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Discover the perfect fit for your makeup, shampoo, or skincare products with our custom cosmetic boxes. Say goodbye to stock packaging suppliers and embrace our folding carton boxes crafted to your exact specifications.

HQES offers a wide range of custom cosmetic packaging options, from wholesale to retail, display to gift boxes, and luxurious to eco-friendly packaging. Our fair prices and vibrant full-color printing ensure your custom boxes stand out on store shelves or during delivery to your customers.

Custom Capabilities on Cosmetic Box

  • Foil Stamping: a new layer of texture brilliant your cosmetic box
  • Lamination: will let your cosmetic box be much strength
  • UV Printing: let words be 3D coating feeling on cosmetic box
  • Folding: will save storage space for customized cosmetic box
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HQES – Your Cosmetic Box Manufacturer from China

Whether you are a new startup brand, a small or a large cosmetics and beauty brand, whenever you are looking for brilliant custom boxes for packaging beauty and cosmetics products, HQES must be your best choice.

Cosmetic Box:

HQES only uses quality paper and cardstock materials to customize cosmetic boxes. All the papers HQES uses are 100% recyclable.

HQES has a range of decorative techniques for your cosmetic boxes. Our techniques include a cover lamination to make the boxes feel luxurious, UV printing for box packaging with a high-end look, embossing, and glittering to customize cosmetic boxes, thereby attracting shoppers in department stores and supermarkets. Furthermore, HQES has modern machines for producing good-looking printed beauty boxes.

HQES guarantees top quality cosmetic boxes due to the brilliant and experienced QC teams. They keep inspecting all processes and each detail of your customized cosmetic boxes.

HQES is an experienced and certified makeup box wholesale supplier in China. Even small businesses get high-quality cosmetic boxes customized by HQES at affordable prices. HQES has no minimum order limit.

Cosmetic Box: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re in the cosmetic manufacturing industry, adopting an attractive cosmetic box is an essential marketing tool you can’t ignore.

That’s why this guide will answer all questions you have about the cosmetic box.

By the end of the, you will be able to choose the best cosmetic box for your marketing strategy.

Let’s dive right in.

What is a Cosmetic Box?

 Different designs of cosmetic box

Different designs of cosmetic box

It is a type of box that is used for packaging cosmetic products and fragrances.

These products and fragrances are intended for beautifying, human cleansing, and giving an enhanced appearance without altering the structure of the body.

What are the Common Uses of Cosmetic Box?

Some of the common uses of the cosmetic box include:

  • Cosmetic boxes are used to protect cosmetic products from the sun and moisture.
  • Storage: they are used in holding cosmetic products, just making it easier for customers to handle them
  • Gift giving: the cosmetic box is used as wrapping when giving small gifts, and this makes any gift to be eco-friendlier and more affordable.
  • Decoration: due to its aesthetic value, cosmetic boxes can be used to decorate spaces.

What are the notable Features of Cosmetic Box?

Some of the notable features of the cosmetic box include:

  • Appealing: a cosmetic box should be extremely colorful and extravagant.
  • Hard-wearing: you should make it with materials that can sustain external effects and should not be too heavy to carry around.
  • Brand messaging: cosmetic box should be made in a way that conveys the message of the brand.
  • Safety: an efficient cosmetic box should secure its contents and protect them from any damage.
  • Easy to open: despite the cosmetic box being appealing to the eye, it should be easy to open so that your clients have an easy time accessing your products.

How is Cosmetic Box manufactured?

You can make cosmetic boxes from different materials ranging from synthetic materials, polymers, and trees.

The most commonly used cosmetic boxes are made from recycled materials and trees as the main raw material.

Some of the steps that a typical cosmetic box manufacturing process incorporates:

 Cosmetic box design

 Cosmetic box design

  1. Acquiring raw material for the manufacture of the cosmetic box. It can be recycled cardboard, newspapers, or pulp from softwood trees.
  2. Next step of manufacturing involves the breakdown of raw materials such as wood chips to the pulp. Chemicals are added to strengthen the pulp.
  3. Pulp undergoes a corrugation process that involves drying the pulp to create cardboard.
  4. Dry pulp is then rolled through a corrugated roller that flutes the paper to give it strength.
  5. Glue is applied to the liners of the cosmetic box to make strong cardboard.
  6. The corrugated cardboard box is cut into size depending on the cosmetic box requirement.
  7. After the cosmetic box is cut into size, it is trimmed, and flaps are cut out. The flaps are essential in constructing the box.
  8. The flapped cosmetic box is assembled to the required style and size.

