leave an imprint on the rear of the gift card if it is thick enough.

What Is A Base Board Used For In A Gift Bag?

Some of the uses of the baseboard in a gift bag include:

  • They are used to give the gift bag its shape.
  • Baseboards make the gif bag stable to hold its content.
  • Gift bags can protect fragile objects from falling due to the presence of baseboards.]
  • They make it easy to store gift bags flat and be easily embellished for different occasions.

Are Gift Bags Biodegradable And Recyclable?

Gift bags are often not biodegradable or recyclable of all their adornments in case they are made from paper and plastic.

Those which are made from one hundred percent paper material are biodegradable and recyclable.

However, there are several ways in which gift bags can be made environmentally friendly like using reusable ones or paper gift bags.

What Are The Testing Requirements For Gift Bags?

Some of the testing requirements for gift bags include:

  • Nickel release:

Regulations in place need that products that come into prolonged contact with the skin should not emit more than 0.5 micrograms of nickel per square centimeter.

In case the spectrometer detects nickel content in gift bags, they will be tested for compliance and limits released.

  • Lead content: all items which are imported into the EU as of 9 October 2013 to date should not contain more than 500ppm of lead.
  • Cadmium content:

Regulations that came into application in December 2011 limit the amount of cadmium permissible in certain products when sold in the European market.

All plastic gift bags must contain epoxy resins of less than 100ppm of cadmium.

  • EN71: it has three parts whereby part 1 covers physical safety, part 2 takes care of flammability, and part 3 covers toxicity.

Where gift bags fall in any of these categories, they need to be tested in a laboratory that is accredited.

Apart from gift bag, HQES offers other paper bags such as shopping bags.

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