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HQES customize a wide range of holiday cards for New Year, Christmas, Easter, Father’s day, Mother’s day, and so on. Designs include custom flat holiday cards or folded types, landscape holiday cards or portrait types, horizontal holiday cards or vertical types, square holiday cards or round corners types, and many more.

Note that HQES can custom holiday cards in many styles, shapes, and sizes.

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HQES – Your Trusted Holiday Card Manufacturer from China

If you are companies who need a reliable manufacturer to produce your bulk holiday cards, definitely HQES will offer the best quality and cost-effective services.

HQES has a variety of standard paper stocks available for customized holiday cards, including matt and glossy white paper, linen paper, pearl shimmer, craft paper, coated one side or both sides white paper and so on. All the paper materials HQES uses for customized holiday cards are 100% recycled, and they are eco-friendly.

HQES has many printing techniques to for customized holiday cards, such as offset printing for single-sided or double sides, UV varnishing coating to memorable shinning images, embossing or debossing the words or your logo feeling as engraving, and many more.

HQES has complete machines hence will handle all types of printing in house. It also means that HQES takes flexible custom orders from small run orders to holiday cards bulk orders. For all wholesale holiday cards orders, you will get the most competitive factory price from HQES

HQES has professional QC teams focusing on all details of holiday cards. Our QA inspectors start from checking the quality of paper material, through to the entire printing processes and ensuring 100% quality control for each piece of the finished holiday cards.

HQES has rich experience, making sure each customized holiday card has the best quality. Our team focus on ensuring you get the best holiday cards to bloom your holiday cards business.

If you are independent artists who need a professional printer or manufacturer for custom holiday cards, HQES will be your best choice.

Holiday Card: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for the best holiday cards in the market.

A reason why this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about these paper cards.

So, read this guide to learn more.

What is a Holiday Card?

This refers to a piece of cover stock featuring either a photo or an illustration. The card is a familiar gesture of wishing your relatives and friends a happy and merry holiday.

Holiday Card

 Holiday Card

What is Holiday Cards Purpose?

The function of a holiday card is usually to convey your merry wishes to your friends and relatives as they enjoy their holidays.

Which Type of Paper do you Use to make Holiday Card?

The primary type of Paper to use in the making of your holiday cards is cover stock. These materials have quality properties that allow you to print information on your holiday cards.

We can print holiday card on any paper of your choice.

However, we prefer using eco-friendly materials.

What are the Practical Design Considerations of Holiday Cards?

Practical design considerations include selecting the best printing method and having the right size of your cover stock.

You also have to consider which surface finish you want to apply to your holiday cards and storage mechanism.

What is Holiday Card Template, and how can I use it to create a Custom Holiday Card Design?

A holiday card template is a guide that illustrates how you can develop your custom holiday cards.

You can use it to customize your holiday card by checking on the parameters of your card and the possible printing method to use.

These templates are essential in determining the size of a material to use and the appearance of the resulting holiday card.

Where can I get Free, Printable, and Customizable Holiday Card Templates?

You can get free, printable, and customizable holiday card templates from your manufacturer.

A reliable manufacturer should offer these templates for free or at a fee.

However, in most cases, you have to cater to the shipping cost of these templates. Another way is getting your templates online.

Which Printing Method do you use for Custom Holiday Cards?

The following printing methods are available for custom holiday cards:

Offset Printing

This technique involves the use of a plate containing the image you want to transfer to your card. The image transfers to a rubber blanket from where you can print it on your holiday card.

There are several advantages of using this method. For instance, it results in a high-quality image that is sharp and clean.

It is a quick and easy-to-use method that allows for bulk printing of your custom holiday cards. Offset printing is cost-effective compared to the other methods in terms of the material and production time.

However, the time it takes to set up the machine for production is relatively longer, which hinders its use.

UV Printing

This is a type of printing that uses ultraviolet light to create quality images on your cards. It is an expensive method compared to the others due to the cost of purchasing and setting up the machine.

The advantage of this method is the resulting image is of high quality and does not quickly fade.

Foil Printing

This method involves applying colored foil to your holiday card to make it have an elegant appearance. Foil printing works by using pressure and heat to ensure the foil sticks on your printed card.

There are different types of foil printing that you can have on your holiday cards. They include pigment foil, metalized foil, holographic foil, scratch-off foil printing.