What is Cosmetic Box made of?

A cosmetic box may be made of the following materials:

  • Special paper: it should be either gold foil stamping or silver.
  • Leather: should be either debossed or embossed
  • Glossy paper: be printed colorfully.
  • PU leather: should be foil stamped.

How does Cosmetic Packaging Box benefit your Business?

 Cosmetic box

 Cosmetic box

Some of the benefits of the cosmetic box to your business include:

  • Save costs: cosmetic boxes assist in purchasing larger boxes upon receiving certain orders as you can specify dimensions you need to the manufacturer.
  • Affordable marketing: cosmetic boxes have the company’s logo and necessary details on them. Thus, they serve as a great technique for marketing your company to the customers.
  • Help develop your professional image: cosmetics help customers create an image of your brand to their minds and easily distinguish them from others.
  • Increased brand visibility: when shipping products to your customer, many people will be able to come across your brand along the way.
  • Customer satisfaction: they also strengthen the customer’s impression when displaying the products in the store or delivering a customer’s order.
  • Product safety: cosmetic boxes ensure that the products are safe and delivered to the customer in the right condition.
  • Stand apart from the competition: custom paper box packaging makes your brand distinct from your competitors.
  • Protect the products from contamination and sunlight: most cosmetic products can react when exposed to external factors, and cosmetic boxes ensure that they are safe.
  • Tamper-resistant: cosmetic box ensures tamper resistance and prevents leakages.

Which Inlay Options are used in Cosmetic Box?

Some of the inlay options used in a cosmetic box include:

  • Paper inlay: A thick card is used to hold the products n the cosmetic box and is well shaped to suit the function.
  • Plastic inlay: this is a better way if you need packaging that suits your products’ shape as you can easily shape it.
  • Foam inlay: it is a softer inlay option and protects the products inside the cosmetic box.
  • EVA inlay: it is relatively expensive as compared to other options and more luxurious.

What are the available Surface Finishing Options for Cosmetic Box?

The surface finishing options for the cosmetic box include:

  • Embossing: whereby heat is pressed generally into the cosmetic box without using any ink or foil to obtain a dense texture.
  • Debossing: it gives the cosmetic box a 3D visual effect, and the cosmetic box is well pressed rather than bulging out.
  • Spot UV enables durability and protects the shiny coat on top of the cosmetic box, thus enhancing its design and giving it a glossier look.
  • Gloss varnishing

Matte lamination: matte lamination is a process that provides a layer that is great and protective to the cosmetic box.

It is dull and dim and gives the cosmetic box a decent look.

  • Silver hot stamping
  • Gold hot stamping
  • Any hot color stamping

Which Printing Methods are used on Cosmetic Box?

 Cosmetic box

Cosmetic box

Some of the printing methods used on the cosmetic box include:

  • Lithography printing: in this method, the chosen image is transferred from metal plates that are thin to a surface made of rubber. It is then transferred to the printing areas using ink rollers and a film that is water-based used on the non-printing areas.
  • Flexography printing uses a flexible relief plate and works by subtracting the ink using rubber that is flexible to printing plates. The ink in this printing technique dries by an evaporation method, but it is important to apply the modern version of letterpress.
  • Digital printing is a very professional printing technique whereby an image is directly printed onto the cosmetic box. The entire process uses a high-volume laser method, inkjet printers, and a larger format and is ink-based.
  • Rotogravure printing: it produces a premium print quality, can easily print photo images, and easily add PMS color to the four-color process. This printing technique lasts for a long time, and you can print high-quality volumes, and images do not deteriorate in quality over time.
  • Silkscreen printing: it is relatively affordable as it needs low costs for setting up and can be used on smaller volumes. Silk printing does not need a flat surface for printing on.

What is the benefit of Full-Color Printing on Cosmetic Box?

Custom cosmetic box

 Custom cosmetic box

Some of the benefits of full-color printing include:

  • Increased attention span and recall.
  • Makes messages more memorable.
  • The readership of direct messages on the cosmetic box is enhanced.
  • Creates high recognition of your brand.
  • Increased customer comprehension, retention, and motivation.

What are the available Sizes for Cosmetic Box?

