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HQES Paper Folder

HQES takes custom paper folder orders from small to large quantities. For bulk paper folders and wholesale paper folders custom orders, you will definitely get fast delivery and the best prices. For the small volume paper folders custom orders, you will get the best customer services and also competitive prices at the wholesale factory price.

HQES has more manufacturing processes to decorate further logos or special graphics from your paper folders artworks, such as die-cut, embossing, flocking, laser-cut, lamination, and many more.

Custom file Folder

A file folder is a safe way to hold your files and documents. HQES can custom any file folder with fancy processing like foiled printing, embossing, etc. you can send us your design or even an idea, and ask for a quick quote on your next file folder order.

Custom Pocket Folder

A pocket folder is a creative way of packaging your documents. HQES can custom shapes and patterns pocket folder. You can send us your design or even an idea, start customizing your dream pocket folder now.

paper folder
HQES – Your One-Stop Paper Folder Manufacturer from China

Please note that HQES can customize any shapes and sizes of paper folders for you.

HQES Custom Paper Folder

Custom paper folders are the most common ways of holding and storing loose papers and documents.

HQES is one of the reliable paper folder manufacturers from China, and we have been making custom paper folders for over 10 years.

HQES custom made type paper folders come in various options such as file folders with prongs binder or rings binder, pocket folders with 1, 2, or even more pockets, hanging paper folders, box-shaped paper folders for different files, presentation folders, and many more. All these paper folders are widely used for office stationery, restaurant menu books, commercial meeting presentations, business marketing projects, and so on.

HQES has a range of high-quality paper selections available for your custom paper folders such as uncoated SBS paper, coated one or two sides SBS paper, glossy art paper, assorted colorful paper, brown kraft paper, thick paper cardboard, and many more.

For all these papers, HQES has a variety of thickness for custom made paper folders with soft covers or hardcovers. More importantly, HQES uses 100% recyclable paper materials for custom paper folders.

Paper Folder:

HQES is also the professional paper folders factory for custom printed paper folders, and we have many modern printing processes to get your graphics, words, and logo printed onto your paper folders. We use technologies such as offset printing for CMYK colors setting or PMS colors setting, silk screen printing for special parts of artworks, hot stamp printing for logos, UV printing for varnishing requirements, and many more.

All the above processes are custom made by automatic or semi-automatic machines, making sure that HQES finishes your orders for custom paper folder promptly. Each custom paper folder must be as perfect as possible.

Paper Folder: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In today’s guide, I will show you exactly what to look for when buying paper folder.

I will answer all questions you have about paper folders.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Paper Folder?

Paper Folder

Paper Folder

It is a stiff material folded in half’s (once), used to store documents or paper. It holds paper like a file and looks like a pamphlet or a booklet.

The cover is labelled according to the content inside. Labelling can be done by the use of a pencil or a pen.  Alternatively, You can use an electronic label maker.

What Are The Uses Of Paper Folder?

A paper folder has numerous uses, which include:

  • It holds paper, documents, letters, brochures, money, CDS, and the list continues.
  • It ensures the security of documents.
  • It’s used as a filling system in business administration, scientific management, the medical profession, legal office, etc.
  • It also helps to organize your space. If you are claustrophobic, you can relate.
  • Its flexible hence can be used at home or in the office.
  • It saves you the time you would otherwise spend arranging your space every morning.
  • It makes your workplace a better place by preventing injuries otherwise caused by paper cuts.

What Are The Material Considerations For Paper Folders?

You can make Paper folders  from:

  • Paper- paper pulp with ling cellulose fibre like Kraft and manila paper are the best.
  • Plastic
  • Paper stock
  • Cardboard
  • Manilla
  • Pressboard

What Is GSM In Relation To Paper Folder Material?

Grams per Square Meter (GSM) measures the weight of a paper per square meter. The length or weight of the paper doesn’t count.

Meaning the higher the GSM, the thicker and the sturdier the folder material is. Understanding the GSM of your paper before purchasing a paper folder is very important because you don’t want to mess with your content.

Therefore, it’s important to choose a paper gram age that best describes the value of either goods or services you provide.

90-120 is the best range for a folder. It has uncoated rough surfaces; hence it takes in colour well. Equally, you can print on them.

This range is neither too thin nor thick; in fact, it’s a perfect balance between quality and affordability.

Alternatively, you can choose the 300-400 range if you want a sturdy folder for presentation. This range is the best if your folder will go through a lot of handling.

A glossy paper gives folders a classy feel, while matte is the best if you want to print on folders.

Choose paperweight according to the purpose it’s meant to serve. If it’s meant to carry or hold heavy documents, it should have a higher GSM, and vice versa is true.

How Does Paper Folder Compare To Plastic Folder?