The advantage of this method is the foils are available in different colors, and it is easy to use. The effect is shiny and durable.

Foil printing is, however, a pricey method to use compared to the other methods. Subjecting your card to high temperature can affect the quality of the foil.

Screen Printing

This is the standard type of printing that involves printing print from the screen to your card. It is cheap and easier to use and results in high-quality print.

How do Embossing and Debossing compare in Holiday Card Printing?

Embossing involves pressing a design or an image on the cover stock from underneath. This results in the formation of a unique design with a 3D appearance.

Debossing is when your design or image forms a depression on the cover stock.  Both techniques, however, use the same material; that is, they require a metal plate, pressure, and heat.

The metal plate should have the image or design that you want to print on your cover stock. The advantage of both techniques is that they create a unique appearance of your image or logo.

There are several considerations when selecting embossing and debossing. For instance, you have to submit your file in vector format since it is possible to resize and format it.

Select the best section of your cover stock to emboss or deboss, which is visible. If possible, the design should cover a minor section of your cover stock to create a unique appearance.

You also have to check on the quality of your Paper. Embossing and debossing tend to work well on heavy papers.

Embossed Holiday Card

 Embossed Holiday Card

How long does Holiday Card Printing last?

The durability of your holiday card printing depends on various factors—for instance, the printing method and the material you select.

The different printing methods have varying compatibility and durability. How you handle these cards also affects their durability.

You must protect the cards against external factors such as light and water, affecting their durability.

Which Factors Affect the Cost of Custom Holiday Cards from China?

Among the factors that affect the cost of custom holiday cards from China are:


Design is how you want your holiday card to appear. Selecting a complex design in terms of pictures and wording costs more compared to having a simple design.

Minimizing the cost of these cards means you have to opt for simple designs, which can affect their quality.


You need to ask yourself how many of these cards you want before deciding on the final pricing. The higher the quantity, the lower the price you get on these cards.

This is because most manufacturers tend to work with a MOQ; hence you get a discount on quantities higher than the MOQ.

Printing Method

You have different printing methods that you can apply to your holiday cards. These methods have a varying effect on the quality of your holiday cards.

The cost of using these printing methods also varies hence affecting the final pricing of your cards. Before deciding on the pricing of your cards, check out the varying quality of the printing method and their cost.


Each holiday card manufacturer has different pricing systems based on their production process. You, therefore, have to shop around for a manufacturer who has the best prices before deciding on the cost.

It is, however, essential to check on the qualification of a manufacturer, including their licenses, before engaging them. This is to ensure you don’t compromise on the quality because of the price.

What are the available Holiday Card Sizes?

Holiday cards are available in different sizes to suit the varying customer requirement. The advantage of these cards is you can customize the size to fit your specification.

However, common sizes are A4, 5″ X 7″, 4.25″ X 6″, 4.25″ X 6″, 6″ X 8″ and 5.25″ X 5.25″.

What is the benefit of a Holiday Card with a Die-cut Shape?

A holiday card with Die shape offers a 3D effect which gives it a unique appearance.

What is Laminating, and what does it do to Holiday Card?

Lamination refers to the process of fabricating your holiday card through multiple layers to achieve stability and strength. There are different benefits that lamination offers to your holiday card.

For instance, it offers durability to your holiday card, which is essential given its frequency of use. Lamination also protects the cards from external factors such as smudges and fingerprints, wrinkles, and marks.

Laminated holiday cards tend to have an elegant appearance. This is by enhancing the color of the prints, thereby creating a professional outlook.

The transparency of a laminated holiday card does not hinder the visibility of the print. Laminating your holiday cards is not that costly compared to the benefits you get.

What are your Surface Finish Options for Holiday Card?

The main surface finish options you can apply on your holiday cards include:

Gloss UV Surface Finish

This features the application of a high-quality gloss finishing on your card, which you then cure using UV lights.

Spot UV Holiday Card

Spot UV Holiday Card

Standard Surface Finish

A standard surface finish is applying a litho varnish on the mild cards and having a glossy sealant.

Gloss Laminate

In this type, we apply a tiny plastic film on the front of your card to make it have a glossy appearance.

Colored Foil

Colored foil surface finish involves covering your card with a thin foil to create a unique card appearance. Standard colors for the foil include red, gold, or silver.

Filtering Surface Finish

Filtering is making your holiday card have a glittering effect due to the application of glitters.

