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Discover the power of choice with HQES Custom Booklet Printing, offering an array of binding options to suit every need. Whether for event programs, instruction manuals, or product catalogs, our booklets deliver premium quality at an affordable price. Choose from various sizes and enjoy vibrant color quality with our diverse paper options.

Versatile Binding Styles: HQES doesn’t limit you to saddle-stitched binding; we offer a spectrum of binding methods to fit your project’s unique requirements. Options include perfect bound, spiral bound, wire-o, and more, allowing for complete customization of your booklets.

Tailored to Your Specifications: We specialize in creating personalized booklets for all purposes. Our process ensures high-quality print output, quick turnaround, and excellent customer service. Explore our extensive paper stocks, including environmentally friendly options, to match your brand’s ethos.

Your Vision, Realized: At HQES, your unique booklet project is our priority. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the customization process, ensuring your final product reflects your exact vision.

Custom Booklet Printing Services: With HQES, you have the freedom to design booklets that truly represent your brand. From laminated covers and UV coating to a variety of binding styles, we make it easy to create booklets that are as unique as your business.

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Custom Capabilities on Booklet

  • Staple Binding: an easy way to create your booklet
  • Sewing Binding: your booklet will be with ancients feeling
  • UV printing: standing out your logo on the booklet
  • Glitter Printing: a great way to amaze your design of the booklet
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HQES – China's Premier Custom Booklet Manufacturer

Choose HQES as your go-to for all custom booklet needs, ensuring reliability and quality with every order.

Flexible Customization: HQES accommodates all types of booklet orders, from small to bulk quantities, ensuring the best prices, quality, and prompt delivery. Our diverse range caters to both wholesale and personal needs with competitive rates and high standards.

Expertise and Variety: As a professional booklet manufacturer in China, HQES offers a wide array of binding types including saddle stitching, thread stitching, and ring bindings, alongside specialized options like shaped and dot die-cut booklets. Our automatic machines craft each booklet to perfection, tailored to your specific needs.

Quality and Speed: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our high-quality production and fast turnaround times. With an experienced QA team, we ensure each booklet meets the highest standards of quality and design.

Trusted Partnership: Our long-standing client relationships are a testament to our reliable service and quality products. Clients trust us year after year, relying on our guarantee of high-quality booklets and on-time delivery.

Booklet Essentials: Your Complete Guide & FAQs

What Is A Booklet?

It is a type of book containing a stack of two or more sheets of paper that are letter-sized and folded into half.

Booklets are available in several sizes and shapes although they tend to be smaller than the actual book.



What Can I Use A Booklet For?

Some of how you can use a booklet include:


Booklets are an effective marketing tool for businesses if they are designed with an appealing look that catches the attention of potential clients.


Booklets are used to serve the purpose of promoting the products of an organization.

In this way, you will be able to give individuals a taste of what products they should expect from you.

Training Manuals:

Booklets offer sufficient space for all important information such as goals, objectives, and instruction during employees’ training.

This is because they are relatively affordable as compared to having a standard book that is printed.

What Makes Booklets Effective For Marketing?

Booklets are very effective for marketing because you can make them be in a way that is beautiful and easy to read.

This will make them appealing to the eye and catch the attention of potential customers.

These beautiful booklets also make it even possible to advertise in homes of people and this is an efficient marketing strategy.

However, it is important to know that the design of the booklet is key as no one will choose one which is bland.

Is Booklet The Same As Brochure?

No booklet and brochure are not the same as each of them offer something different as compared to the other during marketing.

This depends on the types of customers who are being targeted and the distribution method.

A booklet refers to a book with is little in size while a brochure refers to a pamphlet.

Booklets tend to contain either two or more pages that are stitched together or folded.

Brochures, on the other hand, possess several pages and have heavy-duty paper covers.

Booklets tend to be a good way of passing across information more concisely.

Brochures, on the other hand, are effective in highlighting the value of a product or its quality.

What Are The Different Options For Binding Booklets?

Some of the different options of binding booklets include:

Punch And Bind

It entails inserting holes through punching into the prints and the covers of the booklet.

The holes punched on the covers and prints of the booklet are then fixed together and fixing them together using either wires or rings.

Examples of pinch and bind include:

  • Ring binding
  • Comb binding
  • Spiral binding

Stitched Binding

This binding technique makes a booklet that has bindings that are durable and do not require hardcovers.

An example includes saddle/stitched binding, and it entails stapling along creases that are folded with pages that are flat to create a strong bond.