Are you tore in between choosing a paper or plastic folder? Well, here’s the difference between the two folders. Ensure you select one that will suit your project or presentation.

  • A paper folder can only hold documents, photos, or certificates for a short time, while a plastic folder is ideal for long-time storage.
  • A plastic folder is more durable than a folder made of paper.
  • You can easily wipe the plastic folder if it gets dirty or dusty, but you can’t clean the paper folder; it becomes messy. Hence a plastic folder is ideal for transporting documents for a long distance.
  • Plastic is best for a folder that is being handled by many people or used on outside projects. Paper is best if a few people are handling it.
  • Plastic is water-resistant; hence it protects the content inside. Paper doesn’t resist water.
  • A plastic folder is heavier and tougher than paper.

Paper Folders

Paper Folders

Plastic Folder

Plastic Folder

How Do You Make A Paper Folder?

Are you on a budget or tired of buying custom-made folders? Well, here’s how to add personality to your original folders.

Here’s a step by step by step guide:

  1. First thing first, you need to source the materials you need for your project. You can choose to make the folder from paper, cardboard, cardstock, manila, etc.There are many designs you can choose from, but in this particular example, we’ll use paper.Most documents that are stored in the paper folder are 8 ½ by 11 inches. Therefore, ensure the material you are buying is larger on each side by 2 inches.If the material you have settled for is 18 by 12 inches, buy one sheet because you can fold it into halves. But if it’s less than 18 inches, you will need two pieces per folder.
  2. After buying the material, measure it before cutting. Cut two rectangles; one ten by 12 inches the other nine by 12 inches. If it’s one sheet, cut 18 ½ by 12 inches.Alternatively, you can trace your previous paper folder. Ensure you capture the bigger and smaller rectangle accurately.Use scissors or an NT cutter to cut your pieces. You also need to mind your working area or use a cutting mat.
  3. Fold and glue the two pieces together- First, measure ½ an inch on the 12-inch side of the small rectangle. Fold the paper on the line you have drawn.Pour glue on the ½ inch fold.Place the large rectangle on the ½ inch fold adhering to the glue at the bottom.
  4. Once the glue has dried, fold the folder closed. You will notice an inch of the large rectangle showing underneath the small one.You can leave it that way or cut it to resemble the custom paper folders. Then add a label according to the content inside.But if you are extra, you can decorate your paper folder.
  5. Before you start your decoration process, you need to have a sketch or a picture of the desired look you want your folder to have.Source the material you need. You can use decorative paper, cutouts, stickers, colour tape, etc.
  6. Choose the style of the folder you want. Either add elements on the entire folder or just some parts.
  7. Cut decorative pieces and place them in the folder.
  8. Glue the materials on the desired areas. Super glue is the best for this particular task because it’s not messy.
  9. After the glue has dried, you can add decorative elements like a sticker, cutout glitters button, etc. it’s art, and art has no rules. Just ensure the result is stunning.

Do You Make Paper Folder With Pockets?

Yes, we do.

Space is the most important thing here, so we’ll maximize it the best way we can.

We make them in different colours and sizes so that they can easily hold your CDS, business cards, or any other document your intent to store in there.

Pocket folders can either be plastic or paper made. It packs with various colours or single colours where you can separate materials according to different categories.

We have tri-fold pocket folders with an extra pocket to add extra documents or separate content by topic. An angled front pocket which is closed on both sides and at the bottom, is also an option.

Pockets Paper Folder

Pockets Paper  Folder

What Are The Types Of Paper Folders?

Paper folders come in the following types:

  • Hang folders- the filing system has hooks. You can easily slide documents back and forth without tampering with the order of arrangement.
  • Bulk file folder- like the name suggests, it holds lots of documents.
  • File jacket folder- they are sealed on three sides with one opening to slide papers in and out. It’s easy to grab documents from them.
  • Folders with pockets- it’s a great way to utilize pages without pricking holes on the document. It can be two or more pockets.
  • Printable folders you can’t print on all folders. If you want printable designs, this is the best folder for DIY.
  • Heavyweight- these are sturdy folders where any lateral or vertical filing system can fit. It has a large tab for labelling `

What Size Is A Paper Folder?

Paper folders come in an array of shapes and sizes, which include:

  • 9″x 12 “Folders– holds letter-sized materials of 8.5″ x 11″ paper-like brochure, posters etc.
  • 5″x14.5″- mostly used to carry legal documents of 8.5″x14,” i.e. title deed.
  • 6″ x 9″ –carries small or ½ sized documents like flyers.
  • 4″ x 9″ –best for receipts and gift cards.
  • 5” x 7 ” and 4″ x 6″ is best for compact material like photos.
  • CDS/ DVS sized folders
  • Small presentation folders- mini folders for small documents
  • Photo-sized folder- holds photos in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Card-sized folder-  This suited for small documents like gift cards.

