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Custom pocket folders neatly hold your presentation documents to support your business and impress potential clients.

HQES custom pocket folders also called presentation folders, come in all sorts of paper materials such as assorted colorful paper, brown kraft paper, glossy art paper, SBS paper, and so on. All the paper stocks are recyclable and come in a variety of thicknesses from soft to heavy-duty papers.

HQES is one of the advanced pocket folder manufacturers from China, and we have more than 10 years experience in handling various orders for custom pocket folders custom.

HQES custom type pocket folders are mainly separated by the shapes and numbers of slots in the pocket folders such as rectangle pocket folder, waved line pocket folder, unfolded pocket folder, trifold pocket folder, box folded pocket folder, single pocket folder, 2 pockets folder and many more.

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Custom Capabilities on Pocket Folder

  • Debossing: words and logos with real touching on pocket folder
  • Paper Texture: patterns background higher level your pocket folder
  • Foil Stamping: standout your logo onto the pocket folder
custom pocket folder
pocket folder
HQES – Your Trusted Pocket Folder Manufacturer from China

Pocket Folder:

HQES custom makes both blank pocket folders and printed pocket folders. We can customize any shape and sizes of pocket folders.

For the blank pocket folders, HQES has white paper, brown kraft paper, and assorted colorful papers for your custom orders. The raw paper itself makes your customized pocket folders to have a wonderfully natural feeling.

For the printed pocket folders, HQES has a complete manufacturing process to get your graphics, words, and logos custom printed and decorated such as offset printing, UV printing, glitter printing, foil stamping, model die-cut, embossing, lamination, and so on. All these modern printing technics help your pocket folders look more attractive to your clients.

HQES customizes all these pocket folders not only for papers and documents, but also to hold CDs, business cards, small gifts for your clients, and more. HQES custom made pocket folders feature durable and quality paper materials; hence, they safely hold lots of necessary accessories for your marketing needs.

To ensure each pocket folder is of the highest quality, HQES has individual professional QA teams who focus on each detail from all the manufacturing flows. That’s also the most important way for HQES to win client’s trust and keep working with us, year by year.

Now it’s your time to be with us, HQES will be your reliable pocket folder manufacturer, and we can bloom your business.

Pocket Folder: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know finding a perfect pocket folder can be an overwhelming task.

That’s why I will answer all your questions on pocket folders.

Whether you want to learn about the design, material type, color options or features – you will find everything right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Pocket Folder?

Pocket folder

Pocket Folder

Otherwise referred to as presentation folders, pocket folders are tools that are used to keep documents in an organized and professional format.

They make it easy for you to professionally present your printed materials as they have partitions that can be used to orderly keep different types of documents.

There exist different types of paper folders in the market which might not only vary based on their design but also the type of material used to create them.

As the name implies, paper folders are made out of paper but also vinyl and other materials can be used to create these useful tools.

What Is A Pocket Folder Used For?

A pocket folder can be used to serve several functions depending on your needs.

To begin with, the most common use is organizing your documents.

This can come in handy especially when doing a presentation or just keeping your documents in an organized manner for quick access.

I know, there are several other ways to store and organize your documents but of them all, a pocket folder stands out.

And it’s easy to see why.

Instead of using an ordinary envelope which would cost less, you need to think of what image you want to portray.

Using a pocket folder is not only elegant but also gives a quality, classy, and lasting impression.

And this brings us to the second use of a pocket folder which is enhancing your image.

Whether it’s your company or business you want to ensure that your image stands out.

Therefore such small acts can hugely go a long way to enhance your overall image.

Based on that, you automatically project to people that you care about your image and value the contents in the folder.

Presentation folders can as well be used as welcome packs in the hospitality industry.

Think of it, most hotels will present a flyer describing the hotel’s facilities and activities.

Instead of using this, you can provide your guests with a simple and professional package that will create a lasting first impression.

Pocket folders can also be used as sales tools.

Compared to leaflets or brochures which need a lot of adjustments when changing price, adding new product lines, pocket folder, you slip in new inserts to keep up to date with changes in your sales.

Medical professions, real estate businesses, and many other businesses might make use of pocket folders to keep information or records.

Not only does it provide clients with safety assurance but also lets them know they are in professional and capable hands.

What Is The Difference Between Pocket Folder And File Folder?

File Folder

File folder

A pocket folder is a tool used to keep documents in an organized manner and offers a professional impression when making a presentation to others.

Paper and vinyl are some of the materials used to make pocket folders among others.

On the other hand, a file folder is a tool that is used to keep or hold documents, papers, and money together in an organized and safe manner.

