Showcase Your Brand with Custom Hang Tags

Elevate your product presentation with HQES’s stylish and savvy custom hang tags, the perfect finishing touch for any item. Our tags help your products stand out, displaying key information like pricing, fabric care instructions, or your unique brand story. With our diverse range of shapes, sizes, and finishes, including oval, rectangle, and folded options, as well as metallic and foil tags for upscale branding, you can customize tags that truly reflect your brand’s identity.

Versatile & Easy to Use: Ideal for a variety of products such as clothing, jewelry, and food items, our full-color printed hang tags are easily attachable to boxes, jars, and bags. They’re not just for pricing – use them to share your brand story, care instructions, or any other information that adds value to your product.

Customizable to Your Needs: Personalize your hang tags with options for double-sided printing, different cardstocks, and elegant finishes like glossy or pearlized materials. Add a special touch with fun scallop tags or tall banner tags for larger items, all customizable with your logo, message, pricing, and more.

Functional and Informative: Hang tags serve multiple roles; they attract attention, inform customers, and add a professional look to your products. With options for die-cut shapes and special features like string holes, our hang tags are designed for convenience and style. They’re perfect for clothing, gifts, inventory, and even special events, making them a versatile choice for businesses and personal use alike.

Choose HQES for your custom hang tag needs and enjoy high-quality printing, a variety of customization options, and the perfect complement to your brand’s packaging. Order today to add that professional and personal touch to your products!

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Custom Capabilities on Hang Tag

  • Spot UV printing: your hang tag will grab the most attention
  • Die-cutting: any shape of hang tag can be created out
  • Card Stock: texture papers rich for your hang tag designs
  • Glitter Printing: a great way to amaze your hang tag
custom hang tag
custom hang tag
HQES – Your Trusted Hang Tag Manufacturer from China

HQES offers a comprehensive range of printing technologies, including digital, offset, UV, glitter, and silkscreen printing, ensuring your pricing, product details, and brand story are vibrantly captured on your custom hang tags. Our advanced capabilities extend to foil stamping, varnishing, embossing, lamination, and die-cutting, enriching your tags with detailed logos and graphics.

Whether you need a small batch or bulk orders, our competitive pricing and diverse printing options make HQES your ideal partner. Our professional team excels in crafting luxury handmade hang tags, backed by a rigorous quality control process ensuring every tag meets the highest standards.

From conception to creation, HQES provides end-to-end solutions, advising on design, paper material, and printing techniques tailored to your needs. We customize hang tags of any shape, size, and color, reflecting your unique brand identity. Choose HQES for quality, versatility, and commitment to excellence in every tag.

Hang Tag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What Is Hang Tag?

A hang tag is a plastic or cardboard label attached to the outside of merchandise or garments. Hang tags usually contain information like:

  • Your logo
  • Websites where customers might find more of your product
  • Care instructions
  • Material or fabric used

You can also incorporate additional information like your social media addresses or pictures if necessary.

Hang Tags

Hang Tags

Why Use Hang Tags?

Below are some reasons why you should consider using hang tags:

Attract Customer Attention

Customers in the retail setting have a wide variety of products to choose from. These products are often displayed near products that look the same.

Using hang tags will increase the likelihood that your brand will be noticed over the others. Simply put, hang tags differentiate your product from the rest.

Contain Information About Your Brand And Your Product

The average customer goes through a defined buying cycle, i.e., emotional decision followed by a rational justification for said decision. Using hang tags will appeal to both of these considerations.

The hang tag’s tagline, logo, material choice, or color are important. They evoke feelings in the customer that justify their purchase.

Provide Perceived Benefits In Terms Of Value

This is one of the most tangible benefits of hang tags. They make your brand more noticeable and affect how the customer evaluates its ability to provide satisfaction.

This effect will give you an edge over the competing products. Moreover, your product’s price will be justified by the perceived value.

What Is The Difference Between Label And Tag?

A tag is often temporary.

It is a separate piece of plastic, card, or paper attached to merchandise or garments.

Tags are temporary because you can cut or pull them off quite easily. They indicate things like company profiles or websites.

Labels, on the other hand, are more permanent. They have the product name on them.

A major distinguishing characteristic of labels is that they are sewn into the merchandise or garment. In shirts, for example, you will find the label at the back of the neck.

What Are The Best Hang Tag Sizes?

Hang tags come in a variety of sizes. You must select the size depending on what the hang tag will be emphasizing.