Thermally Activated

It uses resin or glue to bind the booklet’s pieces together. Examples of the thermally activated binding technique include:

  • Perfect binding
  • Tape binding
  • Thermal binding

What Is A Perfect Bind Booklet?

A perfect bind booklet is a marketing tool possessing multiple pages and can deliver too much information in a manner that is easy to read.

How Can Perfect Bind Booklets Benefit My Brand?

Perfect bind booklets can benefit your brand in the following ways:

Booklet design

Booklet design

  • It offers a professional binding that enhances the sense of the quality of your brand image.
  • Perfect bind booklets are available in two sizes which you can choose from standard and half size.
    The choice of the pages counts in increments from 40 to 96 and this enables you to select the suitable price and size.
  • Its interior page stocks are made of full color which enables you to showcase your products and services in style.
  • The cover stocks of perfect bind booklets are thick and have full color and are available in very good finishes which ensure that you get noticed easily.

What Are Basic Booklet Design Considerations?

Some of the basic booklet design considerations include:

  • Attract the attention of people using a compelling text:Eye-catching use phrases is such a way that people will pick the booklet and read it when they see it.
  • Command attention with the cover of the booklet:The design of the cover should possess a phrase that captivates attention, your company logo, and a beautiful image to capture the attention of customers.
  • Set the tone of the booklet using the color: color airs out your intended message in a very great way.Therefore, select colors which go hand in hand with the theme of the booklet.
  • Select the right size and font of the booklet:Select fonts which are easy to read and use different sizes to echo the importance of the information you are passing across.
  • Organize using boxes: boxes help in drawing attention when they possess images and texts that are key.
  • Strategically use white spaces: white space offers an empty place for positioning images and texts.It is important to use these white spaces strategically to control the booklet from appearing overdone and cluttered.
  • Select an appropriate fold:Booklets have two types of the fold; Z-fold used when presenting too much information and trifold used for booklets with less information.It is good to select a booklet fold that suits the amount of information you would like to pass across.
  • Bring the booklet to life using photographs:Images and pictures are a perfect way to echo the message of your company which is in text format.However, it is important to just use them appropriately and not to rely too heavily on them.

How Can I Customize Fonts For Booklets?

Booklets with customized fonts bring bout uniqueness which grabs attention instantly and demonstrates authority thus leading to increased sales.

Customized booklet

Customized booklet

Some of the things you need to have in mind before deciding to create a customized font include:

  • Be aware of your commitment:Once you have selected a custom font and have undertaken the process of creation, it will take a bit of time before determining its effectiveness.Therefore, it is important to like the font from the beginning otherwise you will not have the zeal to use it.
  • Make sure your custom font represents your company:You should match the customized font with the business’ mood, style, and personality.The most appropriate customized fonts should bring about emotions being justified but logical and express the nature of your business well.
  • Enhance your booklets, but do not distract ensure that your customized font enhances your booklet, and it is easy to read and have an understanding.

What Are Unique Layout Ideas For Booklets?

Not all booklets are made in the same way as they involve the addition of layouts that are unique to improve their visibility by people.

Some of the unique layouts which you can consider for booklets include:

Highlight Your Customers:

On every few pages of the booklet, devote your time to highlight your customers and how your services or products have brought them benefits.

Break Out Of The Box:

Many booklets tend to lose products one by one using rows and columns.

Make yourself unique by breaking your products out of the box making your design flow throughout by avoiding constraining lines.

Go Big:

The value of booklets is greater than quantity, large images have more impact despite occupying a lot of space, a headline that is large attract more attention.

A command is given by large call-out boxes thus driving more sales.

Chart It:

To bring out results that are measurable, make use of graphs and charts.

Despite them not adding color to the nature of the booklet, they add credibility.

Good, Better & Best:

If your products have a hierarchy, lay out your booklet to show the hierarchy.

Have a comparison of prices, features, benefits, support levels, or any other important information.

How Can I Use Templates To Create An Effective Booklet For My Business?

The creation of booklets ensures business efficiency will make sure that you receive profit in the business.

To save time, you can utilize a booklet layout template as this well-trained your direct mail booklet designs.

Because there are a lot of pages, booklets can be tiresome to design and maybe more expensive if printed online.

Booklet templates eliminate guesswork, and this enables you to know the accuracy of your design.

These templates use several lines which do not only set the size of the booklet but also its shape, they also ensure faster and exact printing.