The size ranges for the cosmetic box include:

  • Length: the length of the cosmetic box may range between 0.75 inches to 30 inches.
  • Width: the width of the cosmetic box may range between 0.75 inches to 20 inches.
  • Depth: the depth of the cosmetic box may range between 1.75 inches to 20 inches.

Do you provide Custom Dimensions for Cosmetic boxes? What is the MOQ?

Yes, we provide custom dimensions for cosmetic boxes, ensuring that there is sufficient space for fitting and protecting your products.

However, you should ensure that your chosen custom dimension should be within the dimension range indicated by the manufacturer.

Cosmetic boxes do not have minimum order quantities.

However, it is important to note that you will enjoy quantity discounts when you purchase more.

What is Online Design Tool for Custom Cosmetic Box?

It is a feature that enables uploading images, adding text, and combining colors once you have indicated the specifications of your custom cosmetic box order.

The online design tool used is a 3Ddesign tool, and it is made up of the following parts that function together to make a custom cosmetic box:

  • Design canvas emulates how the custom cosmetic box appears depending on the dimensions and materials chosen.
  • The 3D preview shows the location of each selection of the custom box as you select on the design canvas. This preview will update, elements being added to the design canvas.
  • Left toolbar: it gives you the chance to add text and set your custom cosmetic box background. You may also add lines or shapes and adjust the specifications of the custom cosmetic box.
  • Top toolbar: This allows you to choose to edit the location angle of an image, text, or shape of the custom cosmetic box. Also enables copying or deleting the elements of design.

How do you Design Custom Cosmetic boxes?

Some of the tips for designing a custom cosmetic box include:

  1. Prime before you design: before getting started, it is important to clarify the following;
  • Defining your ideal customers.
  • Establishing your brand personality.
  • Determining how your ideal customers are buying your product.
  • Creating a mood board for your brand.
  1. Let cosmetic packaging trends inspire you to like:
  • Intricate line drawings
  • Unique custom fonts.
  • Bold-eye catching patterns.
  • Modern minimalist pastels.
  • Cool black packaging with a twist.
  1. Create your perfect cosmetic packaging by setting your:
  • Brand design standards.
  • Style.
  • Colors.
  • Fonts.
  1. Gather the information that you need to include on your cosmetic box packaging like:
  • Expiration labels.
  • Additional images and graphics.
  • An image is indicating that your product is cruelty-free.
  • Government warning labels.
  • Brand copy.
  1. Choose your packaging type.
  2. Select a focal point for your design.
  3. Finally, your design will be ready, and you may start designing your cosmetic boxes.

What are the Design Considerations for Custom Cosmetic Box?

Some of the considerations for the custom cosmetic box include:

  • Use creative illustrations or distinct patterns: ensure the pattern designs and color drape well with the cosmetic box’s surface.
  • Combine purposeful color: for products meant to refresh the skin, like sunblock and moisturizers, you may use colors green and blue.
  • Emphasize your brand with a custom font: use typography that can captivate customers’ attention and maintain their focus.

Which File Format do you accept for Custom Cosmetic Box Artwork?

The file formats that are acceptable for custom cosmetic box artwork include:

  • High-resolution PDF
  • CDR
  • AI

What Colors are available for Cosmetic Box?

Some of the available colors for the cosmetic box include:

  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • green

What type of Products can you package in Cosmetic Box?

Cosmetic boxes are commonly used for packaging products such as:

  • Perfumes
  • Essential oil
  • Eyelash
  • Lipstick
  • Skincare products
  • Wigs
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Makeup brush
  • Nail polish
  • Eye shadow palettes

When should you consider Custom Cosmetic Box vs. Off-the-shelf Cosmetic Box?

Unlike a custom cosmetic box, off-the-shelf boxes are mainly plain with minimal information, designs, and patterns.

On the other hand, the custom cosmetic box is decorated and appealing to the eye.

They are also smaller compared to off-the-shelf cosmetic boxes.

The production cost for a custom cosmetic box is higher compared to that of off-the-shelf cosmetic boxes.

Custom cosmetic boxes tend to be made from a more durable material than off-the-shelf cosmetic boxes.

Which Payment Methods do you accept for Cosmetic Box?

Some of the payment options that we accept for the cosmetic box include:

  • Transfer of the money through western union.
  • Wiring money straight to the manufacturer using an international transfer.
  • Use of PayPal.
  • You may also use Alipay or Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  • Using a broker.
  • You can also open an account in China and make a local transaction.

Do Cosmetic Boxes have a Minimum Order Requirement (MOQ)?