Common Hang Tag Sizes

Common Hang Tag Sizes

In this regard, you should answer the following questions to guide your selection process:

  1. Will the hang tag highlight specific product details using pictures or imagery?
  2. Will it convey company information like logos, websites, and social media handles?
  3. Will it contain specific after-purchase care instructions for your product?

Once you have determined your hang tag purpose, you can proceed to choose the best size. You can do this by determining which height and width work best for you.

Hang tags are available in the following dimensions:

  • (2 × 3.5)’’ – This is similar to standard business cards in size.
  • (2 × 4)’’ – Slightly longer than standard business cards.
  • (2.5 ×2.5)’’- Hang tags with these dimensions are square in shape. Hence, they are perfect for when you want to emphasize a central image or logo.

What Are The Cardstock Options For Hang Tags?

Cardstock options go a long way in completing your packaging’s distinct story. Using the right cardstock option can add a premium design feel to your product.

The available options are:

16 pt. Cardstock Option

This is the thickest cardstock option available. 16 pt. Cardstock hang tags are also the most premium.

They are available in high gloss, UV, pure gloss, or matte coating on both sides or one side, depending on your preference. This option is best for larger hang tags with lots of text or imagery.

14 pt. Cardstock Option

We recommend that you select this if you require a hang tag that is neither too thin nor too thick. They are durable and can be printed on both sides.

While they come at a reasonably low price point, 14 pt. Cardstock hang tags do not compromise on quality.

They are also available in high gloss, UV, pure gloss, or matte coating on both sides or one side, depending on your preference.

10 pt. Cardstock Option

This is the thinnest cardstock option available for hang tags. They are also the cheapest and can be printed on both sides.

Are Hang Tags Fade-Resistant?

A hang tag’s fade resistance varies depending on a variety of factors. The most common being the print method used and the choice of coating.

Four color process printed hang tags are printed with UV ink. As we all know, UV ink comes with a lot of advantages.

The major one being that UV ink is both abrasion and fade resistant. Hence, when used on hang tags, the hang tags will be fade-resistant.

Can Hang Tags Be Used With Tagging Gun?

Yes, hang tags can be used with a tagging gun. However, you should make sure that you have chosen the smallest hole size, i.e., 0.125 inches.

You ought to test your tagging gun for the best results before using it on an actual hang tag. You can do this to ensure that it works and that the hang tag will not fall off.

Do Hang Tags Come With Strings?

Unfortunately, our standard order hang tags do not come with strings. However, we are ready to fulfil customer requests.

If you would like to add features like custom coatings or strings, you can contact us.

Stringed Hang Tag

Stringed Hang Tag

What Is Hole Drilling For Hang Tag?

Hole drilling is making a hole on the hang tag. A string or a thread is attached to the hang tag through the hole.

The strong or thread is then fixed to the product.

Should I Add Drilling Hole For Custom Hang Tags?

We recommend adding hole drilling to your hang tag if your process involves attaching a string to your personalized hang tag manually.

Adding hole drilling is an excellent choice for packages, merchandise, garments, or any products that promote a special offer or feature.

What Are The Options For Drill Hole Size?

There are three sizes of circular holes available:

  • 125” (1/8”) – Suitable for use with many common tagging guns, fine string or twine, very thin ribbon, etc.
  • 25” (1/4”) – Suitable for use with fine to medium weight string or twine, thin to medium width ribbon, etc.
  • 3625” (3/8”) – Suitable for use with thicker string or twine, thick ribbon, thin rope, etc.

While ribbon can be used with round holes, it can end up being folded/curled and not lay flat.

If flat ribbon is desired, or for applications where round hole is not suitable, “badge” style holes are available in the following sizes/configurations:

  • 625” wide by .125” Tall, Centre Top
  • 625” wide by .125” Tall, Centre Top and Bottom
  • 25” wide by .25” Tall, Centre Top
  • 25” wide by .25” Tall, Centre Top and Bottom

These options will work for all wide, flat loop materials and flat wire product hangers for in-store display.

The options with top and bottom holes allow for the loop material to go through both holes. For example, if a ribbon is wrapped around an item like a belt.

How Much Space Should Be Left For The Hole Drill?

The top of the drill is usually placed between 0.125” and 0.5” from the edge(s) of the tag. This depends on the size of the tag and the size and position of the hole.