Normally a file folder is composed of a heavy sheet of paper stock or a thin material folded in half and used to keep papers.

Plastic or paper are materials used to create file folders.

What Types Of Pocket Folders Are Available?

Twin type pocket folder

Twin Type Of Pocket folder

Pocket folders come in a wide variety of characteristics and your choice will depend on your preferences.

Below are some of the commonly preferred designs and formats;

  • 9 x 12 with Trifold cover and a single 4 in the pocket on the middle panel.
  • 9 x 12 one pocket (slanted or straight) with no flap.
  • 9 x 12 with double 4-inch interior pockets
  • 9 x 12 with one-inch interior pocket
  • 9 x 12 with slopy or straight vertical pockets

Why Buy Paper Pocket Folder Instead Of Plastic Pocket Folder?

Plastic pocket folder

Plastic Pocket Folders

A paper pocket folder is not only easy to write on but also opaque thus protecting the contents from light and maintaining document privacy.

Additionally, paper pocket folders are porous.

A feature that helps in preventing moisture formation during hot weather.

As compared to plastic pocket folders, paper pocket folders are less expensive and ideal for lightweight use.

What Type Of Paper Is Used To Make Pocket Folders?

There are a couple of paper types that can be used to make pocket folders and your choice will depend on what you want to achieve.

Some of these papers include textured papers such as metallic, linen, woven, felts, glossy, marble, corduroy, leatherette, vellum, laid, and fiver papers.

The papers come in a wide range of colors and might be grouped under three different categories namely;

  • Premium papers
  • Classic papers
  • Designer papers

Each of these categories has distinct features based on your budget, colors, and paper quality.

For instance, you might lack some colors when you settle for designer papers as compared to classic papers.

Nevertheless, most companies are always ready to customize your pocket folder paper based on your preferences.

What Is The Best Paper Weight And Thickness For Pocket Folder?

Choosing the right paperweight for your pocket folder is an important step if you are looking towards achieving impeccable results.

Paperweights are measured in Pounds and Points.

A pocket folder should not have a paperweight that is lighter than 80lb or 100lb cover. 10-point cover and 12-point cover are the most commonly used as they are also sturdy enough thus assuring you of better protection of the contents.

What Are The Binding Options For Pocket Folders?

There is a wide selection of binding options but not all binding is ideal for a specific project. Some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a binding option for your pocket folders are not limited to;

  • Durability
  • Application of printed product
  • Production cost
  • Page count

With that in mind, below are some of the binding options for pocket folders.

  • Glued binding
  • Spiral binding
  • Lay-flat binding
  • Saddle-stitched binding
  • Sewn binding
  • PUR-glued binding
  • Perfect binding
  • Side-stitching
  • Wire -O binding
  • Comb binding
  • Padding
  • Coil binding
  • Loose-leaf binding

In as much as all these are binding methods, not all will be suitable for pocket folders.

Spiral binding and saddle-stitched binding are however some of the binding techniques that you can apply to pocket folders.

What Is The Difference Between Standard And Custom Design Pocket Folder?

Standard pocket folders are the most commonly used ones and have a size of 9 x12 inches or 12 x 18 inches when opened flat.

Just as the name implies, a standard pocket folder is designed for standard 8.5 x 11-inch sheets of printed materials kept in the folder pockets.

On the other hand, a custom design pocket folder can be designed according to your preferences.

As compared to the standard ones, features such as your logo, die cuts, or text can be added to your pocket folder in a custom design pocket folder.

A custom pocket folder can be made in the following sizes; 6 x 9 inches and 4 x 9 inches which are the mini-folder sizes.

The legal sizes are 9 x14.5-inch folders which are designed to hold 8.5 x 14 legal-sized paper.

What Are The Benefits Of A Custom pocket Folder?

Cutsom pocket folder

Custom Pocket Folders

There is more to custom pocket folders apart from storage. Let’s have a look at some advantages of custom pocket folders below;

Positive Impression

Leaving a positive impression not only on clients but also other people.

You can showcase your products as well as services can easily be achieved by custom pocket folders.

As if that’s not enough, you get to display your professionalism and commitment to your clients.

Facilitate Marketing

Custom pocket folders can be used as an advertisement tool to market your business or company.

You have an option of designing as per your taste.

Therefore, you are free to include your logo on your folder which will be a plus in promoting your brand and boosting sales.

Custom pocket folders enhance in-house efficiency as you can keep all information in a central place.

This also ensures that all employees receive the same information.

Enhance Your Company’s Image

Taking advantage of the features custom pocket folders have to offer will help you professionally resonate with your clients or recipients.