It is important to understand the layout lines and to follow them accordingly and this will make your booklets look very great.

These include:

Bleed Area:

On booklet templates, it refers to the area which is outside the actual page dimensions where colors and lines must be drawn through for edge-to-edge printing.


It is a line that shows the actual size of the page and where the finished print of the job will be cut.

You can use it to help look at the distance from your booklet to the text elements and graphics together with the safety line.

Safety Line:

All images and texts that require to be included in the booklet, must be inside the safety line to prevent anything from being cut off.

A safety line is important because you are assured that everything will be included in the booklet including the borders and design elements.

Why Does Paper Matter In Booklet Manufacturing And Printing?



Selecting the best type of paper for your booklet begins with understanding why it is a crucial element.

Your customers view the quality of your booklet with your products’ quality thus it is essential to have a high-quality print job for booklets.

This is because a high-quality print job of the booklet indicates that you offer high-quality products, customer support, and services.

This in turn influences the purchasing decisions of customers.

Using the right paper stock for printing booklets helps in bringing a sub-discipline referred to as sensory marketing.

So long as you understand the best type of paper for printing your booklets, your designs will always look amazing and thus will grab the attention of customers.

The feel of a paper material used in printing booklets makes a statement even before it is printed.

Booklets made from paper materials that feel sleek and bright, soft and luxurious, textured or smooth motivate customers.

What Are The Considerations For Choosing The Best Paper For Booklet Printing?

Some of the considerations for choosing the best paper for booklet printing include:

  • High opacity: it allows heavier ink coverage on the booklet.
  • High brightness: it makes the booklet to become more vivid.
  • High thickness: it offers stability on the booklet.
  • Smooth surface: booklets with smooth surface absorb inks quickly and this minimizes any imperfections and inkblots.

What Is The Best Booklet Cover Option?

The most important cover of booklet decision is to select the best type of paper to use.

A cover that is too flimsy will make the booklet tear easily and it will be difficult to flip through.

Soke of the booklet cover options include:

  • Booklet cover color options: some booklet designs require a black and white cover but for most booklet covers;
    You will need to use full-color printing full-color printing ensures that your information is presented to customers more attractively.
  • Booklet cover binding options: booklets can be bonded either using a saddle stitch or a wire O binding.
    Wire O binding is more expensive, but it provides a design that is more attractive and holds pages together well as compared to saddle stitching.

What Does Hot Stamping Mean?

Booklet printing

Booklet printing

Hot stamping refers to a printing technique that uses three main elements: pressure, heat, and the correct foil job.

It works by applying a metallic foil to the surface of a booklet using sufficient pressure for sealing a thin layer of foil and heated dye.

To create the final design of the booklet, each color is added individually via multiple press runs.

What Are The Advantages Of Hot Stamping Booklets?

Some of the advantages of hot stamping booklets include:

  • Increased visibility: hot stamping is a creative technique that brings out booklets that are more artistic and visible by ensuring that they have an aesthetic finish.
  • Environmentally friendly: it is a process that is quick, clean, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.
  • Flexible: hot stamping can be used on any type of material thus suitable for all types of booklets.
  • Variety of choices: hot stamping can be paired with other techniques like debossing and embossing to form a final booklet that is unique.
  • Long-lasting: hot stamping of booklets does not entail the use of ink and thus the color cannot change making it able to last for very long periods.
  • Timeless: it dresses up the booklet in a way that is classical and very timely thus attracting the attention of customers.

How Hot Stamping Compare To Silk Foil Printing For Custom Booklets?

Hot stamping compares to silk foil printing for custom booklets in the following ways:

  • Speed and convenience: it allows the achievement of a guiding and relief that is attractive on one machine.
    This makes the process very fast as compared to two processes which are separate in the hot foil stamping.
  • Freedom in the selection of paper: relief that is obtained makes it possible to apply silk foil on sheets that are thick and on very thin sheets.
    This is because of the UV glue which creates this relief.
  • Economy: silk foil makes you forget about the expense of preparing backing blocks as in the case of hot stamping.
  • Environment: silk foil is waste-free as compared to hot stamping as it does not contain a lot of wastage in setting up.
  • Quality: silk foil ensures the adhesion between glue and silicone film even on tiny surfaces.
    As compared to hot stamping, it avoids micro-cracks in the removal of the film and the gilding.
  • Wide selection of colors: it can be printed in a wide range of colors like metallic, gold, silver, light copper, copper, light blue, red, pink, blue, black, and green.

