Custom Candy Box Manufacturer in China

HQES offers custom candy boxes that offer beautiful packaging solution and excellent structural designs. These boxes are manufactured with attractive designs and a wide range of sizes available.

  • Can be used as packaging for different candies such as sweets, jelly, etc.
  • Made from sturdy and high-quality cardboard
  • Easy to assemble boxes
  • Can be personalized with your logo or brand name

Wholesale Candy Box from HQES

Candy boxes are used for packaging different types of confectionery products including gummies, jelly, and more. It can carry confectionery products safely during transportation. These boxes also allow candies and other confectionery products to have a prolonged shelf life. Moreover, candy boxes are 100% renewable and recyclable.

HQES has full capabilities in designing and manufacturing custom candy boxes for your business. All our candy boxes are produced with eye-catching and neat designs. We also adhere to FDA and other standards to ensure safety. Our team can manufacture these boxes according to your size, color, and design specification. We also offer candy boxes at a low minimum order quantity to support your business.

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Chocolate candy Box

We manufactured a chocolate candy box that is made from recycled and eco-friendly materials. It is made with embossing, glossy laminations, matt laminations, and more.

Recyclable Luxury Design Candy Box

HQES offers a recyclable luxury design candy boxes that is are mainly made of ivory board materials. These boxes are commonly used as gifts, crafts, foods, chocolates, and so on.

Custom Sweet Candy Box

Our custom sweet candy boxes are available in red, blue, black, and even customized colors. We can provide a custom sweet candy boxes that are made from recycled paper.

Christmas Candy Box

We offer a Christmas candy box that is available in customized colors, designs, sizes, and quality paper. This is made with stamping UV, UV coating, varnishing, etc.

Six Side Cardboard Paper Candy Box

The six-sided cardboard paper candy box is made to ensure the safety of the food or candy. It is environmentally friendly and can stand against different elements.

High Quality Gift Candy Box

HQES provide high-quality gift candy box that is available in various shapes, size, and designs. It is manufactured using grey cardboards, corrugated, C1S art papers, etc.

Why Choose Candy Box from HQES


Candy boxes are made from eco-friendly paper materials such as cardboard, corrugated, art papers, and more.

Wide Selection
Wide Selection

Our candy boxes are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs. This is perfect to use as a gift for any occasion.

Unique Design
Unique Design

HQES candy boxes are made from unique designs that provide attractive looks. It offers a romantic and sweet gift for someone.

High Quality
High Quality

All of our candy boxes are made from quality materials to provide nice looks. Meaning that it helps candies remain safe for a long period of time.

Candy Boxes Made from Clear Vinyl

Clear vinyl candy boxes are also called PVC boxes. We designed these boxes as two-piece candy box packaging. Because of their vinyl material, these boxes have an elegant appearance. It is designed with a clear lid and top and clear box bottom.

We also manufactured paper-wrapped clear vinyl candy boxes. These boxes are stronger and provide more area for printing graphics and designs. It can also be printed with the nutritional information on the packed products.

Candy Boxes Made from Clear Vinyl
Economical Candy Box Options

Economical Candy Box Options

HQES offers economical candy box options that are ideal for packaging small quantity candies. Our economical candy packaging option includes the following:

  • Candy boxes with lid
  • Folding candy boxes
  • One-piece candy boxes
  • Stock candy boxes
  • Two-piece candy boxes

Custom Printed Candy Boxes

HQES is fully capable of customizing candy boxes using our wide range of printing methods. We can print information such as;

  • Custom graphics
  • Photographic image
  • Nutritional information
  • Barcode
  • Company logo or brand name
  • Physical locations
  • Weights
  • Web address
Custom Printed Candy Boxes

HQES – Your Trusted Candy Box Supplier in China

Your Trusted Candy Box Supplier in China
Your Trusted Candy Box Supplier in China

HQES is a leading supplier of candy boxes that are customized machines made such as deboss, foil stamp, screen printing, and more. We can offer a collapsible, recyclable, and magnetic closure candy box to meet your specific requirements.

At HQES we can provide different customize candy boxes for your business. Also, we give you quality assurance from designing to manufacturing different types of a candy boxes. HQES will offer low MOQ, fast delivery, and affordable prices.

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Materials Used for Our Candy Box Production
  • Paperboard
  • Corrugated Kraft
  • Bleached corrugated
  • Fluted fiberboard paper
  • Chipboard
  • Grey board
Candy Box Features
  • Durable
  • Elegant
  • Distinctive
  • Non-collapsible
  • High strength
  • Solid or printed pattern

Why Choose HQES as Your Candy Box Supplier

Offers Candy Box with Personalized Labels

We can provide candy boxes with customized labels to add personality to your brand.

  • Adding personalized vibrant colors
  • Personalized labels for secured packaging
  • Custom designs and styles
Endless Printing Possible

HQES has different printing methods for custom printing your candy boxes with endless designs.

  • Offset or digital printing
  • Can print crisp images and graphics
  • Can print designs accurately
Comes with Box Inserts

To meet your requirements, HQES manufactures candy boxes with a wide range of inserts.

  • Helps in arranging confectionary products inside the box
  • Offers a snug fit
  • Allows you to present your candy products confidently
HQES – Your One-Stop Candy Box Manufacturer from China
HQES – Your One-Stop Candy Box Manufacturer from China

HQES has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing candy boxes with custom design, acceptable MOQ, 100% inspection, fast delivery, and 24/7 response to your inquiries!

  • “Thank you so much HQES for giving me such a high quality and affordable candy box for my business. Also, this candy box helps me to grow up my business. By that, I will give five stars for you HQES together with your team.”

  • “I already purchase a book of orders from HQES, all of their candy box can offer long life quality which is very good to start a business. Thank you so much HQES. I will always choose you as my supplier.”

  • “After many years of my finding a reliable supplier, luckily I found HQES thank you for your candy box and other products. You help me to be a top supplier in our country. Thank You so much.”

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