What Is a Paper Folder With Fasteners?

These are folders with ties called fastener folders that keep documents compact and secure using flat prongs. The prongs are attached to the folder with strong glue.

Folders need to be hole punched at the top or bottom to thread through the prongs.

There are two types of prongs used:

  • They bonded, which has toughened section glued to the folder with a strong adhesive.
  • Embossed prongs are threaded on the folder. They are kept in place by other tiny prongs.

Bonded prongs are the best because they don’t catch other files in the cabinet. However, embossed are sturdy, yes, but they have metal prongs that might damage other files in the storage.

Paper Folder With Fasteners

Paper Folder With Fasteners

What Are The Advantages Of Reinforced Edges For Paper Folders?

Reinforced edges bear the following benefits:

  • They are thick and durable.
  • It makes the folder stand out.
  • You can easily recycle Folders with reinforced edges.
  • They can be used to store a large number of documents.
  • The edges are folded and glued together to be more rigid.

Which Is Better Between Custom Paper Folder And Stock Paper Folder?

None of the two folders is better than the other.

You select a folder according to your needs. If you want a light folder to carry few documents for a short time, go for a paper folder.

If you want a sturdy, durable folder to hold a bigger volume of documents, choose a stock folder.

Both serve different purposes. You determine which one will suit your needs.

Can I Use My Design For Custom Paper Folder?


If you don’t come across an impressive template, you can design your own that fits your personal or professional needs.

It is also a great creative outlet. Come up with a theme and an inspiration and sketch something you love, then upload it.

While designing, remember to keep your artwork simple. Minimalism is the way to go.  Choose your fonts wisely.

Remember the message you intend to pass is enhanced by choice of paper. Include a logo, tagline, contact information, and social media handles.

Proofread your artwork before submitting it. The least you want is a great design with a minute typo error—perfect your design before uploading.

Design Custom Made Folder

Design  Custom Made Folder

Are Downloadable Paper Folder Templates Ideal For Design?

Yes, it is.

There are many design templates online. If you see one you like that compliments your brand well, don’t hesitate to download it.

Templates come in the following formats:

  • Photoshop- PSD
  • Illustrator- AI
  • InDesign- AL
  • Acrobat- PDF

What Are The Tips For Creating Beautiful Paper Folder Design?

Do you know the design of your folder can make or break the impression of your company or business?

Well, if you didn’t, now you know.

A folder design can either add value or decrease professionalism and class in your business.

They say, don’t judge a book, but in the real sense, that’s what we do as humans.

Here are points on how to make your folders stand out:

  1. Go minimal on your design- simplicity is the way to go. You aim to impress clients, not to get them lost trying to figure out what is what. Have a theme, a focal point and don’t complicate the design.
  2. Choose the right cardstock- coming up with the design is ½ the job. The other half is to select a cardstock that best compliments your design.Your design won’t stand out if you don’t have the right stock. Choose one that is strong enough to handle the inserts.
  3. Break the norm by creating a folder with a custom die-cut. Your pockets don’t have to be straight. Cut them in unique shapes. You can also cut a cute shape on the cover page.
  4. Don’t limit your imagination- Yes. That design that you have in mind is doable.I know most folders you have come across are straight, rectangle, A4 size portraits.How boring is that?Don’t follow suit. Create one with different shapes, interesting folds, and different orientations, say landscape.
  5. Finishes- Have you ever seen a folder? And the first thing you want to do is to rub your fingers against it.A special finish can take your design from mundane to extraordinary. Extra details like UV vanish, logo-debossed or embossed can elevate the look of your folder.

What Printing Techniques Do You Use For Paper Folders?

We use the following printing methods on paper folders:

Digital Printing

The image is transferred from the device like a computer, phone or camera directly to the media. Here no plates are used.


Here we print on a flat treated area. After the ink has dried, we repel ink on the unwanted areas.


We use rubber or plastic plates and fluid ink to print on the paper folder.

Offset Printing

The image is transferred from the computer to a plate cylinder via a laser beam that burns the image onto the surface.

This printing method handles a large capacity of folders an hour. However, it can be expensive depending on the details of the artwork.

What Are The Best Colors For Paper Folders?

When it comes to colour selection, there is no best or worse. You choose one that suits your brand.

We have red, blue, black, white, metallic, clear name them.

We also have folders in two colours. Colours come in different shades and tints. For instance, if you want dark blue or sky blue, you’ll get.

Select a colour that compliments your office mood.

Yellow and orange bring excitement. White calms the working environment, green breaths prosperity into space, and light blue causes happiness.

It all depends on the message you want to pass to your consumers.