No, cosmetic boxes do not have a minimum order quantity.

It is, however, important to note that when you buy cosmetic boxes in bulk, you will be able to enjoy quantity discounts.

What are Metallic Inks Printing for Cosmetic boxes, and why should you consider it?

Metallic ink printing refers to a great way to give cosmetic boxes an impressive luxury quality feel.

It uses the following methods in creating a metallic look on cosmetic boxes:

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is divided into two categories, namely:

  • Hot foil stamping: The metallic look is formed by transferring a layer of aluminum coating that is very thin onto the foil paper. It is then transferred to the intended cosmetic box by use of pressure and heat.
  • Cold foil stamping uses a roll of vacuum metalized polyester film with surface protection and separation coating to give a metallic finish. It is performed during the process of printing the cosmetic box.

Metallic Ink Printing

It uses two types of printing technology to form metallic inks and coatings, and these include:

  • Metallic powder technology: this is a very old technology and produced a finished result of metallic powder on products, thus overcoming many shortcomings. The surfaces of cosmetic boxes using this technique were dull and had low resistance levels to exposure.
  • Metallic platelet technology: it is the latest technology and has found solutions to metallic powder technology’s shortcomings. It uses metallic inks to print an appearance that is unique and shiny on cosmetic boxes’ surfaces.

Metallic ink creates a metallic sheen when the cosmetic box’s surface is left to dry, and the metallic particles rise to the box’s surface.

Metalized Cosmetic Box Printing

The metallic effect of this technique is achieved by the natural metallic color of the metalized cosmetic box. The cosmetic box can either be matte or glossy.

It is further categorized into:

  • Aluminum foil board laminates
  • PET/BOPP metalized cosmetic box
  • Transfer metalized cosmetic box
  • Direct metalized cosmetic box

Which Closure Options do you provide for Cosmetic Box?

Some of the closure options that we provide for cosmetic boxes include:

  • Dog-bone retractable handle: in this mechanism, the cosmetic box features two cuts to enter and hold onto the handle ends.
  • Corner punch out: this creates a filler space that holds contents in the cosmetic box in place when pushed. The punch-out is created using two parallel cuts and cutting across the corner crease of the cosmetic box.
  • Greenleaf overlap lock: entails a Greenleaf closure that overlaps at the top and can be done on the cosmetic box’s bottom.
  • Auto-locking bottom: it is a type of closure pre-glued and makes it possible to fold the cosmetic box down flat. The bottom lock can fall in place when the cosmetic box is popped open as the glued flaps take the position and lock automatically.
  • Centre hanger with dagger lock: this mechanism is when the pane on top can close over a hanger that pulls through and hangs in the middle of the top. The dagger is then able to be tucked into the back panel’s top.
  • Full seal ends: this mechanism entails fold tucks flaps first, followed by swinging from the rear panel and finally swinging from the front panel. In this type of closure, an automated sealer is used for gluing.
  • Greenleaf bottom: this closing mechanism is very secure and able to support a lot of weight. It uses a single closure panel with two tabs facing the opposite direction, which overlap to form a secure closure.
  • Open corner lid: it features a mechanism of closure which is a non-glued lid or dust cover.
  • A standing pillow pack is a closing mechanism that remains flat until the tuck flaps are closed to create a convex pillow-like structure.

How do you Reduce the Cost of Cosmetic Box?

Some of the tips to reduce the cost of the cosmetic box include:

  • Combining printing jobs: If you have new upcoming printing jobs for cosmetic boxes, you should combine them to avoid setup costs.
  • Obtaining multiple quotes from suppliers or manufacturers and comparing them wisely. In case you are unable to analyze the suppliers, you may use a broker to carry out that task.
  • Halftones of ink: ink used to print graphics on the surface of your cosmetic box can be reduced to half instead of additional colors. For example, you can use two colors and lighten them up instead of using four colors.
  • Die-cutting shapes: at times, it is cheaper to add a window on cosmetic boxes rather than embossing or foil stamping to captivate customers’ attention. In this way, the cost of adding an area that is cut out is a relatively inexpensive way to attract the customers’ attention.

What should quality Standards Cosmetic Boxes adhere to?