In general, it is best to leave a minimum margin of 0.5″ from the edge for the hole. Such spacing ensures that important information, images, and logos do not conflict with the drilling.

Any background color, design, or image should extend into this area.

You should avoid designs or shapes around the drill hole as the hole’s exact position can shift slightly throughout the drilling process.

What Are there Available Options for the Drill?

The circular drilling options can be positioned at the top left corner, top right corner and top center for portrait hang tags.

The drill can still be positioned at the top left corner, or top right corner for landscape hang tags.

The center option will be drilled on the right or left of the hang tag, depending on the orientation of the artwork.

The hole will be in the top center or top and bottom center for the badge-style options, depending on the option selected.

If You Want To Write on Hang Tags; Which Material Should You Choose?

You should choose one of the uncoated paper options.

Select this paper material if you need to write on the hang tags, whether with a pencil, pen, marker, or specialty writing tool.

While 100lb white linen Cover is also uncoated, it may not be suitable for writing due to the paper’s texture.

If you desire linen and still need to do some writing, you should order a hard copy-proof that paper texture will not affect the writing.

The linen paper has a smoother and more textured side.

Thereby, you can place a design with a logo on one side and lines for writing on the other.

This will enable you to overcome any issues with the texture.

What Information Can I Write On Hang Tag?

It’s worth noting that hang tags are not similar to custom labeling, which might require information posited by the law.

You can put whichever information you deem necessary on the hang tag, and you should be creative with what you decide to include.

Choose to write what will engage and create return buyers while actively working to sell your product. These include:-

Logo Or Brand Name

A logo and brand name are a must. They make it easy for the consumer to tell whose products they are purchasing.

If they can’t do so, it can be very hard for them to become return customers. Keep consistent typography and ensure that the logo is scaled properly without any alterations.


A catchy phrase will sum up your company’s vibe concisely. Hence, making your product memorable in contrast to the competition.

“About Us”

It is difficult to cover a cause, back story, or even a manifesto in the tagline. Consider including a lengthier text to cover these.

Point Of Contact

Return customers need an avenue of contact. This can be an email address, social media handle, or personal website. These avenues will allow them to learn about your product. Moreover, they can see your other products and stay in touch.

Product Information

Your product may have special features that may be hard to recognize instantly. You can incorporate additional information about the product in the hang tag.

Features like hidden pockets and sweat-wicking are worth noting.

Hang Tag Information

Hang Tag Information

Care Instructions

If you would like to emphasize specific fabric quality, e.g., 100% Cotton, which requires special care. Perhaps you should write about it on the hang tag.

Price And Universal Product Code

UPCs are a code that is assigned to garments or merchandise meant for retail. The 12 digit code identifies the vendor of the product and the product itself.

It is not mandatory, but it may come in handy when selling merchandise on a large scale.

Illustrations And Photos

You should visually engage your customers by showing what lifestyle they can embody by using your product.

Additionally, imagery is more engaging than text.

What Are The Available Coating Options For Hang Tags?

We offer three distinct types of coatings, i.e., matte, gloss, and high gloss UV. A distinct experience comes with each. Further details below:

High Gloss UV Coating

This coating option is shinier in comparison to the standard gloss coating option.

An advantage of this is added depth to each design element.

Moreover, this coating is both chemical and abrasion resistant, hence durability.

Matte Coating

This coating will give your hang tag a subdued look. Hence, well suited for neutral and muted colors and lengthy text.

They are more sophisticated and would go well with luxury brands if that’s the look you are going for.

Gloss Coating

Gloss-coated hang tags have a mirror-like look.

Each detail and color stand out because of the complimentary vibrancy and shine that gloss coatings add.

When Should I Consider Uncoated Cover Stock For Hang Tags?

You should consider the fact that colors look different on coated and uncoated paper.

On uncoated cover stock, colors may seem darker, while images may not be as sharp as coated cover stock.

You should also remember that a lot of ink will be absorbed by the thicker paper. Images will also be fuzzy.

You should consider uncoated cover stock when you need hang tags with foil stamping or similar special effects.

How Can I Design Customs Hang Tags?

There are websites that provide hang tags templates for you to choose from.

After selecting the template, you can design a softcopy of the hangtag on the website.

You will then buy the hang tag you have customized from the website owners.

Alternatively, when you intend to purchase a hang tag online, the seller will avail to you the customization option.

Here you can choose the colour, design, hole drilling, size, coating, and face to be printed.