Note your best colour, say rose gold or mustard yellow, might not be available. But you may find a similar shade that you’ll love.

COLORED Paper Folders

COLORED Paper Folders

What Print Finishes Do You Offer For Custom Paper Folders?

A folder with a great design will still look substandard if it doesn’t have a great finish. The coating is what makes your folder attractive.

Here are various coating styles that can fortify your folder look:

  1. Foil Stamping– An artwork is applied on paper using heat and pressure, leaving a flat mark of foil on the folder. Metallic foil includes gold, silver, and other metallic colours with a matte finish.Non-metallic foil colours have a glossy finish. Foil stamping is suitable for coloured folders.
  2. Embossing/Debossing– Embossing without ink is where an image is raised but not coloured is called blind embossing. While one raised with ink is colour register embossing.Debossing is the opposite of embossing. The latter raises design while debossing recesses. It is achieved by combining heat and pressure, which raises or recesses the artwork higher than the substrate, respectively.
  3. Aqueous Coating-Here the folder is protected by a quick-drying water-based sealant from smearing, scuffs, fingerprints, etc. Ironically it’s not water-resistant despite the term ‘Aqua.’

Aqueous coating styles include:

  • Soft-touch- It’s matte with a suede look.
  • Satin- The folder acquires a velvet-like look.
  • Gloss- Smooth, shiny reflective surface.
  • Matte- Tones down the reflectiveness of a paper.
  1. Lamination– This is similar to what’s on your Identification Card. Your folder is encased inside a layer of sturdy plastic film.It’s affordable and very durable. Your folder is protected from scuffs, worn-out edges. It remains neat and professional for long, if not forever.A laminated folder can have a glossy or a matte finish. It’s water-resistant and can be wiped. We also have biodegradable laminates that are quite costly.Note laminates can scratch; ensure you store them well.
  2. UV Coating– The coating comes from ultraviolet light. We cover the folder with treated chemicals which is exposed to UV light to dry quickly. As a result, a beautiful shine is created.However, this method doesn’t prevent ink from smearing, so it’s not a guarantee your piece will be perfect. It’s also prone to fingerprints.Spot coating is done on a specific part of the folder like the text, image, logo to become the focal point.

Is There A Minimum Order Quantity For Paper Folders?


The minimum folder you can order at a go is 50.

How Much Is Paper Folder Price?

Folder price depends on the following factors:

  • Size
  • Finish
  • Colour
  • Style
  • Fasteners

What Is Green Paper Folder?

It is an eco-friendly folder. It’s suitable for use at homes, hospitals, schools, businesses, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of A Green Paper Folder?

Green folders reduce your business or company’s impact on the environment.

It saves you money and time since you are not at loggerheads with the government for tampering with the environment.

With green folders, you make money and protect your environment; it’s a win-win.

Are Your Paper Folders FSC-Certified/Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, they are.

We know paper can negatively impact our environment and climate in the long run.

Therefore, we are rising above the challenge by adopting product production standards that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We have done this through the Forest Stewardship Council certification, which ensures we meet the highest environmental and social standards.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing Paper Folders?

Choosing a folder can be intimidating, considering the machine specifications and features are described using technical jargon that you might not be familiar with.

Here are some factors you should consider when sourcing for a folder:

  1. The type of fold style you want.
  • Double parallel fold
  • Half-fold
  • Baronial fold
  • Letter fold
  • Right-angled fold
  • Z- foldLetter, half, double parallel, and z-folds are the most prevalent in most machines.For custom folds, choose models that allow the user to set the folds manually.
  1. It’s important to figure out the paperweight and the size of inserts to ensure they fit perfectly.
  2. It should be budget-friendly.
  3. How long you want to use the folder. Paper is not durable. If you want a folder you can use for long, go for cardstock or cardboard. Material choice and durability go hand in hand.
  4. Choose a pattern look that fits the purpose. For the office, choose something subtle. If it’s for home purposes, the design doesn’t matter.
  5. Choose a secure folder if storing sensitive content inside.
  6. Choose a folder with a colour that suits your purpose and brand. A bright-coloured folder can improve your filing system.
  7. Consider folder tab types. They are not the same; they vary in terms of usage, measurement, and placement.
  • Folder tab placement can either top or end tab.
  • Folder tab size and placement- range from 1/3 to 1/12.
  • Choose either plain or reinforced tab.
  • Folder labelling options choose either a tab with a label or one where you can insert labels.
  • Choose a folder with fasteners or one that doesn’t have.
  • Special folder features you can consider are water resistance, antimicrobial folders that resist bacteria growth, mould and prevent stain and odour

At HQES, we offer a range of paper folders such as pocket folders and file folders.

Contact us today for all your paper folder needs.

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