 Cosmetic box

 Custom cosmetic box

Some of the quality standards that cosmetic boxes should adhere to include:

  • EC Directive 94/62/EC, Heavy Metals Content in Packaging.
  • D4727/D4727M-17
  • D5118/D5118M-15(2020)
  • D5168-12 (2017)
  • D1968-19
  • Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004, Food Safety.
  • AS 2070-1999
  • D5639/D5639M-20
  • D6804-19
  • D1974/D1974M-16
  • D2658-18
  • D3951-18
  • ASTM B117, Resistance to Corrosion. (1%)
  • CPSIA Phthalate content.
  • D5570/D5570M-10 (2015)

How do you check the quality of Cosmetic Box?

To check the quality of cosmetic boxes, you should look for the following:

  • Strength and Safety: Cosmetic boxes should be safe for packaging products, and one should check their strength to avoid cosmetics from falling.
  • Color tone: color is an essential determinant of cosmetic box quality as the discrepancy in color indicates low vendor workmanship. Cosmetic boxes should have vivid colors and of great quality to highlight the luxury and aesthetic value.
  • Viewing angle: a cosmetic box of high quality should possess a high-end look from every direction and be very bright.
  • Surface coarseness: The cosmetic box’s surface should be smooth and be within +or- 1mm.

It will be a clear representation of the level of quality control and workmanship of the company.

What is the difference between Foil Stamping and Metallic Ink Printing for Customs Cosmetic Box?

Some of the differences between foil stamping and metallic ink printing for customs cosmetic box include:

Shiniest Finish- foil Stamping

Foil stamping creates a metal finish that is more realistic as compared to metallic ink printing.

It is because it is the final thing applied to the custom cosmetic box.

The metallic inks are runny and thus need to begin during the printing process.

The effect of the inks may become muddled as you keep adding new ink to the cosmetic box.

Best Subtle Metallic Effect- metallic Ink Printing

In case you need your cosmetic box to have a metallic effect that is more subtle, then you should choose metallic ink printing than foil stamping.

Best Choice for Embossing- foil Stamping

Foil stamping is the perfect choice if you would like to add a metallic shine to cosmetic boxes embossed.

If metallic inks are embossed, the ink will crack, and the effect on the cosmetic box will be damaged.

All these factors are due to the metallic ink’s nature, as it has metal and real flakes in its mixture.

Biggest Color Variety- metallic Ink Printing

Both metallic ink printing and foil stamping offer various colors that look like metals, including silver, gold, and Bronze.

Both also contain several tented colors of metals in several shades like greens, blues, and reds.

However, because metallic ink printing can be modified to many degrees, it allows a wide range of colors to choose from.

Most Durable-foil Stamping

Foils stamping possesses a longer lifespan than metallic ink printing.

This lifespan is also lengthened if the foil elements are debossed, as this makes a seal to the stock.

Metallic ink printing, on the other hand, becomes brittle over time.

It can leave the cosmetic boxes with a cracked effect when they get older, and you can lengthen it by adding a coating.

Least Expensive Option- metallic Ink Printing

Metallic ink printing is generally the most affordable method of adding metallic elements to your cosmetic boxes.

In simpler terms, an area of the cosmetic box printed using metallic ink printing will be cheaper than that same size that is foil printed.

Best Fine Detail-metallic Ink Printing

Metallic ink printing can retain a greater level of detail as compared to foil stamping.

Best Textural Effect-foil Stamping

Foil stamping is very smooth to touch and is noticeably different on the custom cosmetic boxes than metallic ink printing.

How does Cosmetic Box vs. Favor Box vs. Gift Box compare?

A cosmetic box is used to primarily package cosmetic containers and for secondary packaging of cosmetics and fragrances.

It ensures that these products are protected from contamination and sunlight exposure to ensure they reach the final consumer in the appropriate condition.

A favor box refers to a type of box used to hold small gifts issued to guests at parties or weddings to thank them for attending. It also serves as an aid to frivolity.

A gift box refers to a type of box used to issue gifts to people, making the gift-giving process magical.

They show care, and some surveys show that they may help strengthen the relationship among individuals.

Do you provide Cosmetic Box Samples? How can one get them?

Yes, we provide cosmetic box samples, and you can get them by ordering from the manufacturer.

The cosmetic box samples will give you a tangible feel of our products before placing your order.

To get a sample from us, you will need to fill a form online, and we will send you a special delivery.

Apart from cosmetic box, HQES offers a range of paper boxes such as flower box, gift box, pillow boxes, favor boxes and corrugated box, just to mention a few.

Contact us today for the best designs and competitive prices on cosmetic boxes.

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