How Does Offset Printing For Custom Booklets Work?

Offset printing uses metallic plates in transferring a combination of four types of ink color, Cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) onto the booklet.

It works by using plates that are made from aluminum, one plate for each of the four colors.

The designs you want to print onto the booklet are etched onto the plate.

The plates are then loaded onto rollers of rubbers referred to as plate cylinders.

Color ink is then passed only onto the image area of the plate cylinder while passing a film of water through the rest of the plates.

The color image that results on the booklet is then offset onto the rubber cylinder and then applied to the surface of printing.

Offset printing forms images that are very crispy on booklets because it works perfectly because oil and rubber do not mix.

Does Digital Printing Work The Same Way As Offset Printing?

No digital printing does not work the same way as to offset printing.

Digital printing does not entail the need for using aluminum plates and rubber cylinders as it applies the print design onto the booklet directly.

Digital printing uses either a powdered toner or a liquid ink and it also uses four electrostatic rollers in applying four ink colors onto the booklet.

The rollers make use of electrostatic charge which attracts ink or toner which is fused via a unit of high heat.

When Should I Choose Digital Printing Vs Offset Printing for My Custom Booklet Needs?

You should choose digital printing in the following cases:

  • When you require booklets in smaller print runs
  • For personalized and customizable booklets
  • When you require every booklet to be identical.

You should choose offset printing in the following cases:

  • Need for the highest possible image quality of the booklets.
  • When you need the booklets in any kind of material
  • When you need the booklet printing job to be conducted at a high speed.

What Do You Mean By Standard Or Custom Format For Booklet Printing?

Standard or customized format for booklet printing ensures optimal use of paper keeping into account limitations by machines.

Some of the factors that influence the format choice include:

  • Sales and marketing design choice of the type of booklet you would like to print.
  • Limitations of the machines and their technical possibilities.
  • Available sizes of paper sheets.

Do You Offer Die Cut Printing For Booklets?

Yes, we do offer die-cut printing for booklets to enable you to achieve a special design shape for their covers.

Die-cutting makes the final shape of the booklet and it is carried out before it is bonded.

We carry our die-cut artwork using Pantone color as it makes the printer aware that it is for die cutting.

It is important to ensure that the folding lines are straight in line with the die-cut to make the final booklet appear neat.

What Are The Benefits Of Laminating Booklets?

Some of the benefits of laminating booklets include:

  • Adds a protective barrier to the booklet
  • Makes ink colors on the booklet appear more vivid.
  • Creates a distinction on the surface of booklets.
  • Increases the strength of the booklets.
  • Adds durability and protection to the booklets.
  • Extremely adds value to booklets.
  • Makes booklets have a high-quality feel.
  • Stiffens the booklets thus protecting them from damage or creasing.
  • Protects the booklets from wear and tear and straining especially during transportation from one place to another.

Is Selective Varnishing Any Good For Custom Booklets?



Yes, the selective varnish is of great benefit to custom booklets as it entails the application of gloss varnish on areas of the booklet.

It highlights the booklet and gives it a contrast effect in a way that makes it have a 3D effect on areas like name, title, graphic element, logo, or photo.

Selective varnishing also adds real value to the booklet as it offers a great visual effect of the final product.

Booklets that have selective varnishing portray an aesthetic appearance and a luxurious feel and look.

Can I Combine Both Lamination And Selective Varnishing For Custom Booklets?

Yes, you can use lamination and selective varnishing together to deliver a sublime result.

This excellent process brings out the contrast between the two processes making the highlighted areas stand out.

Using these two techniques together also makes the booklet to be visible at first glance.

It is appropriate to colored backgrounds which are dark to bring out the effect.

The final booklet finish gives a clear visual impact and increases its new dimension thus making it of good quality and luxurious.

Which Is Better Among Gloss Vs Matte Vs Semi-Gloss Booklet Finishes?

Gloss lamination tends to make the colors on booklets look vibrant and bright.

It is also very attractive and flashy thus well suited for booklets used in advertising your company’s products.

Booklets are also able to have a smooth and glazed effect when gloss lamination is used, and this adds value to images and visuals.

Gloss lamination is a lamination technique that is commonly used.

Matte lamination makes booklets possess a look that is refined and more sensitive to scratches as compared to gloss lamination.

It is suited for booklets with dark colors, and it adds an elegant look to them.

At HQES, we design and manufacture a range of paper catalogue depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

We will help you in choosing the best designs, paper and printing technique.

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