You can choose to design your folders depending on your taste to make them attractive and appealing.

While designing your pocket folder, consider that fewer colors appear to look more stylish therefore don’t go overboard with every rainbow color you might think of.

Your shades and graphics should be used with some restraint.

Office Organization

As many businesses are inclined towards achieving a paperless office, the truth of the matter is that getting rid of all printed materials can be difficult.

Making use of custom pocket folders facilitates neatness and organization in your company space not forgetting the excellent impression that comes with it.

In addition to that, customer’s information can easily be accessed.

Should I Buy Pocket Folder with Prongs Or Without?

A pocket folder with prongs is capable of holding your documents securely as compared to one without.

They prevent your printed materials from falling out of the folder.

That said, a pocket folder with prongs would be the ideal one to purchase if so you want your documents well secured.

What Is A Multi Pocket Folder?

Just as the name suggests, a multi-pocket folder has several pockets thus enabling you to keep a bunch of documents in an organized format.

The size of a multi-pocket folder is 9 ½ x 11 5/8 inches. Aside from this, you can acquire them in a wide range of selections. Here are some of them;

  • Six-pocket folder
  • Four-pocket folder
  • Vibrant Blue and Red colors

They can go up to ten-pocket folders which measure 9 ½ x11 5/8 inches for the red and blue folders.

Black and clear ones measure 10 ¼ x 11 5/8 inches.

How Is A Pocket Folder Printed?

Just like how you would print any other material, you will first need to print flat press sheets.

Afterward, a large number of these press sheets are cut down and die cut.

The dies used are custom made and they facilitate the achievement of the overall shape.

In the final step, pockets are created by folding and attaching the pockets to the folder using glue.

While printing your pocket folder, ensure that you use a trusted company to avoid any frustrations.

Can You Create A Custom Die Design For My Pocket Folder?

Yes. You are free to come up with your custom die design for your pocket folder. Additionally, most manufacturers are willing to preserve your design for any future projects with them.

Alternatively, you can also be allowed to select from the different standard dies available with your supplier or manufacturer.

What Are The Advantages Of Custom Die Cut Pocket Folders?

If you are wondering whether or not to use custom die-cut pocket folders, here are some benefits you should be aware of;

Enhances Functionality

Some die cuts physically boost your product or service capabilities making them extra functional.

For instance, a custom folder can have pockets for unique contents such as promotional gifts, business cards, or samples of your company’s product.

Also, you are free to make size adjustments on your custom die-cut pocket folder and add reinforced edges for longer durability.

Reinforced edges will not only prevent creases but also tearing and other damages.

Accentuate Your Product Or Service

For you to attract attention to your business, you might find it worth using a custom die-cut that stresses what your business offers.

Using a shaped window or image outline will play a perfect role in this.

To create a shaped window, add a die-cut window in the shape of an image or symbol that relates to your product or service.

The same applies to image outlines.

High Company Identity

A die-cut allows you to display the identity of your company by incorporating your company’s logo.

The die-cut used should resemble your logo for it to remain visually memorable to your clients.

Apart from your logo, die cuts can portray an image that will represent a feature of your brand.

Promotes Engagement

To encourage engagement, your product should provide a sneak peek of what inside.

This can be done using a die-cut cover or die-cut pockets.

Ensure that you use a unique cover and shaped window to demand attention.

As compared to standard pockets, die cuts can disclose the details inside which can be an added advantage in promoting engagement.

What Are The Available Coating Options For Pocket Folders?

Some of the commonly used coating options for pocket folders include;

  • Uncoated paper
  • UV coatings
  • Gloss

Other coatings such as matte coatings are also suitable.

However, matte coatings can easily leave marks and fingerprints during the production process.

Other than that, using textured papers such as metallic, linen, woven, and laid add a unique spark to pocket folders.

What Are The Printing Locations On Pocket Folders?

Printing a pocket folder is done at the front and back cover.

You can as well choose to print on the interior pocket flaps as the cost difference isn’t that huge.

What Are The Available Pocket Folder Imprint Methods?

Some of the imprint methods available are not limited to;

  • Emboss – Embossing makes your design textured in that it can not only be felt by hand but also seen as it appears raised from the stock.
  • Deboss – As opposed to embossing, debossing lacks a raised design and textured feel as the imprints are depressed onto the stock.
  • Blank – These folders lack printing. Just as the name implies, it is blank.
  • Foil – There are metallic and non-metallic foils. Metallic foils appear to resemble a smooth shiny metallic surface while the non-metallic ones lack the shine.
  • PMS Colors -PMS printing is ideal for imprints that have 3 less than 3 colors.
  • It makes use of premixed inks to design using fields of plain or solid colors.
  • Four Colors Process – This printing is not only ideal for color photography but also designs with not less than three ink colors.
  • Some of the colors blended include black, cyan, yellow, and magenta ink.