Embossing and Debossing

Embossing is the art of raising your print on the surface of the holiday card. Debossing is the art of depressing print on your card.

The effect of these finishes is the creation of a 3D effect that is of high quality.

Do you provide Holiday Card Samples?

Yes, we offer three free holiday card samples. However, after the third sample, you have to pay to access your samples.

You also have to pay for the shipping cost for your samples from China to your destination.

When ordering your samples, you have to specify the exact details that you want. This helps us to fabricate your samples to your satisfaction.

What are the Environmental benefits of Holiday Cards from China?

The main environmental benefits of holiday cards from China are that they are recyclable and biodegradable. This helps in reducing environmental waste, which is vital.

How do I Choose the Best Holiday Cards to Import from China?

You have to consider the following when selecting the best holiday cards to import from China:


A design is critical in selecting your best holiday card to import from China. An ideal design should fit your specifications.

When considering the design, you have to focus on the print, the color, and the size of the card you want. You also have to consider the printing method.


We have different manufacturers ready to fabricate your holiday cards from China. Before you decide on who to select, you have to check on their credentials.

Considerations here include necessary permits, their pricing, Minimum Order Quantity, and their delivery timelines.


When considering cost, you have to factor in the overall cost of importing holiday cards from China. Such includes the hiring of your manufacturer and the shipping cost from China to your destination.

Market Demands

You have to understand the market in regards to which holiday cards they want and their pricing. This helps in better quoting your manufacturer.

How much is Holiday Cards Price in China?

Several factors affect the pricing of holiday cards in China. You, therefore, have to factor in them to get the right price.

These factors are:


Most manufacturers tend to work with MOQ’s to enhance their productivity. There are chances of getting a discount when you order a higher quantity of holiday cards than the MOQ.

A discount translates to lowering the overall cost of these cards.


You must consider the season when purchasing these cards. Ordering when the season is high increases the price since there is a market demand for them.

If you are to purchase these cards, you have to consider doing so during the off-peak season. This way, you can have a lower price both for the cards and the importation charges.

Christmass Holiday Card

 Christmas Holiday Card


The different manufacturers have different overhead costs, which they apply on their holiday cards. Therefore, you must check on the other manufacturers before deciding the price to pay for these cards.


These cards are available in different sizes, which affects their pricing. Understanding the exact price involves getting the right size that you want.

What are the Acceptable Payment Methods for Holiday Cards from China?

There are a variety of payment options to choose from when importing your holiday cards from China. The choice of which one to use depends on the contract you agree with your manufacturer.

These payment options include:


Cash is a relatively riskier method of paying for your holiday cards from China. You only need to use this method if you have a common trust with your manufacturer.

When using cash, both you and your manufacturer ought to agree on which currency to use. However, in most cases, this currency is the dollar or the Chinese yuan.

Letter of Credit

A letter of credit is a reliable and safe way of transacting payments for your holiday cards from China. It involves the use of an intermediary bank to transact.

The bank undertakes to pay your manufacturer once they receive a notification that you have your goods. Your manufacturer thus ships the goods and the necessary documents to you.

You then submit the documents as proof that you have received your goods for your bank to pay your manufacturer.

Documentary Collection

Document collection entails your manufacturer instructing their bank to submit the necessary documents to your bank for payment. Your bank then must submit these documents to you to pay.

The documents are usually critical in the clearing of your goods at the customs authority. The method of payment you select should be comfortable to both parties and offer a dispute resolving mechanism.

What is the Process of Importing Holiday Cards from China?

The shipping of your holiday cards from China starts when you select your manufacturer and place your order. When the manufacturer completes your order, choose a proper way of shipping them from their warehouse to the port of origin.

Proper packaging of your order is essential before shipping takes place. If you are not sure of the packaging process, you can ask a freight forwarder.

Hiring a freight forwarder eases the shipping process. They are the one who handles your cargo from the port of origin to the final destination.

A freight forwarder is responsible for clearing your goods at the port of origin and destination. They are also responsible for selecting an ideal shipping vessel for your cargo.

You must select the best freight forwarder for a smooth shipping process of your holiday cards from China. You also have to agree on the contract that you are to use and the mode of payment.

At HQES, we design and produce a range of paper cards such as greeting cards, Christmas card, postcard, wedding card, gift card, and stationery card, just to mention few.

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