Custom Hang Tag

Custom Hang Tag

Where Can I Find Hang Tag Ideas And Inspiration?

You can find hang tag ideas and inspiration by going through our wide catalogue. You can also find inspiration from social media websites like Pinterest and Instagram.

There are multiple templates to choose from.

Should I Use Hang Tag Template For Design?

Yes, just ensure that you deliver the hang tags designs in the correct format.

Which File Formats Do You Recommend Custom Hang Tag Design?

As our customer, you can upload and approve a proof in real-time using AutoFlight, our exclusive file upload, and proofing system.

Use AutoFlight to upload your files and approve your proof all in one easy step. You will also save time off your delivery schedule as no additional proof is needed.

If you have to submit your print-ready files via AutoFlight, we accept the following file types:

  • *.PDF
  • *.JPG
  • *.TIFF
  • *.BMP
  • Flattened .PSD files

When submitting your print files and NOT using AutoFlight, we can work with the following types of files:-

  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd) * Adobe InDesign (.indd)
  • Microsoft Publisher (.pub)
  • Microsoft Word (.docx)

What Is RGB VS CYMK Colour Modes For Custom Printed Hang Tags?

RGB and CYMK are color modes that are used to create files and images. For printing, the CMYK color mode is employed.

The RGB color model is used to display graphics solely meant to be viewed on computer monitors. In this color mode, lights are blended to make and show digital images on screens and other gadgets.

Hence, images developed in RGB color mode can appear quite colorful. CMYK inks cannot recreate neon hues that are as vivid as those produced in RGB color modes.

However, printing RGB files that were designed to be seen on a digital screen will result in drastically different images.

For this reason, you should set up your soon-to-be printed file in CYMK color mode. You will get rich colors on your print.

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black are abbreviated as CMYK. These four fundamental ink colors are used in various proportions to produce a wide range of printing colors.

Your graphic designer should always provide you with a CMYK copy of your logo or any other file you want to be printed.

What Is The Ideal Image Resolution For A Custom Hang Tag Print Design?

You must submit file images with a resolution of no less than 300 dots per inch.

Image files with lower resolutions yield poor and ugly prints on the hang tag, i.e., they will appear pixelated and fuzzy.

If you have to take images from a website on the internet, be sure to take them from a stock photography site.

At the very least, the images should be designated as high-resolution images.

Do not use 72dpi images from the internet for printing.

If your submitted file does not get qualified, you can either upload corrected files or replace the images altogether.

Do You Have Any Special Requirements Regarding Fonts And Typefaces In Graphic Hang Tag Files?

Typeface integrity and font can potentially create problems in the hang tag printing process.

There are thousands of fonts to choose from, and you should be sure to include them alongside your document.

It is your responsibility as the customer to ensure that the fonts have not been replaced or substituted during the transfer process.

Convert all fonts to curves or outlines before sharing final print-ready file if you use vector drawing programs like CorelDraw, freehand, or illustrator.

Moreover, it would help if you remembered that not everything prints well, especially small colored text.

This is because our printing method of choice is the four-color process.

The smallest font should be 12-pt. type. Any smaller font size can be very difficult to read regardless of what color it is.

What Is Die Cut Printing For Hang Tags?

Die-cut printing allows you to print hang tags in your choice of different shapes, including folded, oval, and rectangle.

Why And When Should I Consider Rounded Corner Hang Tags?

Rounded corner hang tags are characterized by smooth edges which distinguish them from regular hang tag shapes.

Rounded corner hang tags have a standard drill hole of 1/8 inches in size. These are perfect for reinforcing your personalized hang tag’s message and brand image in general.

Rounded Corner Hang Tag

Rounded Corner Hang Tag

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity For Hang Tags?

The minimum order quantity for hang tags is one hundred.

There are set up charges with this product, thus producing less than one hundred units costs the same as producing one hundred.

Do You Offer Free Print And Paper Stock Samples For Hang Tags?

Yes, we offer free to print and paper stock samples for hang tags.

Send us an email with your shipping address and a list of the sorts of paper you would like to see.

How Much Do Hang Tags Cost?

Our bespoke hang tags, which are 2.5” × 2.5” and printed on 14 pt. gloss cover stock starts at $ 20 for one hundred units.

You can bet on high-quality custom hang tags at affordable costs no matter what size, number, or paper stock you choose.

At HQES, we supply a range of paper tags including clothing tag and hand tag.

Talk to us today about your hang tag needs and requirements.

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