What Is The Difference Between One-Color And Two-Color Printing For Pocket Folders?

The difference between these two lies in the number of ink colors used.

Two-color printing uses two colors while one color printing uses one ink color.

Black is one of the commonly used colors in both printings.

What Do Pantone And CMYK Mean In Pocket Folder Printing?

CMYK stands for the four colors used in the printing of the color process.

These colors include; cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

Pantone printing – It is color-specific and uses different mixtures of ink to come up with an exact color.

Pantone printing achieves exact colors and is often more costly as compared to CMYK.

How Do I Choose Color Background For Pocket Folder Printing?

A color background makes an image pop.

A white stock is ideal whenever you are printing colors.

For instance, if you want a black background you should start by using a white stock then choose your black background PMS color.

Thereafter, ensure that the black color covers the whole outside part of your folder with your design “reversed out”.

This will result in your logo being white as it is the unprinted part of the white stock.

Have a look at this;

Black pocket folder

Black pocket folder

Backgrounds for full-color CMYK images you need to first build your background color (green for example) into your CMYK (full color) files.

Identify ink colors that can complement the PMS Green you have chosen.

Again, ensure that you choose a white stock to achieve the true and defined colors.

Here is what I mean.

Pocket folder

Pocket folder

How Do I Create An Eye-Catching Pocket Folder Design?

To make your pocket folder design stand out, here are some tips for you;

  • Use vibrant photos especially those that have images of people as this creates a personal connection with the clients.
    A human element can also communicate to your clients the kind of product or service that they should expect.
  • Select a unique die-cut.
    Go with a die-cut that no one expects to see.
    This could involve adding extra panels, cutting the cover in a very unique design, or having a unique pocket orientation.
  • Experiment with different imprint methods such as foil stamping instead of using PMA and CMYK ink.
  • Use creative styles on your business card slots.
    You can choose to incorporate horizontal or vertical slots or both.
    Additionally, you might also find it worth using styles such as corner-style, beveled, and notch style.
    When using a custom option, you are allowed to come up with your shape preferences too.
  • Use unique closures which might range from tuck tab, ribbons, Velcro snaps among other embellishments you might have in mind.
  • Include spine accessories.

Can I Use Pocket Folder Design Template For My Artwork?

Yes. You can download a free pocket folder design template and use it for your artwork.

What Sizes Are Available For Pocket Folders?

Pocket folders come in several different sizes and most are designed to hold a specific type of documents.

Let’s have a look at the available sizes below;

  • 9” x 12” – Ideal for materials that complement the size of a letter.
  • 4” x 9” – Appropriate for holding gift certificates or receipts.
  • 6” x 9” – Suitable for documents that are half-sized.
  • 9 ½ x 14 ½” -It is appropriate for contracts or any other legal documents.
  • 5” x 7” and 4” x 6” -Fit for compact materials such as small photos
  • CD/DVD sized folders -Ideal for presentation of CDs and DVDs.
  • Small presentation folders
  • Card-sized folders

What Is The Difference Between Pocket Folders With Closed Vs Open Dimensions?

A pocket folder with an open dimension tends to appear wider than it is simply because it’s fully open.

When closed, the same folder is likely to be a regular-sized one (9 x12).

It’s important to use the measurements of the closed dimensions folder more so if you are looking forward to sending it in an envelope, portfolio, or box among other types of packaging.

What Additional Features Do You Offer For Custom Pocket Folders?

Some of the extra features provided for custom pocket folders include;

  • Spine attachments -It is Ideal for three-hole-punched documents as they hold them in place using brad fasteners in the spine.
  • Stitched brochures -Stitched brochures are directly fixed onto the spine.
  • Velcro – It securely keeps the folder closed without the need for a tie or seal.
  • Media slots – Items such as CD/DVD, business card slots, or brochures create pockets for other printed materials.

What Is The Difference Between Reinforced And Non-reinforced Pocket Folders?

Reinforced pocket folders are characterized by double vertical flaps located in the interior and run down the edges to the pockets. The size of the reinforced folder is 9.5” x 12”.

On the other hand, non-reinforced pocket folders lack double vertical flaps and measure 9” x 12”.

At HQES, we will help you skyrocket your pocket folder business.

We handle all custom design and guarantee competitive prices – contact us now.

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