How To Make A Thoughtful Surprise Gift Box & Present

Gifting is the universal way of expressing affection and appreciation to people, no matter the culture, country, or religion. The delight and shock of receiving a gift on your loved one’s face multiplies when they realize that you made them a surprise gift box from scratch. Not only will it make their day brighter, but it will also strengthen your relationship with that person. 

Making your own box may seem difficult, but this article will show you how to create the perfect surprise gift box for you to give your loved ones. 

How To Make A Thoughtful Surprise Gift Box & Present

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Why Make an Effort With a Surprise Gift Box?

Here are a few reasons why making a surprise gift box is worth the extra effort:

  • Helps you reconnect with people you’ve drifted away from.
  • It is perfect if you aren’t great at verbally expressing your feelings for someone. In fact, 68% of people in a survey reported gifting to be their love language.
  • It can be a perfect way to strengthen fairly new bonds like new friendships.
  • A surprise gift box will be appreciated by people of all age groups as long as the gifts are meaningful. 
  • They offer opportunities for making new, long-lasting memories that you will cherish in the future.

How to Make a Thoughtful Surprise Gift Box

  • Get to Know Your Giftee

Gifting something that isn’t useful or meaningful to the recipient is a major blunder. So, it’s always a good idea to know of the recipient’s hobbies and interests.

For ideas, start by looking for clues on their social media accounts. Maybe there’s something on their profiles that will hint towards what they like to do in their free time, e.g., music arts, baking, etc. You can also contact close friends and family members of the recipient for valuable insight.

  • Select Meaningful Gifts

Once you’ve researched what the recipient likes, it’s time to brainstorm gift ideas. Think of things that will be useful for them in their daily life, especially for their hobbies. For example, if your mother has recently started gardening, make a surprise gift box for her that contains things like plant seeds, gardening gloves, etc. 

Other great ideas include gifting them a book by their favorite author, a customized box of chocolates, or tickets to their favorite sport. You can also add things that hold sentimental value, like cherished photos or a family heirloom. If you can’t decide on one gift, don’t be shy to add a few more. Multiple gifts will only reflect more of the love you have for the recipient.

  • Choose the Perfect Box

Once you’ve finalized a gift, you need to find the most suitable box for it in terms of size and shape. This is especially important if you plan to ship the box to another country or city. A box too big will cause the gifts to jostle around during transit, while one too small will easily tear.

Also, make sure the box is durable and high quality with corrugations so that it will survive any rough handling during transit. Corrugated cardboard boxes are especially great for packaging food like cakes and snacks. As a bonus, they are easy to decorate and come in various sizes and shapes.

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Paper Gift Box Manufacturer in China – HQES Packaging

  • Assemble Your Gift Box

Once you’ve collected your gifts and the materials to make your surprise gift box, it’s time to assemble it all. If you want to go beyond plain surprise gift boxes, you can look at many DIY surprise box gift ideas online for different and fun designs. For gifts that are more delicate, you can add extra padding to the box, like tissue or shredded paper.

If you have more than one gift to give, you’ll have to organize them properly. Place larger items at the back of the box and smaller ones at the front. This way, each gift will be visible when the recipient opens the box.

  • Include a Heartfelt Message

Adding a heartfelt message on a paper card and attaching it to your surprise gift box can do wonders in showing the consideration you have for the recipient. Write a message showing how much you value your bond with the recipient.

You can also mention inside jokes and cherished memories. If you aren’t great with words to express your feelings, try using poetry or quotes close to what you want to say. Even a simple “I love you” is enough to convey your sentiments to them.

  • Wrapping and Presentation

This step is very important because how your gift box looks on the outside will play a great role in the first impression. Whatever decorations you choose for the box should align with the occasion you’re giving the gift. For example, you could decorate a surprise birthday gift box using ribbons and vibrant wrapping paper with balloons on it.

You can also use decorations that reflect the recipient’s personality. If they love flowers, you can choose floral wrapping paper. If their taste is more simple, go for a more classy design. Make sure you don’t skip on the bow and twine to show extra effort on your part.

Surprise Gift Box Packaging

Paper Gift Box Manufacturer in China – HQES Packaging

  •  Delivery and Surprise Execution

Now, what will really make your gift a surprise is its execution and delivery. Make sure the gift will be delivered when the recipient isn’t busy and won’t be expecting anything of the sort. This way, you will have the upper hand in creating a moment of shock and joy.

Try to deliver the gift in person to witness their reaction and capture it with photos and videos to cherish later. Remember that the execution of how you present your surprise gift box is the culmination of your efforts. For example, if your gift box is large, you can add petals, glitter, or even helium-filled balloons.


In today’s busy day-to-day life, gifts are a great way to show people that you still care about them no matter how busy you are. However, a random gift will feel like you just fulfilled an obligation and will soon be forgotten. That’s why making your gifts thoughtful with meaningful packaging and presents is vital.

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